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VP Newsletter 19 February 2021

VP Newsletter 19 February 2021 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 19 February 2021

Message from the office
It is so wonderful to have our school filled with our lovely girls again. We have welcomed some new girls and their families to VP this year and we hope that your journey with us will be filled with opportunities to make happy memories.

Our theme for 2021 is “Be Humble, Gracious and Kind’.
In a world where everything is about me, me, me, self-absorption and vanity, we would like to promote a culture of treating others with kindness, understanding and acceptance. When I was younger I had grand illusions of what my adult life would be, I had no idea that life could be so hard and that you don’t always get what you want. If life has taught me anything, it is that we live by the grace of God and often at the mercy of others.

We need to treat others with the same respect that we would like to be treated with, to forgive others with the same grace that we would like to receive, and show kindness to people no matter who they are or what they can do for us. When life deals us those unexpected blows, those around us will treat us with the same graciousness, kindness and humility that we have extended to others through our lives. We can only truly achieve meaningful and fruitful relationships when we humble ourselves and are gracious and kind towards others. This is certainly what we wish for all our VP girls.

The real champions in life are so humble and gracious. They just continue doing what they do without all the posturing. – Denis Waitley

When you’ve experienced grace and you feel like you’ve been forgiven, you’re a lot more forgiving of other people. You’re a lot more gracious to others. – Rick Warren

Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations. – Paramahansa Yogananda

The best of people is the one who humbles himself the more his rank increases. – Prophet Muhammad

Back to school admin
We wish to thank our many parents who have prioritised paying their school fees during this turbulent time. We cannot run our school and keep our classes small and maintain the quality of teaching staff that we have, if we don’t have parents who are committed to paying their school fees. Even though we are public school, only 35% of our entire staff is paid by the Education Department and the funds we receive from the department isn’t even enough to cover the annual supply of toilet paper. We have a long waiting list of parents desperate for their daughters to be in our school and they always express their ability and eagerness to pay their fees. They understand that the difference between the quality of education one receives at VP and the option of overcrowded classrooms is directly related to the payment of school fees. If we are to continue to be a public school that provides quality education for all our girls we have to have a parent body who sees that paying fees is critical to the future of our school and their daughter’s education. We have a valuable SGB and Financial Officer who ensure that the fees you pay and the money we spend will always be to your daughters’ benefit. We appeal to you to continue to prioritise your fees, even if it means forfeiting some luxuries, as your daughter’s education is paramount.

Thank you for ensuring that all the relevant forms are completed and sent to school. If you haven’t yet done so, please make sure that this is done as soon as possible. Please make sure that you have received the extramural programme, term calendar as well as the information booklet for your child’s grade and that you read through them all so that you know what to expect in the weeks ahead. A hard copy of these three documents were given to your daughter on her first day at school.

We ask that you continue to ensure that your girls are reminded that their ‘home days’ are days to work at home. Get them up early, ensure that they have a good breakfast and provide them with a desk and chair and place to work that has limited distractions. Please don’t allow them to work in front of the TV or to even watch TV before their school work is done. Encourage breaks in between where they get some fresh air and if possible, a little exercise. Please check your daughter’s homework diary before the start and end of every day to make sure she has completed everything. Make sure that she packs everything needed for her day at school and does so, the night before when you have time and are not stressed. I have told the girls that this is the time to set some good habits, with focus and determination you can get a good routine going for the year ahead.


Music lessons have commenced and we look forward to an exciting year for our young musicians. Please note that this year, all music pupils will receive lessons every week. The music timetables for Ms Hanslo and Mr Wynne are displayed in the girls’ classrooms and they are encouraged to check their lesson times, to ensure that they arrive promptly and are equipped with their music books and/or instruments. It may be helpful to write these lesson times down in the homework diary. If you would like your daughter to start music lessons, please collect a music application form from Ms Lang, and we shall add her to the waiting list.

Bible Study will be held every Friday, after school, in Miss Putzier’s classroom.  It is not compulsory to attend, but an extramural where everyone is welcome. Girls should attend on the Friday that they are at school, unfortunately not on their Friday “home days” Therefore Friday 26th February will be for the Blue Group and Friday 5th March will be for the Green Group. During Bible Study the girls will be taught how to love, respect and support each other, by looking at how Jesus lived. “Friends that pray together, stay together”.
Junior times (Gr 1-3): 12:40-13:10           Senior times (Gr 4-7): 13:10-14:40

Sports Trials
As we are currently in Lockdown Level 3, we are allowed to start introducing sport at school, however, our main priority is still ensuring that our girls and teachers are safe. We have been given specific protocols for each sporting code that we must adhere to and have decided to slowly introduce a few of our team sporting codes, as they are smaller groups of girls and we are able to stay Covid compliant.

Girls will receive a letter inviting them to attend the specific team sporting code trials. As we have not had sport since the 31st March 2020, we have invited the girls selected for those team sporting codes last year. If however, your daughter would like to try out, we ask that you write a letter to the head of that sporting code stating that she is able to meet the requirements for the sporting code and would like to try out and she will be afforded the opportunity to do so. Please see the requirements below:

Swimming (Mrs Coetzee)
Minimum Requirement for Team Swimmers:
• Swim a minimum of 3 strokes
• Swim 2 lengths of the pool consecutively
• Able to dive
• Willingness to participate in Galas

Minimum Requirement for Feeder Swimmers:

  • Swim a minimum of 2 strokes
  • Swim 1 length confidently
  • Dive from the edge of the pool

Swimming trials to take place on Monday 22nd (Blue Group) and Tuesday 23rdth (Green Group) February. There we will select our team and feeder swimmers for the year. The trials will take place straight after school and should be done by 14:00. Please collect your daughter promptly after trials from the entrance at the Beaufort Street gate.

Tennis (Ms Miskin)
Minimum Requirements for Team Tennis:
• Must be able to score
• Able to serve into the correct box
• Rally
• Volley
Tennis trials take place on Tuesday 23rd (Green Group) and Wednesday 24th(Blue Group) for those who have been invited or meet the minimum requirements, and from there we will select our Senior and Junior Tennis teams as well as the Feeder team for the year. The trials will take place straight after school and should be done by 15:00. Please collect your daughter promptly after trials from the entrance at the Beaufort Street gate.

Every girl must have the following items with them for sport and LSPE: Towel, extra mask or two, water bottle, plastic bag. NO sharing of any sport equipment is permitted.
• The girls will attend their allocated sport on their colour groups’ day. Please see the timetable that follows for details.
• The Grade 7’s have also been split into colour groups. If it is not their colour groups sports day they will be required to be collected from school at 13:00.
For example: Monday the 22/2 the Blue group has sport and the Green group goes home. Tuesday the 23/2 the Green group has sport and the Blue group goes home.
If however, they are in either Team Swimming, Team Tennis or U13A Hockey/Netball, they will be required to attend every practice on the timetable regardless of their colour group. They may also join in a sport that doesn’t clash with their Team sport, but it must be with their class and/or colour group.

Extramural programme for next week:

Time Sport Grade Blue

Mon  22/2


Tues 23/2


Wed 24/2


Thurs 25/2


Fri 26/2

07:15 – 08:00 Woodwind Ensemble Selected Selected
13:10-13:40 Walkers Grade 4/5 4F&4KC 4F&4KC 5M 5M
13:10-13:40 Walkers Grade 6/7 6P&7C 6P&7C 6G&7Mg 6G&7Mg
13:10-13:40 Dance Fitness (Court) Grade 4/5 5J 5J 4F&4KC 4F&4KC
13:10-13:40 Dance Fitness (Hall) Grade 6/7 6S&7Ma 6S&7Ma 6P&7C 6P&7C
13:10-13:40 Fitness Grade 4-7 6G&7Mg 6G&7Mg 6S&7Ma 6S&7Ma
13:10-13:40 Yoga/Pilates Grade 4-7 5M 5M 5J 5J
13:10 – 13:40 Orchestra Selected Select-ed
12:40-13:10 Junior Bible FP FP
13:10-13:40 Bible Study Grade 4-7 Gr 4-7

Happy birthday to all our staff and children who celebrated their birthday in the beginning of 2021 and will celebrate this coming week: Staff: Mrs Jones, Ms Lang, Mrs Sauls, Ms Jamela, Ms Purdon, Ms Nguta, Mrs Mgogo, Ms Miskin, Mr Greyling, Mrs Coetzee, Ms Putzier, Mrs Sopangisa and Mr Menzeleli. Girls: Zazi Gqamana, Lilitha Kila, Claire Lobb, Bohlokwa, Mihle Khitha, Avuthando Matyumza, Amani Troskie, Jaysea Botha, Likamvelihle Dyibishe, Indibabale Jack, Inobubele-Ngathi Jack, Mbalentle Jadi, Lelona Kuselo, Amber Isaacs, Caitlyn Bodill, Kungawo Mapasa, Mbalentle Dyaloyi, Kulowo Msipa, Oyintando Nkatazo, Ahluma Zwana, Mandi de Koker, Alibongwe Mthembu, Lunathi Zikishe, Sinothando Matshaya, Hlomboluhle Mvula, Sama Torweni, Bongumusa Louw, Sabrina Nyathi, Giselle Peters, Lisa-Jane Evans, Yayama Kom, Luto Ponoshe, Junaid Williams, Inam Zondi, Yonelisa Ngaleka, Zinathi Nondzube, Isla Orsmond, Nqobile Gxashe, Rebecca Phillip, Aventhandwa Hambaze, Avela Sigidi, Lilani Wolmarans, Stephanie Folaranmi, Ovayo Phillip, Kati-Leigh Arnott, Iviwe Jakavula, Iminathi Mgwebi, Luniko Hulushe, Nakhane Klei, Zingce Pilisani, Inam Toll, Christelle Ruwanza, Samke Someketa, Esethu Stamper, Eve Daniels, Mimi Mangqalaza, Mbalentle Mayinje, Azuza Mbiza, Zizo Zomelele, Sinalo Gumenge, Khanya Kepe, Iminathi Mcophele, Simigaye Shoba, Neo Molefe, Sanda Stofile, Olivia Weyl, Phillipa Weyl, Vuyisa Mdunyelwa, Tenielle Morrison, Amahle Mchunu, Ava van Rooyen, Yolisa Pongolo, Ayva Baatjes, Mivuyo Santi, Okuhle Smile, Gracie Chitsike, Angaka Magutywa, Tasmine Thomas,Taylynne Thomas and Mihlali Stampu. We hope your day was very special!

Warm regards

Mrs M Rafferty

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