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VP Newsletter 11 February 2022

VP Newsletter 11 February 2022 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 11 February 2022

Message from the office
On our return to school after lockdown in 2020 we kept our assemblies going by having them via Zoom to the different classrooms. Currently we have two grades in the hall at a time, while the rest watch via Zoom. In March we will increase the number by having one phase in the hall at a time and ‘Zooming’ to the other. Assemblies are an important time to gather and learn important life lessons. I am looking forward to having them a little more like we used to and hearing our girls sing is always a highlight of my week.

At the assembly this past Monday I focused very simply on the topic of Motivation which is the first trait of our motto for 2022. We had the Grade 2 and 3 girls in the hall. When I asked them what motivated them I got the answers of ‘chocolate’, ‘sweets’ and ‘ice cream’ and one little girl answered ‘to pass’. They clearly understand the concept and motivating little ones can be as simple as a sticker, a sweet and a word of praise. Although we hope to ultimately develop our girls’ intrinsic motivation through a love for learning and the desire to be the best they can be. Extrinsic motivation is so important for young children of primary school age to feel inspired and eager. We as a staff are making it our mission to focus on the positive and to praise our girls for their efforts and achievements both in the classroom and on the sports field.

The best way for you as a parent to motivate your child to work hard at school and in all that they do, is to simply show an interest in their school work and their day.

Here are some simple ways you can show your interest in your daughter’s daily activities:
 Help her with her homework and be available if she needs to ask any questions.
 Ask her how her test went or what feedback she got for a task.

 Ask her what she learnt in class and praise her for her new-found knowledge.
 Even if you do find it tiresome, try your best to be enthusiastic about her reading, spelling, music practice and other tasks. Try very hard to hide your frustrations.
 Accept your child for who she is and for what her capabilities and limitations are.
 Prioritize her schoolwork over other daily activities and provide an environment where she does not get distracted or made to feel like she is inconveniencing the family.
 Celebrate her successes with her.
 Don’t over react to failures, use it as a learning experience.
 Work in partnership with daughter’s teacher.
 Love your daughter for who she is and not what she achieves.

What not to do:
Don’t speak badly of her teacher in front of her.
Don’t have unrealistic expectations.
Don’t over schedule her day.
Don’t compare your daughter to others.

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”- Jane D. Hull.

Please note the latest amendments to our School’s Operating Procedure during the COVID-19 pandemic which was adjusted according to the latest Gazette (Vol 680, 6 February 2022 no 45877).

● It is very important that parents keep unwell children at home. If a child is unwell or has a temperature and shows any COVID-19 symptoms, parents are requested to monitor them closely at home and consult a medical practitioner.
● If a person tests positive and is not showing any symptoms, he or she need not isolate.
● If a person tests positive and has symptoms, he or she must isolate for 7 days unless a longer period has been recommended by a medical practitioner.
● If a learner tests positive and displays symptoms the parent/guardian must inform the school office as soon as possible and the school must then inform the DoE.
● Individuals who are identified as contacts of someone who tested positive COVID-19 do not need to isolate, unless they display symptoms.
● If a learner or person wishes to enter the premises is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and/or their temperature is recorded as higher than 38 degrees, they will be denied access to the school campus and buildings.
● If a learner has been dropped off for school and displays symptoms at screening or while at school, the school will contact the parent/guardian to request them to fetch the learner from school. The parent/guardian will be advised to refer the learner to a medical practitioner and, if they test positive, to keep them isolated at home.
● All contact sport and non-contact sport including training, intra-school and interschool games, all art and cultural activities (including choir practices and competitions) and all enrichment programmes will resume if they comply with health and safety measures.
● All events may occur with spectators. However access points will be limited. Entry can only be gained at Beaufort Street where screening will take place, unless notification has been sent that other access and screening points have been organised.
● If the school hosts an event or an activity only permitted persons will be allowed entry for that event or activity provided that compliance of hygiene and safety measures are met.
● The number of spectators permitted will be according to the number of persons permitted at a gathering under the current regulations or if the venue is too small for that number, spectators will be limited to ensure social distancing can be observed.
● Masks are still mandatory
(The full new SOP doc can be found on our webpage)

COVID Vaccinations/boosters
The Department of Health has made a new appointment to be at VP on Tuesday, 15 February. If you wish for your daughter to be vaccinated and she is 12 years or older please send a copy of her birth certificate and/or her vaccination card to school on this day. Unfortunately, if the girls do not come to school with the necessary documents we won’t be able to facilitate her vaccination at school. Please ensure you plan for this in advance. If parents would like to take this opportunity to get their vaccine or booster done you may come to the school from 10:30 to make use of this opportunity. You will need to be screened in at the school office.

SGB Nominations for our By-election
As we only received two nominations, for the two vacant positions, we were not required to hold an election. We congratulate Mr Phillip, father of Rebecca in Gr 1 and Mr Sauls father of Ava in Gr 00, on their nomination and appointment onto our SGB. The other parent members of governing body are Ms Mothudi mother of Athena in Gr 2, Mrs Wolmarans mother of Pippa in Gr 4 and Lilani in Gr R and Mrs Edwards mother of Madison in Gr 4. Thank you for your service to our school.

Congratulations to Uminathi Kate who was our first recipient this year of the Personality of the Week. She received the award for Honesty. Thank you for setting the example for the year ahead, Uminathi.

Should you wish for your child to participate in Conquesta 2022 , entry forms are available from Mrs Sauls. Conquesta is only open to Grades 4-6. Please complete the entry form and return it to school in an envelope, marked ‘Conquesta’ with your child’s name and class and the relevant entry fee enclosed. Closing date for entries is 18 March.

Our Tennis Team enjoyed their first home matches on Wednesday, 9 February. We thank the team and their families for making the Port Alfred mixed team feel welcome by providing delicious eats for the afternoon.
Eighty-nine games were played in total and Port Alfred managed to win by nine games. Well played, girls!
We look forward to our next matches against PJ Olivier and Shaw Park on Thursday, 24 February.

Good luck to the girls swimming in the Graeme Relay gala which starts at 15:00 this afternoon. Swim well!
The Albany Swimming Trials will take place next week Tuesday, 15 February, for selected swimmers. The gala will take place at the DSG pool and will start at 14:00. Swimmers participating have received a letter.

VP Park Run Challenge
There has been a good turn out so far, please continue to support this challenge!

Interhouse & Splash gala (Gr 4-7)
To celebrate our Founders’Day on the 4th of March we will be moving our Galas to this day. The Splash gala will take place from 10:30-12:00 and our main Interhouse gala will take place from 12:30. FP girls not involved in the main gala will go home at 12:15 on this day. It is compulsory for all Gr 4-7 girls to attend both galas for the entire duration. More details will be sent out closer to the time.

Induction Assembly
We will hold our Induction Assembly for our 2022 Leadership team on Monday the 28th February at 09:45. Invitations will be sent out to the parents of our Leadership Team.

Happy birthday to everyone who had their special day this week! Next week the following staff and girls will celebrate: Mr Greyling, Mrs Coetzee, Ava van Rooyen, Libhongo Mase, Yolisa Pongolo, Ayva Baatjes, Mivuyo Santi, Kaya Jones and Okuhle Smile. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs Rafferty

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