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VP Newsletter 12 June 2020

VP Newsletter 12 June 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 12 June 2020

Message from the office
We are delighted to finally have our Grade 7s back and to be teaching in a classroom. We have also re-opened our hostel to our Grade 7 girls.

At the risk of sounding melancholic, I do know that some of our girls are feeling a sense of grief. I know that many were excited to come back to what they remembered, only to discover that some things are the same but so much more is different; the masks, the routine, even the mood seems to have changed. Unlike where usually the teachers have “got this” and can lead the way based on their own life experiences, this is new to all of us and many teachers and staff are also having to find their own way to deal with their fears and trepidations. Just like when grieving a loss, we need to give our girls space to express their fears and to give them time to come to terms with the many changes they have to face. I know that they want their old normal back and it is going to take time to adjust to the new way of life, and that is true for all of us. We need to show each other grace and patience, as we all find our own way of coping and adjusting to so many new things. I would like to thank our parents for their patience and also for their faith in entrusting us with their daughters.

Revised calendar for 2020

We have received our new school calendar for this year which you may view above. Tuesday is a public holiday and school won’t be open but our hostel will remain open for our hostel girls. Monday is a normal school day for our Grade 7s.

I am sure that many of you are anxious about the return of the next few grades and how and when this will happen. We have made a plan that will work for our school and we will share this with you during the course of next week. As mentioned on numerous occasions, your daughters’ safety is our number one priority right now and our plan for our next grades’ return will reflect this.

I would also like to stress once again that if, for whatever reason, you do not wish to send your daughter back to school when her grade returns, you have to apply for exemption from school attendance from the education department and each case will be viewed individually. The application forms can be found on our website.
Once grades return, our teachers will be teaching in the classrooms and we will no longer be posting work on the website.

Office times: Our office hours are from 08h00 till 14h00. Please ring the bell at the office door and you will be assisted.

Message from Intersen phase:
We are delighted to have our Grade 7s back in class. They adapted well to their new routine and procedures. We can’t emphasise enough that the girls must maintain social distancing at all times, especially when waiting for their transport. This week we focused mainly on work they had to complete in April and May. Some of these activities will be assessed and the marks will be recorded.

This coming week girls in Grade 4-6 have the opportunity to do some catch up work and to mark some of their activities. We have decided that the girls need a break from online teaching. Please allow your daughter the time just to relax and to spend time outdoors. Limit their time on digital devices and encourage them to rather do exercises like practising their hockey and netball skills.

The Grade 4- 6 teachers conducted a survey to determine whether we should resort to online work coverage or the collection of work packs at a designated collection point. We await the results and will notify the outcomes in due course. The Grade 6 teachers are eagerly awaiting the return of the Grade 6’s and are well-prepared for their arrival. They have also received the trimmed curriculum in all the subjects. The Intersen phase teachers request that the girls must please try their best to complete all activities and they wish that you all stay safe.

Foundation Phase: A reminder to parents to please collect your daughter’s work pack at the Huntley Street Gate from 11h00 until 13h00 today and next Friday again.

Happy birthday to all our children who celebrated their birthday this week! Aphiwe Bota, Ada Gontshi, Saskia van Wyk, Ashante Sinyanya, Tamsyn Hutchinson, Limise Mlonzi, Rachel Wilhelmi, Michaela Kretzmann, Catherine Roberts, Bridget Akpeng, Grace Chikafa and Amy Kelly.

Warm regards
Mrs Michelle Rafferty

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