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VP Newsletter 25 February 2022

VP Newsletter 25 February 2022 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 25 February 2022

At Monday’s assembly we explored the characteristic of ‘mindfulness’ with our girls. Being mindful (as opposed to being ‘mind full’ as the illustration on the right beautifully represents) focusses on being aware of our immediate surroundings, being aware of our impact on the world around us and on others. Mindful people have meaningful connections with others. Mindful people have the ability to focus on the present moment and to adjust and control their responses to the world around them and to remain calm. Ask your daughter how we learnt to control our breathing and to calm ourselves down when we feel our anxiety kicking in saying “Close your eyes, smell the roses, blow out the candle”.
This extract taken from gives us lovely tips on how we can develop mindfulness in our homes.

Embrace Imperfection
Let’s be clear – you are going to make mistakes, you are going to hurt your children’s feelings, and you are not going to be able to show up in all the ways you want to or the ways your children want you to, but NONE of that makes you a bad parent – it only makes you a human one. When you can move into a place of acceptance of this you are able to shift into a greater ease and grace within yourself. When we beat ourselves up over our mistakes and imperfections we create more pain, fear, and disconnection.

Listen with Curiosity
As we pause and listen to each other we can learn to see struggles and triumphs as opportunities for learning and growth. Instead of judging each other, we can get better at recognizing when we don’t understand where the other person is coming from, lean in with curiosity and say, “tell me more.” Or we might try and stand in their shoes to understand their perspective by asking ourselves, “why might they be acting this way?”

Communicate Courageously
Let’s be honest, being vulnerable is hard and at times even scary, which is why we sometimes find ourselves avoiding tough conversations with each other. While in the moment it might feel easier to sidestep talking about something painful or uncomfortable, what is left unspoken and unresolved can turn into a slow poison. Over time this builds resentments, distrust, harmful behaviours, and disconnection. The truth is, being clear and honest with each other about what you need and how you feel is ultimately an act of kindness that creates trust and connection.

Practice Appreciation and Gratitude
We all want to be seen and appreciated and there’s a surprisingly simple way of doing this that can have huge benefits – intentionally practicing being appreciative and expressing gratitude to one another.

Forgive Ourselves and Each Other
Every family has its hard moments. There are times when we don’t feel listened to, appreciated, or seen and there are other times when people are cranky and say things they don’t mean or wish they could take back.
In practicing mindfulness, we come to understand that our mistakes aren’t signs of failing at being a human. Instead, they are opportunities for learning about the inevitable pitfalls of life, what gets in our way and understanding the optimal route to get back into a space of balance and connection.

Practice Support and Generosity
One of the core values of mindfulness is generosity. The spirit of generosity means giving and sharing things of value that can be reflected in money, time, love or possessions. As our kids look to us to see how to be in the world, the beautiful thing about practicing generosity is that our acts not only have a positive impact on ourselves and the recipient but also have ripple effects for generations to come in making the world a kinder and happier place.

Don’t forget to play and have fun!
We all can get stuck in the day to day grind and managing a barrage of stressors that we actually forget to have fun! It seems silly to say that any of us would forget to have fun and enjoy each other but it’s more common than you think. Raising children is probably the most important job you will ever be tasked with and the pressure of raising good humans can be weighty. So much so that we can fall into a pattern of taking things too seriously and being overly focused on tasks (chores, homework, activities, etc.) that we lose the enjoyment of being together.

When the family plays together, there’s also often more laughter which creates a joyful experience of connection and healing. These moments are often the ones that are cherished and remembered for years to come.

“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.” ― Jon Kabat
“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves”. – Jack Kornfield

We have an incredible amount of celebrations this week!!

Worker of the week:
Congratulations to Marizaan Boucher. Her effort and presentation in her writing about her family was commendable!

Sportsmanship Trophy
It has been a while since we have had an opportunity to see our girls display good sportsmanship and we are thrilled to be able to present the trophy again. The trophy gets kept in the recipient’s classroom for the week or until a new recipient is announced. This week two girls had to share as we had two nominees. Well done to Sophie Büttner and Danni MacLean who are always enthusiastic, motivated and an inspiration to their teammates in the swimming pool. Danni was also acknowledged for her positive contribution and enthusiasm in the Park Run challenge.

Indlulamthi Badge
We are delighted to have presented badges to a number of girls on Monday. Well done to Imanathi Mcophele, Esethu Stamper, Mila Nonguba , Mia-Lee Muller and Eleni Kyazee who are very worthy recipients. We are so proud of you girls.

Albany swim team
Well done to Daniella McLean and Madison Edwards for making the Albany Swimming Team! This is a team that is selected from all the local schools. They will participate in the Interdistrict Gala in Graaff-Reinet on Wednesday.

Albany Athletics team
On Thursday VP athletes who were selected for the Albany Athletics team, travelled to Gqeberha to participate in the Sarah Baartman Athletics Championships.
The results were as follows:
Daniella McLean came 5th for U11 Long Jump
Aleesia Jonker came 4th in her heat for U11 100m
Zazi Veto came 9th for U13 Long Jump
Joylyn Chikiwa came 3rd in her heat for U13 100m
Lisa-Jane Evans came 4th for U13 High Jump.
We are so proud of these girls.
Thanks to Ms Knott-Craig and Ms Britz for accompanying them.

On Thursday, 24 February, VP hosted a doubles tournament with visiting schools; PJ Olivier and Shaw Park. We had a total of 36 tennis players who enjoyed an afternoon of non-competitive tennis. Thank you to all our enthusiastic spectators for their support.

Good luck to Amber Isaacs, Marizaan Boucher, Stella Mullin and Madison Edwards who have entered the TTA Team tournament this weekend at Kingswood College.

Leadership Team outing
The Grade 7 Leadership Team enjoyed a wonderful outing to Fairewood on the 22nd of February. Despite the heat the girls learned valuable skills through a variety of team challenges and activities conducted by the wonderful team at Fairewood. We are certain the girls will take what they learnt and apply it to their roles on our leadership team.

Music Assessments
Music pupils are reminded that they will play their music assessments next week.

Induction assembly
We will hold our Induction Assembly for our 2022 Leadership team on Monday the 28th February at 09:45. Invitations were sent out to the parents of our Leadership team
All girls Grade 4-7 must be in their summer school uniform and their blazers on Monday. No sports clothes please. If your daughter has LSPE on this day she will need to bring her sports clothes in a separate bag.

Founders Day
We will be celebrating our Founders’ Day with a special assembly at 09:00. Our guest speaker will be Dr Amy Jackson-Moss and we look forward to her message. All girls must be in their summer school uniform and if in Gr 4-7, to wear their blazers on Friday. No sports clothes please.
All Gr 4-7 girls must bring their costume, swimming cap, towel, black shorts, house shirt and takkies or VP flipflops, to change into for the gala.

Interhouse & Splash gala (Gr 4-7)
This will take place on Friday, 4 March. The Splash gala will take place from 10:30-12:00 and our main Interhouse gala will take place from 12:30.
Gr 1-3s must be collected from 12:00 to 12:15 on this day. It is compulsory for all Gr 4-7 girls to attend both galas for the entire duration. Parents are welcome to attend but must enter through the Beaufort Street gate to be screened. Masks are compulsory.

PTA Fundraisers
Interhouse & Splash Gala: The PTA will be selling hotdog and flavoured water combos for R25 at the Interhouse gala on 4 March. Please complete and return the order form sent home in the newsletter today (Friday) to pre-order for your daughter. Payment must be made by the 2 March. This is for Gr 4-7 only.

Easter Raffle: We will be having an Easter Egg Raffle in Term 2 and are looking for donations of Easter eggs towards the prize hampers. Please support the PTA by donating Easter eggs.

Kind Club
The Kind Club is back! Our first project for the year will be putting dignity packs together to distribute at local soup kitchens for people in desperate need of toiletries. We appeal to the VP family to donate the following items towards this project: face cloths, roll-on deodorant, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary pads, body lotion or Vaseline. Every contribution is appreciated!

Be Brave Invitation
Join Ms Knott-Craig at the Monument tomorrow at 12:30 to learn and dance the Mzanzi Brave Dance. The demonstration of this mass dance will then take place at 14:30. This is to celebrate the rebranding of the Makana Tourism department. There will also be a market and other fun activities.

Happy birthday to everyone who had their special day this week! Next week the following staff and girls will celebrate: Mr Menzeleli, Mihlali Stampu, Wuve Ngqingili, Halle Orsmond, Anna Malamis, Michaela Swanepoel, Kgotlelelo Thathe, Michaela Swanepoel, Kefilwe Racoco, Taylor Arries, Iminathi Kapa and Kaylee May. We hope you have a wonderful day!


Mrs Rafferty

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