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VP Newsletter 21 January 2022

VP Newsletter 21 January 2022 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 21 January 2022

Message from the office

A warm welcome back to our VP girls and a special hearty welcome to our new VP families who have joined us this year. Every year is so exciting when our new little Grade Ones arrive in their sparkly clean school uniforms. It is the start of a wonderful journey through primary school. We trust and pray that this year will be a good one and that we are able to slowly go back to more and more activities and include so many of the things that we have sorely missed from our daily programmes.

On the subject of disruptions and COVID-19 we have sought advice from a medical practitioner and she has advised that until such time that we receive new guidelines (which she has indicated may very well come soon) we should adhere to our protocols that we already have in place. If your daughter has any symptoms please do not send her to school, but if you are aware that she simply has allergies or she has been diagnosed with something else, please let us know. We request that if your daughter has been in close contact with someone who tested positive that she isolates for ten days. We are hoping that this time frame will be reduced but until such time as it is made official, we are obliged to stick to the full ten days of isolation.

We would like to highlight the following:                                                                   

  • All girls are to wear masks to school.
  • We will still limit parents’ access to the campus.

ARRIVAL times and screening

  • Girls will be screened on entry in the mornings as they have been in the past.
  • Grade 00 and R enter at the Pre-primary school gate from 07:15-07:45
  • Grade 1-3 to enter at the Huntley Street gate from 07:15 to 07:45
  • The IP (Grade 4-7) are to enter at Beaufort Street gate and screening will take place from 07h00- 07h25. Please ensure your daughter arrives on time.

COLLECTIONS will also occur at the same gates respectively. Collection times are as follows (unless your child is involved in extra murals on that day):

  • PP: 13:00 (Pre-primary school gate in Beaufort Street)
  • FP: 13:00-13:30 (Huntley Street gate)
  • IP:  13:45 (Main entrance in Beaufort Street)

Girls are to be collected promptly after their last school activity.


If you are not able to collect your child timeously please consider sending your child to our Aftercare. Forms to enrol in Aftercare must be collected from our school office or you can request one via email to Ms Lang ( If your child attended Aftercare last year and you would like her to continue please complete a new form for this year.

Whatsapp Groups

Certain grades, classes and sports groups will start a Whatsapp group to help relay messages to parents quickly and efficiently. When a group chat is set up, our policy for Whatsapp groups will be shared with you. Please read this very carefully. If you remain on the group this indicates that you are prepared to abide by the rules of the group. If you do not wish to be part of it or to agree to the conditions, please simply remove yourself from the group.


In lieu of our PTA AGM parents (moms and dads) who would like to be part of our PTA are requested to complete the form attached to the newsletter that was sent home today. Essentially the PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) is a fundraising committee which raises funds for projects in and around the school.  Parents volunteer to be a part of this group and there is no limit to the number of members in this group of parents. Once we hopefully have a bit more clarity for our year ahead, we are hoping to call on you to join our first meeting and maybe, just maybe, we can host some fun events.


Our current SGB team still have two years left of their tenure.  The School Governing Body is made up of elected parents, teachers and non-teaching members.  This committee is responsible for the school’s finances and governance.  As you would have seen on the term calendar we will have a by-election on the Wednesday, 9 February to replace two of our parent members whose children are no longer at VP.  Please consider standing if you feel you have the expertise that VP would benefit from. Nomination forms will be available from the office from Monday, 24 January and they must please be returned by Tuesday, 8 February at 13:00.

Extramural programme

PLEASE NOTE: To organise girls into their team/groups, next week will run slightly differently to the programme as we will be conducting our team sports trials. Please take note of the times below.

IP Swimming (Gr 4-7)

All girls will be required to attend swimming trials. If they wish to try out for Team swimming they will not be required to attend the trials in their class groups.

Swimming trials will run as follows:

Monday, 24th (14:00-15:00): Grade 4KC and Grade 5M 

                     (14:00-15:00): Team Swimming Trials (Girls were required to sign up)

Wednesday, 26th (14:00-15:00): Grade 4F and Grade 5J 

     (14:00-15:00): Team Swimming Practice

Thursday, 27th (14:00-15:00): Grade 6G and Grade 7(Blue)

Mrs Orsmond will be selling swimming caps.  Standard swimming caps are available in house colours for R60.  Swimma Caps for braided and long hair are available in green only and cost R110.

Tennis Trials will begin on Tuesday (Girls have been requested to sign up)

Tuesday 25th (13:55-14:40) – Juniors (Grade 3-5)

                        (14:40-15:25) – Juniors (Grade 6-7)

Your daughter will either be placed in the Senior, Junior or Feeder Team. Please encourage your daughters to attend the trials, especially if they are able to meet the following criteria:

Simple forehand and backhand stroke

Service toss and motion must be able to donkey drop

Move into the ball – Footwork (basic) and anticipation of ball direction

Dribble with the ball

Correct grip

Senior Trials: (GRADE 6 AND 7)

Must be able to score

Serve into the correct box


Volley and smash

Uniform on LSPE days

Girls are permitted to come to school wearing their black shorts, navy blue shirts (NO white golf shirts allowed) and takkies with white socks on the days that they have swimming /LSPE (during school). However girls must pack their black speedo costumes, swim caps and towels in a separate bag. They may not come to school already wearing their swimming costumes, they will be given a chance to change before and after their swimming lesson. 

If your daughter owns a pair of the VP navy blue flip flops she may wear them with her sports clothes instead of her takkies. No other flip flops are permitted. These can be bought from Mrs Terblanche for R90. We have limited sizes currently available, more stock will arrive early February.  The flip flops may also be worn while at school with school uniform but your daughter must arrive and leave, and be in public places, in her school shoes when in school uniform. 


The Junior Choir (Grade 3s) will be selected during the course of next week, during school hours. Junior Choir rehearsals will commence on Monday 31 January.

Senior Choir rehearsals will commence on Tuesday, 1 February. Girls who were in the Senior Choir last year do not need to re-audition. All other girls in Grade 4-7, who would like to sing in the choir, are encouraged to audition on the following days next week: 

Monday: Grade 4 F;

Tuesday: Grade 4KC;

Wednesday: all Grade 5s;

Thursday: all Grade 6s;

Friday: all Grade 7s.  Auditions will take place in the hall at 07:15. Please be prompt. 


There is a tuckshop available at Vicky’s but due to COVID restrictions there are some rules that girls must adhere to.  Gr 1-4 will be given the opportunity to place their orders (from the list below) first thing in the morning and items will be sent to their classes.  Gr 5-7 may go down to the tuckshop at break or before extramurals and buy food.  Please note that girls will not be allowed to leave Aftercare in order to go to the tuckshop.

The list of items available for order are as follows: 

Hot Dog R15;

Boerewors Roll R20;

Beef/Chicken Burger R25;

Cheese Roll R15;

Savoury Muffin R10;

Popcorn R6; Fruit R5;

Juice Box R7.  

These items can be ordered and paid for in the morning at Vicky’s or parents can make arrangements for EFT payment by contacting Pam on 0721995741 (Whatsapp) for details.

Mrs M Rafferty


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