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VP Newsletter 6 November 2020

VP Newsletter 6 November 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 6 November 2020

Message from the office

A warm welcome back and I trust that you all had a good week break with your daughters. I hope that you have received and taken note of our amended term calendar to accommodate the earlier submission date required from the department. This year has not been an easy one and we have had to change and adapt more often than I thought would be plausible. But I do wish to express my most sincere thanks to our parent body who have been nothing short of marvelous in your support and cooperation as we have tried our best to manage this year and to keep your daughter’s schooling up and running.

After careful consideration we have decided to do our Prizegivings for Grade 1- 6 at school without guests. We will not have parents present as we are concerned about the spike in COVID-19 cases and after being so cautious and vigilant we would hate to throw caution to the wind at the end of our school year.

We will limit parent invitations to our House Assembly (announcement of the 2021 leadership team portfolios) to the parents of the 2020 and 2021 leadership teams (RSVPs have been received already) and to the Grade 7 Prizegiving and Valedictory to our Grade 7 parents, this will take place on 11 December under very strict regulations. Each child will be limited to two guests and only those parents who RSVP (letter will be sent in due course) will be permitted entry to the Prizegiving and Valedictory. You can opt to attend only one if you wish. A screening process will be implemented, movement of parents on the school campus will be limited, masks must be worn at all times and social distancing must be practised. We would also like to move the Grade 7 Prizegiving to the same day as their Valedictory to avoid further interactions on different days.

Therefore on the 11th of December the Grade 7 Prizegiving will take place from 09:00 -10:30; followed by a break from 10:30-11:00 and then the Valedictory from 11:00 -12:00.

Our final value…
At Monday’s assembly we introduced our new and final value of Trustworthiness and this assembly will be repeated for our Blue Group on the 9th of November. The value of Trustworthiness is an important value to instil in our children and can affect all aspects of their lives. I have adapted an article taken from which provides good parenting tips to nurture this value in our girls.

Raising Trustworthy Children
Parents must inculcate values like trustworthiness in their children. Such values will help them in their personal as well as professional life. Let us take a look at some tips for raising trustworthy children.
Raising a child who can be trusted is important both for your child and the people in her life.

Be an Example
Your child has the inherent nature of picking up things you do. Ask yourself, ‘Am I displaying a character of trustworthiness?’ If the answer is ‘no’ then you need to change and change fast. You cannot lie yourself and expect your child to be honest. Be the kind of person you want your child to be.

Give them Responsibilities
First-hand experience is the best way to learn. Entrust your child with some tasks, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Create a sense of responsibility in her. Educate her about putting her best foot forward while performing the task. Once a child knows that you trust her with such tasks, she only grows to become more responsible, sincere and honest. True to her work and true to you.

Be Prepared for Mistakes
Your child is only a human at the end of the day and bound to make mistakes. When you find her at fault it is imperative that you keep your cool. If you shout too much or give them harsh punishments for minor faults, they will distance themselves from you and develop a tendency to lie their way out of such situations.

Trust Them
You want people to trust your child, trust them yourself first. Sometimes, as parents we tend to get involved a little too much in our child’s day. With every passing year there are things you need to stop being involved in and trust your child to do it herself.

Raising a trustworthy child is not as challenging as you may have thought it was. It is about the little things you do as a parent to help your daughter understand the beauty of being someone who everyone trusts.

Our exams for Gr 4, 5, 6 & 7 will begin on Monday, 16 November. Girls should be preparing for them already. School will continue to finish at 13:00 daily during exams.

Exam Timetable:

Grade 4 & 5 Grade 6
Tues 17 Nov  Eng Creative Writing

& Life Skills

Mon 16 Nov  Eng Creative Writing

& Life Skills

Thurs 19  Nov  Eng Comp & Language

& Art

Wed 18 Nov  Eng Comp & Language

& Art

Mon 23 Nov Xho/Afr Comp &  Language

& SS – History

Fri 20 Nov Xho/Afr Comp & Language

& SS – History

Wed 25 Nov  Maths & NS Tues 24 Nov Maths & NS
Fri  27 Nov SS – Geography

& LSPA Practical

Thurs 26 Nov SS – Geography

& LSPA Practical

Grade 7
Mon 16 Nov  Eng Creative Writing

& Eng Comp & Language

Tues 17 Nov  Life Orientation
Wed 18 Nov Xho/Afr Comp & Language
Thurs 19 Nov SS – History
Fri 20 Nov Maths Paper 1&2
Mon 23 Nov NS
Tues 24 Nov SS – Geography
Wed 25 Nov EMS

Please take note: Extramurals for Intermediate Phase will end on Wednesday, 11 November (last day). Foundation Phase sport will continue until Friday, 27 November

Clothing Exchange

There have been quite a few requests for school clothes from the clothing exchange. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 regulations we cannot allow parents into this area but Mrs Tarr has offered to assist where possible as a go-between. Please contact her via Whatsapp on 0828717275 to let her know what you are needing and what size and she will try to find you what you are looking for and make arrangements for you to collect and try the items on. Payments and returns are to be made to Ms Lang at the school office. Please note that the sizes of the skirts and tracksuits, in particular, are not always to the norm and never the same. If you could let her know the “normal” (clothing store) sizes of clothing in order to try match up accordingly. Please could you ONLY message Mrs Tarr between 7am and 8pm.
Thank you Mrs Tarr for your assistance.

2020 School Magazine
Every year, with the assistance of our staff, we produce a wonderful school magazine. This year it will be on-line and filled with photos, creative contributions from the girls and important events that take place at school throughout the year. This magazine makes for a bumper book of memories that your daughter will look back on for years to come. We do try to keep the cost of producing the magazine as low as possible and appeal to parents to sponsor a page at the cost of R100. Your family will then receive a written credit on the page and you can also include a message if you wish. Should you be prepared to make a contribution kindly complete the reply slip at the end of the newsletter and return it to the school next week.

Example of message on page

Dropping off items at school
We appeal to parents and girls to ensure that they have everything needed for school and arrive with it. Unfortunately items dropped off at the office expose staff and girls to an additional risk of contracting Covid-19 and cannot be accepted.

Merit Achievers
Well done Unam Mazwi and Asavele Mtuze who have received over 250 merits so far this year!

Happy birthday to the following girls who celebrated this week:
Sithe-Nkosi Busakwe, Iyana Myataza, Talia Kara, Ciana Moodie,
Ava Bradfield and Isabella Tladi. We hope your day was very special.

Warm regards

Mrs Michelle Rafferty



I am willing to sponsor a section of our school magazine and enclose a donation of R100.

I would like the following message to appear on the page:


Sponsor name: ………………………………………

Contact no.: ……………………………………..

Child’s name & grade: ………………………………………………………………………………………

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