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Intersen Phase (Gr 4-7) work pack collection procedure

Intersen Phase (Gr 4-7) work pack collection procedure published on No Comments on Intersen Phase (Gr 4-7) work pack collection procedure

26 January 2021
Dear Parents and Girls of VP

2021 has started on a slightly wobbly note with the return to school being delayed by a couple of weeks. However, that said, we cannot wait to welcome you all back on the 15th February, and look forward to the rest of the year progressing with a greater semblance of normality!
Please note that our SMT have already returned to school and our teaching staff will be back on the 1st February, to prepare for the arrival of the girls on the 15th February.

To compensate for the delay in the girls’ return, the teachers will, as per last year, prepare work packs for them which will be available for collection from the school on Thursday, 4 February. Grade 4 and 5 parents are to please collect their packs from Huntley Street. (The parking bay at the main gate), Grade 6 and 7 parents are to please collect their packs from Beaufort Street. Collection time for Grade 4 -7: 12:00 – 13:30. Hostel girls will receive their workpack instructions via email.

These work packs will consist of revision tasks for the girls, simply to get them working and thinking once again after the extended break. There will be no new work included, and no work that requires research or extra data, as we are aware that some may not have access to extra computer facilities or have additional, available data. The tasks for each subject will be structured so that each child will be able to complete them with minimal stress. They will be designed to encourage learning, and facilitate the easy and exciting return to school.

We hope that you are looking forward to returning to VP as much as we are looking forward to welcoming you back, girls.

Take care and stay safe.

Anthony Greyling ( HOD: Intersen Phase)

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