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VP Newsletter 22 May 2020

VP Newsletter 22 May 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 22 May 2020

Message from the ‘Office’
As many of you may have heard from our Education Minister, Angie Motshekga’s announcement on Tuesday evening, we have once again been given the go-ahead to reopen the school for teachers next week. In her address she assured parents that schools will receive the necessary PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) and that they would be cleaned in due course. I have seen reports that this is indeed happening, although we have yet to receive our PPEs or notification of cleaning to be performed at our school. I hope that by the time this newsletter is sent out we will have received the necessary equipment or at least have notification of when this may happen. The education sector unions have made the following statement in response to the Minister’s announcement and a survey they commissioned on the state of school readiness: “We however wish to make it clear that if PPEs had not arrived at schools and the required cleaning had not taken place when the teachers return on Monday, they are not to endanger their lives by entering such schools”.

I have been very impressed by the advice and engagement that we have received from the unions throughout this crisis. As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, I’d love to be starting school as soon as possible but we can only do so when the school is ready and declared safe. We will keep you updated on this matter. In the meantime we are busy getting everything else ready for our girls’ return in areas that we do have some control over. If deliveries and promises are met in the next few days, we will be good to go in all other respects. Please also note that our school office will not be open until we get the all clear.

During the course of next week please keep an eye out for the following which will be shared with our parents:
1. A letter to our Grade 7 parents about what to expect on their return.
2. A general letter to all parents about the plans we have put in place to prepare for our girls return in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. (This may be incorporated into next week’s newsletter).
3. Two new policies which will be submitted for approval to our SGB at the Zoom meeting we have scheduled for Monday. These were both made necessary due to the circumstances of the pandemic.
4. An update to our hostel parents and our plans regarding the hostel once these have been approved by the SGB.
5. A letter to our music parents and the plans for the way forward.

Children with comorbidities
We have been requested to compile a database on children who have pre-existing medical conditions that make them susceptible to the Corona Virus. To date we have not received many responses. Please complete the Google Form by clicking on the link below if your daughter suffers from any of the comorbidities such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

Survey on our work sent home during lockdown
We will continue to send work home to the grades who will not yet return to school and we request that you complete the survey below for Grade 00-7 so that we can get some idea as to how you have experienced the work we have sent home and to get a feel for what is working and what we need to address. We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete it and if you could possibly complete it twice if you have daughters in different grades.
Survey on home-based schoolwork:

Updated Parental Details
I am sure that you can appreciate that it is more essential than ever, during this time, that we have your most recent contact details. Please complete the following link if any of your family’s contact details (emails and/or home/cell numbers) have changed recently. Thank you.

In our community:

• Gary Grapentin from East Cape Shotokan-Ryu is looking to run a second free three week introductory online course to karate for beginners, if there is enough interest. This is in celebration of his 25th year of teaching karate. Participants must be at least 7yrs of age. Teenagers and adults are also most welcome. In order to register interested parties should please inbox Gary at

• If any of our boarders have been missing going to the Baptist Sunday School they can go to the church website Click Youth Ministry and then on Sunday School. On that page is a table under the prayer with a link to a video and an activity. I’m sure all are welcome to join if they wish to do so.

Warm regards

Mrs Michelle Rafferty

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