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VP Newsletter 11 September 2020

VP Newsletter 11 September 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 11 September 2020

Message from the office
On Tuesday afternoon we held a memorial service for Léyaan-Té Jacobs in our Garden of Remembrance. The service was attended by staff, her close family and her Grade 6 friends. It was a beautiful day; warm winter sunshine and a clear blue sky, stroked with faint white clouds. As we sat around the fountain with the water providing the calming trickling background noise, Mr Wynne and Ms Hanslo sang and played such beautiful music that it touched the soul. A few of our Grade 6 girls spoke and they made me immensely proud of their composure and thoughtful words. One cannot comprehend the pain the Jacobs family must be going through and I thanked them for joining us in our farewell to her.

Losing a child is a place where I very seldom allow my thoughts to go and as it is so often said, goes against the way we expect nature to work. It also brought home two things to me; one how precious each day, week and year we are given is, and the other is that although we live in times where growing old is often viewed as a sad thing, it is indeed a privilege.

I don’t know about you but the uncertainty and challenges of the pandemic has made me very anxious and perhaps at times negative. I know it is easier said than done as some of us have lost much in these last few months, but if we count our blessings and wake up each day, starting with the realisation of what we can be thankful for, it might make us more positive and resilient to face the day ahead. As parents our attitudes are felt by our families and our fear and negativity is contagious and tangible, but so too can our optimism and gratitude be adopted by those close to us. We have but one life, and each day is a gift, how we wake up each morning can impact our relationships, careers, moods and which in turn can affect the direction of our lives and of those around us.

Youth is seen as desirable and the ultimate and somewhere along the way we have forgotten the value of the elder and most often, wiser. Respecting our elders shouldn’t just be based purely on the fact that they are older but on the fact that they have learnt so much and can teach us so much. We are foolish if we dismiss their input as irrelevant. Their experiences and life lessons can save us from going down some very costly and painful roads if we choose to listen. Recently I asked my parents (age 77 and 78) what pearls of wisdom they could share with us; my sisters and our families. Their responses were both unexpected and beautiful but they both in their own ways highlighted the importance of relationships and how these shape our lives. Not money or possessions. My dad also mentioned an altercation with his father when he was a young teenager and how he still regrets never apologizing for his harsh words – this is indeed also a lesson for all of us; mind your words and make peace while we can.

If you are fortunate to have older members of your family, (it doesn’t have to be as old as seventy!), ask them what they could share looking back on the life they’ve led. You may be surprised at how consoling, comforting, uplifting and even life-changing their words may be.

If you’d like to share any words of wisdom with us all from elders in your family or perhaps even your own words of advice, please email them to me and perhaps we can share them in next week’s newsletter. They may teach us, uplift us and help us to appreciate each day.

Ndlulamthi Badge of Excellence:
Congratulations to the three girls who were awarded this badge this past Monday during our assembly:
Hannah Stoltz in Grade 6 for always being extremely polite, enthusiastic and always giving of her best. She also shows compassion towards others. Well done, Hannah!
In Grade 2 we had two recipients, Mila Nongubo and Siyasisanda Nene. Both girls are respectful and remember their manners at all times. They are responsible and display a good work ethic. Well done to the two of you. We are so excited that our Foundation Phase girls are already being recognised for such admirable qualities.

School Photo Day
On the 17&18th of September we will have our school photo day. This year due to Covid-19 regulations girls may have individual photos or photos with siblings who live in the same household.
Grade 1-7 girls must please wear their summer uniform (skirt, short sleeves white shirt and short socks on photo day (no civvies this year).
Grade 00&R girls may wear their favourite civvies.
You can order a set of photos by completing the order form at the end of the newsletter sent home from school. Please return it along with the exact payment to the school by 14 September. The photos cost R90 and consist of 2 x Jumbo, 2 x Wallet, 2 x ID and 2 x Book Markers.

WhatsApp Groups
Please note that if you have not returned the WhatsApp policy form, we will assume that you do not give permission to the school to include you in any WhatsApp groups associated with VP. As of Monday at 13:00 we will therefore have to remove all participants who have not given written consent.

Health Questionnaire
We still have a few outstanding Health Questionnaires. Please ensure that they are completed and returned to by Monday.

Happy birthday to the girls who celebrated their birthday this week: Lulo Adam, Danika Lensley, Emily Stoltz, Lolwethu Makana, Yanga Tapi Okuye Funani, Chloe Maartens, Grace Xala, Khazimla Kwenxe, Cayden Strauss, Ayman Hayat, Danni de Witt, Lily Jacobs-Pretorius and Luminathi Mpapha.

Warm regards
Mrs Michelle Rafferty

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