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VP Newsletter 20 October 2017

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Dear Parents

This term is flying by and girls will have been told by their teachers what work they should be preparing for their exams. The exams will begin on the 13th of November and here are some tips on how to prepare:
1. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Set out a timetable for your study. Start today if you haven’t already started.
2. Make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes out. Have you got enough light? Is your chair comfortable?
3. Visual aids can be really helpful when revising. At the start of a topic, challenge yourself to write down everything you already know about a topic – and then highlight where the gaps lie.
4. Go over old tests as they help to see if you understand your work. You never know… maybe the same question may come up in an exam!
5. Parents and little brothers and sisters don’t have to be annoying around exam time! Use them. Explain an answer to a question to them. That will help you to get it clear in your head, and also to highlight any areas where you need more work.
6. As you start studying you may find things you still don’t understand or that you have forgotten. You still have time to ask your teacher to help or re-explain. But find a time that won’t disrupt the current lessons you are presently doing.
7. Studies have shown that for you to remember what you learnt, regular breaks really help. Take walks for your breaks and get fresh air. Break time is best not spent in front of a TV or any other screen.
8. Switch your phone off and avoid distractions.
9. Keep your body and brain well-fuelled by choosing nutritious foods that have been proven to help you concentrate and improve your memory, such as fish, nuts, seeds and yoghurt. On exam day – eat a good breakfast before your exam.
9. Drink plenty of water – it helps to keep your brain hydrated.

The Personality of the Week is Somila Tumani for kindness! Thank you, Somila.

Congratulations to the Computer and Library Monitors for 2017 who received their badges at assembly this week.
The Computer monitors are: Lihle Bistoli; Liyema Maphaqa; Sambesiwe Mbambo; Imie Nduna; Simele August; Unake Mashaba; Siwenza Matinyana and Thandile Deyi.
The Library Monitors are: Zeze Gontshi and Nana Abebreseh.

AMESA South African Mathematics Challenge 2017
We congratulate the following girls who received certificates for the challenge: Priyanka Harjeven (Silver); Wafa Rizvi (Silver) and Tosca Stoloff (Bronze).

Enviroquiz Finals
Our Grade 6 Enviroquiz team made up of Shandrei Lockwood, Tristyn Burger, Ilse Strauss, Rene Barnard, Tyla Clark and Abigail Benn will travel to Gariep Dam with Mr and Mrs Kaiser this weekend to participate in the final round of the 2017 Enviro Quiz. Their team was selected to be in the Top 4 from 30 schools in the Eastern Cape. In the final round they will be competing against the other Top 4 teams from the Eastern Cape, as well as the Top 10 teams from the Free State. Travel safely, learn lots and have fun!

Arrangements for Prizegiving week
We are doing things a little differently this year so please read through the arrangements for the week of prizegiving and make plans accordingly to ensure your daughter will be at the right place at the right time. We would also love to have as many parents and grandparents supporting their daughters at the prizegivings as possible. All FP children will receive a prize. If your Intersen daughter (Gr 4-7) is receiving a prize she would have received a letter today. However, it is compulsory for ALL intersen girls to attend the Intersen Prizegiving. Please note that Aftercare will not be open on the afternoon of Thursday, 2 November.

Arrangements for Foundation Phase girls (Gr R- 3)
Wednesday(1 Nov.): school starts at 07:25 Normal School day. Girls come to school in civvies clothes (Please bring a donation or non perishable item for our ground staff’s Christmas hamper).
Thursday(2 Nov.): 08:00 – Girls to be dropped off at 1820 Settlers Monument dressed neatly for prizegiving. Please bring a lunch and juice in a packet. Girls will stay at monument with their teachers until their prizegiving begins.
10:30 for 10:45 – Parents arrive for Foundation Phase Prizegiving.
11:00 – approximately 12:30 – Foundation Phase Prizegiving. Please arrange for your daughter to be fetched from the monument at 12:30. If your FP child would like to attend the Intersen Prizegiving she must be accompanied by a parent. They may not sit with their older VP sibling.

Arrangements for Intersen Phase girls (Gr 4-7)
Wednesday (1 Nov.): 08:00 Intersen Girls arrive at Monument in their sports clothes or tracksuit with takkies. 13:45 Girls must be fetched from the monument at 13:45. No girl will be allowed to walk to town or school.
Thursday ( 2 Nov.): 07:25 -10:00 Short school day at VP. Girls come dressed in civvies clothes. (Please bring a donation or non perishable item for our ground staff’s Christmas hamper). Girls to be fetched from school at 10:00. Bring books for the first 3 periods of the day.
13:30 Choir and orchestra arrive at monument dressed in summer uniform with blazer.
14:00 All Intersen children to arrive dressed in summer uniform with blazer.
14:00-14:15 Parents arrive.
14:30- approximately 16:30 Intersen Prizegiving starts. Please arrange for your daughter to be fetched from the monument on time. Girls will not be allowed to walk back to school.

Mrs Barrow would like to thank the following people for their contributions to Grade R. The Bettridge family for books, Leanne van der Merwe for a shelving unit for the store room and Ishka Fullarton for the “dress up” outfits.

Foundation Phase Mini Olympics
On Friday, 27 October our Gr R, 1, 2 and 3’s will participate in the FP Mini Olympics. The fun begins at 10:30 and it will be finished at 13:00. Parents are invited to come and watch. Please ensure that your daughter brings her hat, sun cream and extra water to school.

Tennis VP Championship results
U10 singles champ: Anne Cuthbert
U11 singles champ: Isabella Greyling
Junior doubles champs: Danni Barrow and Isabella Greyling.
Well done, Champs!

Tehzeeb Syed Cassim, Viola Stoloff and Marlene Loeffler participated in the East Cape Shotokan karate tournament hosted by Rhodes last week. Marlene received gold medals for her Kumite and Kata; Tehzeeb got gold for her Kata and silver for Kumite and Viola received a silver medal for her Kata. Well done, girls!

Extramurals end for the year on Friday, 27 October.

Happy birthday to Sisonke Magopeni, Kwakhanya Mazibukwana, Aqamile Moli, Emihle Matyholweni, Sizanoxolo Mayana and Sizanokuhle Qabaka, who have their special day next week.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Kaiser

VP Newsletter 13 October 2017

VP Newsletter 13 October 2017 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 13 October 2017

Dear Parents

We start off with wonderful news… the total raised by the Green Fete and Raffle is R70 787! I’m sure you will join me in congratulating and thanking Mrs van Onselen and our PTA parents, the VP parents, VP staff, our special girls and the Grahamstown community on all they did to make this event a resounding success!

The lucky winners of the raffle were: Nadia van der Walt; Vuyokazi Mnqinana; Khazimla Mtlabati; N. G Nelani and Zeze Gontshi. The best class stall at the fete, as judged by Dr Weyl was Grade 5 and the prize for the best individual stall went to Emma Gush. The individual who sold the most raffle tickets was Danni Barrow and the class that sold the most tickets was Grade 6 Pike. Congratulations to you all! Thank you to Mrs Schmidt for donating tuckshop vouchers as prizes for these girls.

We will be having our Foundation Phase and Senior Phase Prizegivings on Thursday, 2 November. The arrangements will differ to those in the term calendar as both will take place during the day. The Foundation Phase prizegiving will start at 11:00 and the Intersen Phase prizegiving will start at 14:30. Both prizegivings will be approximately 2 hours long.

Please make it a priority to get your daughter to school on time in the morning. Unfortunately girls who are late are missing work in the classroom and will have to spend this amount of time catching up during their break time. Please note that children who arrive after 07:25 may not hand in their phones at the office (as this results in them missing time in class) and must leave their phones at home.

If your daughter misses school you must please call or email the school to inform us. She is required to bring a note from you when she returns to school. If she is absent for three or more days a doctors certificate is required when she returns to school.

It is always wonderful to acknowledge good deeds. This week Tenielle Morrison handed in R200 at the office which she found in the playground. The money was reunited with a very grateful Mr Isaacs and we are all very proud of Tenielle!
During the school holidays Tosca Stoloff joined 600 budding scientists from 6 countries as they all gathered in Johannesburg for the Eskom EXPO For Young Scientists International Science Fair. They presented their projects which they have been working on since the beginning of this year and Tosca received a Silver Medal and the trophy for the Best Junior Project in the Plant Sciences -Including Marine Plants Category. Well done!

Tehzeeb Syed Cassim travelled to Johannesburg during the school holidays to participate in the SASKA Karate Nationals. She did very well, receiving a Gold medal for both her Kata and Kumite. Well done, Tehzeeb!

Amber Isaacs recently competed in the Eastern Cape Highland Dancing Gathering and received a Silver medal for her Sword Dance and another Silver medal for her Lilt. Well done, Amber!

On Thursday and Friday next week, our Grade 3 and Grade 1 classes will be going on their beach outing to Keinemonde. We are hoping for very good weather for this fun and educational day trip.

You will notice from the calendar below that there are a lot of Prizegivings and Valedictory services next week. Please note that girls attending these functions must please be dressed in their school uniform with a blazer.

Early morning team swimming – this is on the extramural programme but with the temperatures as they are at the moment we will postpone this until further notice.

Happy birthday to Lathitha Gxekwa; Liyabona Magopeni; Daniella McLean; Lisakhanya Tali; Bunono Nkwinti who celebrated this week and Buhle Gxotiwe; Amyoli Nyongo and Lusanele Kesa who have their special day next week.

Coming up next week….
Monday Day 6
Tuesday Day 7 – VGHS Prizegiving
Wednesday Day 8 – Graeme Prizegiving; VGHS Sports & Cultural Prizegiving & Valedictory
Thursday Day 9 – Diwali; Grade 3 outing to the beach; Graeme College Valedictory & PJ Olivier Prizegiving
Friday Day 10 – Diwali; Grade 1 outing to the beach; Grade 6 Enviro Quiz team travel to Gariep Dam

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Kaiser

VP Newsletter 29 September 2017

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Dear Parents

It is with sadness that we say farewell to Mrs Dower at the end of this term. Although she originally arrived to teach for four months, she stayed for over a year and became a part of our family. We thank her for her dedication and wish her every success in her future endeavours! We also say goodbye to Amelie and Ruby Bedelph who were with us for a while to experience what South African schools are all about. We enjoyed having you with us and we certainly hope you will take many happy memories with you!

Although we had a cold and wet day on Saturday, this did not dampen the fun at our fete! Tanya van Onselen and her PTA team worked tirelessly to make it a fun and profitable morning for our girls, their parents and the greater Grahamstown community. Thank you for supporting their efforts and for responding positively to their many requests and pleas. Our fete brought in over R34 000! This was raised as a result of the monstrous effort by all. The final amount will be announced once a few payments have been made. Our thanks is extended to our many donors and our generous parents! This money is being put towards the costs we have incurred in the renovation and refurbishing of the building which will become our two Gr R classrooms next year.

Raffles: Thank you to everyone who bought tickets from our Early Act Club raffle to “Guess the number of balloons in the school bus”. It was with great anticipation we saw little faces come and try to count all the balloons in the bus. The winners of the hampers were: Liza Botha, Lu-Wayne Jacobs and Asemahle Nobebe. Congratulations!

Pirates vs Mermaids: Congratulations to our talented Foundation Phase girls and their amazing team of teachers who showcased an incredible production this week. I am sure that you join me in thanking our Foundation Phase and music teachers on the huge collective effort which they put into preparing our girls to perform so confidently and with such a sense of style!

Personality of the Week: Our final POW for this term is Anne Cuthbert for good sportsmanship. Well done, Anne!

Merit achievers: The following girls have received over 250 merits this year: Owethu Singeni, Khazimla Hempe, Unathi Hlana, Zisanda Kesa, Abby Maartens, Aqamile Moli, Lakheni Qomiyana, Simele August, Caitlin Christian, Kamvelihle Jongilanga and Lara Schmidt. Keep it up, girls!

JCAC award winners: Unfortunately there were some errors made in the last newsletter. Here is the corrected list:
Grade 4:Gold: Azosule Kanana Silver: Ruby Short Bronze: Bronte Agnew.
Grade 5:Gold: Kaede Bridger Silver: Zanda Mabija Bronze: Abbey Maartens.
Grade 6:Gold: Laaiqah Elie Silver: Emma Gush Bronze: Rene Barnard.
Grade 7:Gold: Kamvelihle Ncula Silver: Amaya Madikida Bronze: Nicarla Moodley.

Prizegivings: This year we will have two prizegivings at the monument on the 2nd of November– one for the Foundation Phase (Grade R -3) from 15:00-17:00 and then on the same day we will have our Intersen Prizegiving (Grade 4-7) from 18:00-20:00. In spite of us moving to the monument three years ago we still struggled getting everyone into the auditorium when we had a combined prizegiving. Please be aware that your girls will need to be dropped off at the monument on the morning of prizegiving so that they can practise for the occasion.

School Magazine: Please see the letter which accompanies your daughter’s report, regarding magazine sponsorships. We would appreciate all donations and it does personalise the magazine if you have a quote included.

Birthday wishes for next week go to Lisakhanya Ndlovu, Thelu Gxabe, Jasmyn Magabie, Bonga Sakhela, Shandrei Lockwood, Kwakho Ngqola, Awongwa Zono, Sophie Büttner and Khloé Thompson. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

After a very busy term I think we all deserve to put our feet up for a couple of days and relax these holidays. Thank you to ALL my staff who work with such joy and passion, that it makes our school a vibrant, happy place in which we all want to spend time. Thanks too, to our wonderful parents who show their support every day as they ensure their daughters are prepared and available to be taught and inspired by our special teachers. Let’s keep up this great spirit and enjoy our last term of 2017!

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Kaiser

VP Newsletter 22 September 2017

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Dear Parents

Currently you may drop and collect your daughter from either the Beaufort Street or the Huntly Street entrances. If you enter at the Huntley Street gate please take note that you are on the school campus and children have the “right of way”. Please drive slowly and stop to allow the children to cross the road, especially if they are unaccompanied! No parent may park in the school “bubble” area. If you wish to park on the school campus you may only use the grassed area in front of Vicky’s. Please work with us to make our school a safe environment for the children.

2018 Fees
On Monday, 18 September we had the SGB AGM. The parents present voted in favour of the presented budget for 2018. A fee structure will be sent out with the reports at the end of term. The annual fees for 2018 will be as follows:
Grade 00 & R – R19 500 (stationery requirements are included in the fees)
Grade 1 to 3 – R16 000 (stationery requirements are included in the fees)
Grade 4 to 7 – R15 500
Hostel fees – R43 000
Individual music – R3 000 and Group music – R2 400

VPS Green Fete
On Saturday we will have our fete. Please come to support this annual function which is always a big winner with our entire community. Parents making contributions must please drop them off at school this afternoon. Baked goods can be dropped off tomorrow morning at 08h00. The fete will begin at 09h00 and will be done by about 13h00. Do join us!

Enviro Quiz
Six Grade 6 girls, Shandrei Lockwood, Tristyn Burger, Ilse Strauss, Rene Barnard, Tyla Clark and Abigail Benn have made it through to the final round of the 2017 Enviro Quiz. Their team was selected to be in the Top 4 from 30 schools in the Eastern Cape. In the final round they will be competing against the other Top 4 teams from the Eastern Cape, as well as the Top 10 teams from the Free State at the Gariep Dam from 20 -22 October 2017. This is a great opportunity for the girls to be exposed to other top quality science learners in the two provinces, and for them to expand their own skills while learning from the best. Well done, girls and good luck for the next round.

JCAC Exhibition and Prizegiving
On Wednesay, 20 September the Johan Carinus Art Centre had their prizegiving and the opening of their exhibition. The exhibition will be open for viewing from 08:00-15:00 next week if you would like to see the wonderful work that has been produced by the Grahamstown schools. The following Victoria Primary girls received prizes:
Grade 4: Gold – Azosule Kanana; Silver – Bronte Agnew; Bronze – Ruby Short
Grade 5: Gold – Kaede Bridger; Silver – Abby Maartens; Bronze – Zanda Mabija
Grade 6: Gold – Laaiqah Elie; Silver – Rene Barnard; Bronze – Emma Gush
Grade 7: Gold – Kamvelihle Ncula; Silver – Nicarla Moodley; Bronze – Amaya Madikida .
Well done to all our artists!

Pirates vs Mermaids
Our Gr 1, 2 and 3’s play Pirates versus Mermaids was performed this morning for a wonderful audience consisting of Foundation Phase children from other Grahamstown schools. Fun was had by all! Next week there will be another three presentations, in the evening on Tuesday, 26 September at 18:00 for Gr 1 and 2 parents, on the morning of Wednesday, 27 September for VP girls and their final performance will be on Thursday evening, 28 September for Gr 3 parents and special guests. Letters have been sent out to the Gr 1,2 and 3 parents with the arrangements for next week. We hope you enjoy our show!

Important dates
Saturday 23 Sept VP Green Fete
Monday 25 Sept Public holiday. Heritage Day
Tuesday 26 Sept. Gr 1,2&3 production 18:00
Wed. 27 Sept. Cushion show for VP girls
Thurs. 28 Sept. Gr 1,2&3 production 18:00
Friday 30 Sept. Term ends. Hand out reports. School finishes at 10h30.
Hostel closes 14h30.
Sun. 8 October Hostel opens. Girls return 13h00-16h00
Mon. 9 October Fourth term begins. Summer uniform.

Please note that reports will be handed out on Friday, 29 September on the last day of school. The girls will sign for their reports and take them home. No reports will be handed out before 10:30 unless they are for hostel girls travelling home by bus. Grade 1 parents must come and sign for their daughter’s report from their child’s classroom between 10h30 and 11h00. Please do not fetch reports earlier than this as it is disruptive to the morning. The office will close at 11h00. If reports are not fetched by then they will be handed to your daughters on the first day of Term 4.


Tennis Champs senior results
U12 Singles winner – Tristyn Burger
U13 Singles winner – Zikhona Xhalabile
Doubles Champs – Amy Barrow & Lianke Nel
Well played to all the tennis girls!

Interschool Athletics Triangular
Well done to our athletics team, the girls ran, jumped and threw their hearts out! Special mention must be made of a new U9 Cricket ball record which was set by Cassidy du Plessis! Thank you to the parents who came out in support.

SA Mathematics Team Competition
In our last newsletter Priyanka Harjeven was unfortunately left off the list of VP representatives who participated in the SA Mathematics Team Competition. Apologies.

Mandela Day “love boxes”
Last week the Leadership team presented Hayton Old Age home with “love boxes” filled with goodies bought with the proceeds from our Mandela Day collection. A resident sent a note this week: “…thank you very much for thinking of us. What an exciting hamper full of such necessary items…” Well done to all who contributed, you made a difference in someone’s life!

Happy birthday to the following girls: Abby Rischbeter, Amvuyele Fobe, Somila Lunguza, Linothando Bantom and Tatum Strydom. We hope you have a great day!

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Kaiser

VP Newsletter 15 September 2017

VP Newsletter 15 September 2017 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 15 September 2017

Dear Parents

In assembly this week Mrs Wilhelmi spoke to the girls about the correct way to use their cell phones and behave on social media. In her pre-teacher life Mrs Wilhelmi was a lawyer which makes her well suited to discuss the legal aspects as well.

Some pointers she gave the girls included:
※Don’t sleep with your cell phone in your bedroom. Cell phones gives off a type of radiation. Scientists have found a link between certain types of radiation and cancer, and are warning that cell phones can lead to a higher risk of developing cancer. They recommend that you limit your exposure to this cell phone radiation. ※Some research shows that young people suffer from chronic tiredness because they don’t get enough good quality sleep. The temptation to text and play games late into the night is hard to resist. ※The blue light that cell phones give off also stimulates your brain and interferes with your body’s ability to fall asleep and rest deeply.

Mrs Wilhelmi went on to advise the girls that when they interact on chat and messaging groups, like Whatsapp for example, there are some simple rules. Firstly and most importantly DO NOT CHAT WITH STRANGERS online – no matter how friendly they seem. Never ever ever say things that identify you or where you live, or where you go to school in chat rooms or groups. You can be putting yourself and your friends in grave danger.
Show good manners – name calling is never ok; we should not start rumours or gossip behind someone’s back; don’t pass gossip on; swearing and rude or crude language is not cool; if someone has taken you into their confidence, don’t break their trust by telling their secret.

Just like you would not consider giving away someone else’s stuff without asking them first; you should never share someone’s telephone number or photo or picture with anyone and certainly not on a group, without asking their permission first. These rules of good manners apply to cell phone groups just as much as they do on the playground and in the classroom and in fact in life in general.

Remember as parents you have the right to, and should, regularly check your child’s cell phone. And here is how the law gets involved: If you text or message something that damages another person’s reputation, they can sue you. And if they win their case, you or more likely your parents may have to fork out a whole lot of money. It could also be a crime. If you text or message something that seriously damages another person’s dignity, they can go to the police and lay a charge against you. If you are found guilty, you will face some punishment and you will have a criminal record. And remember as long as ONE other person has read the message that is enough. It is an important and scary thing to remember is that the message only needs to be seen by one other person. Not a whole group and certainly not thousands of people.

Mrs Wilhelmi’s closing message was that the girls should always use their cell phones with integrity, in other words with honesty and showing strong moral principles. She finished with the following message: To use your cell phone with integrity use this as your guide. The things that I do on my cellphone, the messages I send and the videos I watch and the pictures I look at and share with my friends – do they make me feel happy and clean and proud and comfortable inside? Or do I feel uncomfortable and naughty? Am I worried about being found out or getting into trouble? Do I feel bad or sorry or regret anything I have texted or shared or watched? Am I putting myself in danger? Am I hurting someone else’s heart with the way I use my cell phone?

We would like to offer our condolences to Hailey de Clercq and her mother on the sad loss of her father this week. You are in our thoughts and hearts.

Our Personality of the Week this week is Emihle Maliwa for displaying strength of character. Thank you, Emihle!

Grade 7 Geo Expo: On Wednesday evening the Grade 7’s had the opportunity to showcase their Google Slides presentation and research skills. Each group had selected a country to research and prepared presentations which consisted of a poster presentation and a slideshow on the Chromebooks . We were priviliged to have Mr Winkler, a scientist from Rhodes, who adjudicated their presentations. He was very impressed with the high standard of the presentation especially the slides they produced. The girls had great fun. A big thank you to the parents for their support. We will announce our Geo-Expo winners in the last week of term.

On Saturday VP was represented at the SA Mathematics Team Competition, under the auspices of Rhodes University Siyaquoba, by Wafa Rizvi, Nana Abebreseh, Priyanka Harjeven and Iqra Hayat. The two Junior teams achieved creditable results, with the A team finishing in 15th place and the B team in 31st position out of 40 teams from all over Southern Africa. Well done, girls!

Upcoming events
This afternoon, Tosca Stoloff will be travelling to East London to participate in an upgrade workshop for the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists projects which will be taken to the International Expo in Johannesburg in October. Travel safely, Tosca!

On Monday our Gr 7 class will leave for their tour along the Garden Route and surrounding area. They will be accompanied by Mr Jones, Mrs Rafferty and Ms Christian. We wish you all a lot of fun and safe travels!

All parents are invited to attend the SGB AGM on Monday, 18 September at 17:30. At this meeting the Governing Body will present the proposed budget and fee structure for 2018.

On Wednesday, 20 September the Johan Carinus Art Centre has the opening of their annual Art Exhibition. This event showcases the work of students who have achieved over 75%. If your daughter’s work will be on show she would have received an invitation. You are welcome to attend.

The Gr 1, 2 and 3’s have been working very hard to prepare for the premier of their play Pirates versus Mermaids next week. On Friday, 22 September they will perform for the other Grahamstown schools, in the evening of Tuesday, 26 September for Gr 1 and 2 parents, on the morning of Wednesday, 27 September for VP and their final performance will be on Thursday evening, 28 September for Gr 3 parents and special guests! Aaargh! We wish you all calm seas.

The VP Green Fete takes place on Saturday, 23 September If you are making ingredient donations please send non-perishables to school as soon as possible, perishable items by the 22nd of September. We are asking for donations for the following stalls: Cake stall: Muffin mix, tea, coffee and sugar. Pancake stall: cake flour, baking powder, white vinegar, Spray & Cook, cinnamon, sugar and lemons. Tombola stall and games: new items, that can be used as prizes. White Elephant stall: any interesting and useful used items and lots of books for the Books stall. There are still tables available for girls to run their own stalls. They need to hand in their business plan to Mrs Kaiser as soon as possible.

Interhouse Athletics Day results
What a lovely day! The weather was as close to spring as we get in Grahamstown and the spirit demonstrated by the girls and teachers warmed all our hearts! The results were as follows:
Final house results: 1st Aloe; 2nd Fern; 3rd Arum and 4th Disa
Senior Victrix Ludorum – Thandile Deyi
Junior Victrix Ludorum – Bronte Agnew
U9 Top athlete – Grace Mayekiso
Medal winners: U9 – Grace Mayekiso; U10 – Bronte Agnew; U11– Unathi Hlana;
U12 – Thandile Deyi; U13 – Nikilitha Gabavana; and U14 – Zikhona Xhalabile
Best Field Athlete – Grace Mayekiso
Best Track Athlete – Thandile Deyi
Most Courageous Athlete – Asemahle Nobebe
Well done to everyone who participated! Thank you to all the parents who attended and who organised for their children to get to Graeme College for this event, we appreciate the support. Thanks to our PTA parents who provided a plate of eats for this event.

Happy birthday to the following girls: Aslyn Classen, Sonwabise Adam, Linathi Klaas, Asisipho Futshane, Naledi Hopshire, Caitlyn van Onselen and Leah Banks. We hope you have a great day!

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Kaiser

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