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VP Newsletter 13 May 2022

VP Newsletter 13 May 2022 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 13 May 2022

Exam time is just around the corner and we ask that you help your child prepare for these very important tests.

Each child from Grade 4-7 has received a list of what they need to learn for exams. Your daughter should have already set up a study programme to revise a little bit every day. This will certainly help with the stress and pressures that come with examinations. Making her own notes, mind maps and highlighting are a wonderful way to start revising. Please make sure your daughter revises for English, her first additional language and Mathematics too. These are essential core subjects and do require revision. Girls must learn their language (Parts of speech, Language structures etc) and Mathematics requires regular practise to ensure that the various skills are mastered.

Help prepare your daughter by creating an environment that is conducive to studying at home by:

  • Providing a special place for your daughter to study that is free from distractions (such as TV, cell phones and others’ conversations), that is clutter free and has good lighting and ventilation.
  • Ensuring that she eats healthy foods and drinks plenty of water
  • Setting aside time for her to study and time for her to have a break. Breaking

up study time into bite size manageable chunks will make it all appear less overwhelming. Although each child is different, here is a guideline for how long your child can remain focused for before needing a ten-minute break: 10 years old: 20 to 30 minutes, 12 years old: 24 to 36 minutes, 14 years old: 28 to 42 minutes

  • Sleep is crucial for work to ‘sink in’. Make sure that your daughter is getting sufficient sleep. Once again, each child differs, but children between the ages of 10 -14 should be getting between 9-12 hours of sleep.
  • Grades 4-5, and even some of our older girls, are still learning how to study, assist them by testing them on little sections they’ve revised and get them to re-revise the sections they still have not grasped.
  • Being there to provide her with emotional support when she grows weary. Ensure that she knows that she can do it!

Exam times

From 23 May – 31 May, school will end at 13:00 however on some days the girls will be involved in extramurals between 13:00 -14:00. All school activities will finish by 14:00. The exam time extramural programme will be shared with next week’s newsletter.

We also have a fixture against Kingswood scheduled for Saturday the 29 May. We feel very strongly that it is to our girls’ benefit that they remain active during the stressful exam time. Physical activity is very important during exams as it helps to oxygenate the brain, release tension, allows our girls a healthy break between classes and study time, and helps them to study more efficiently. They will still have plenty of time in the afternoon to study afterwards.

Exam Timetable:

Date Exam

19 May

English: Creative writing (Gr 4-6) Language & Comprehension (Gr 7)

20 May

Afri/isiXhosa: Creative Writing

(Grade 4-7)


23 May

School finishes at 13:00 daily; extramurals finish by 14:00.

Maths Paper 1

Afr/isiXhosa: Lang. & Comp. (Gr 4-7)


24 May

Maths Paper 2 & Art theory

(Grade 4-7)


25 May

English: Lang. & Comp.(Gr 4-6)

Creative Writing (Gr 7)

SS: Geography (Grade 4-7)


26 May

Natural Sciences (Grade 4-6)

EMS (Grade 7)

Drama/Dance/Music (Grade 7)


27 May

Life Skills (Grade 4-6)

Life Orientation (Grade 7)

Drama/Dance/Music (Grade 7)


30 May

SS: History (Grade 4-7)

Technology (Grade 7)


31 May

Natural Sciences (Grade 4-7)

1 June

School times return to normal

Music Festival

Both choirs will perform at the DSG/SAC music festival on Monday 16 May. Girls are to meet at the VP bubble at 15:45 and we’ll walk to St. Andrew’s Centenary Hall together. The concert starts at 16:30. Choir girls can be collected from the Centenary Hall at 18:00. Full school uniform must be worn.

Our instrumental soloists will also perform on Monday, during the school morning.

The orchestra will not play in the festival. An alternative performance is being planned and details will be communicated in due course.

Music assessments will take place next week.


Personality of the week

Sophie Büttner for initiative and helpfulness.

Sportsmanship Trophy

Unako Nondlazi was presented with the trophy for her good attitude and willingness to help at netball. Well done,

 Indlulamthi badge

The Indlulamthi Badge of Excellence is awarded to the following girls:  Owekhethelo Gongqa; Luniko Hulushe; Esihle Ndibaza; Avethandwa Hambaze

You make us proud!


The following girls have received more than 250 merits so far this year: Lisakhanya Cetu, Abigail Green, Lunje Hloyi, Aqhamile Klaas,  Khanya Matikinca, Zothando Nyati, Cassandra Radovic, Emily Steele, Lithalethu Santi, Kungawo Koza,Milani Nothoko, Elrie-Louise Minnaar, Talitha Dingani, Stephanie Fọlárànmí, Zaydiah Adler, Daniella McLean, Aleesia Jonker, Lunathi Mkosana, Elam Ntlokwana, Jazlin Crafford, Sinembasa Mapipa and Maria Correa.

Keep up the hard work, girls!

Worker of the Week

Our Worker of the Week is Alexis Muller for her lovely handwriting activity.  Well done, Alexis!

Sports results


On Tuesday 10th May and Thursday 12th May the Hockey girls played matches against Kingswood College and Port Alfred High School respectively. They were both fun-filled afternoons.

U13C VP 0-0 KC U13C

U13B VP 0-0 KC U13B

U13A VP 2-0 KC U13A

U10B VP 3-1 PAHS U10B

U10A VP 4-0 PAHS U10A

U11A VP 0-5 PAHS U11A

U13C VP 1-0 PAHS U13B

U13B VP 0-0 PAHS U13A

U13A VP 1-0 PAHS U14A

The U9 A/B and U11 A/B hockey teams participated in an interschools event on Tuesday and fun was had by all.


On Tuesday the netball girls participated in an interschools round robin held at PJ Olivier and on Wednesday U8 and U9’s played against Prep and U10A, U11A and U13A netball teams played against PJ Olivier at VP. The girls had fun and played well. The results were as follows:

U8 VP 2-2 Prep

U9 VP 3-3 Prep

U10 VP 19-0 PJ

U11 VP   1-2 PJ

U13 VP 11-1 PJ

 Sports Fixtures

Tuesday 17th May

U8A will be participating in an interschools hockey event with Kingswood College and Prep at VP starting at 13:00-14:00.

U10A/B hockey girls will be participating in an interschools hockey event with Kingswood College and DSG at VP from 14:00-15:30.

U13A netball round robin tournament to be held at VP starting at 14:30

Wednesday 18th May

Netball vs Kingswood at Kingswood. Girls involved will receive letters. The provisional order of games is as follows:

Time HPC Wyvern 1 Wyvern 2


Junior School 1 Junior School 2
14:00 11A 12C 11B 10A 9A
14:25 12A 12B 13B 10B 9B
14:50 13A      

Thursday 19th May – Hockey

The U9s will be playing in an Internal Match Day at VP from 13:00-14:00.

The U10s and U11s will also be playing in an Internal Match Day at VP from 14:00-15:00, parents are welcome to come and support both events.

Please note that both these events give the girls an opportunity to play a few matches. It is not about the results but rather about having fun, learning the sport and developing comradery.

Our Hockey and Netball fixtures against DSG will take place on Saturday the 21st May at Victoria Primary School from 08:30-13:00. The girls will receive a letter with further details and the programme next week. The following teams will be playing:

Netball                                     Hockey

U10A/B/C                                 U10A/B/C

U11A/B                                     U11A

U12A/B                                     U13A/B/C


The Sheryl Luden Cup tennis tournament will take place on Sunday, 22 May. It is a doubles tournament and only two girls per age group will be selected per school to participate.  Girls selected will receive a letter.  Play well, girls!

Running club will be cancelled on Monday as it clashes with the choir performance times.

School uniform

Please note that Gr 4-7 girls may only wear their sports clothes to school if they have LSPE on that day from Tuesday to Friday. Please ensure that they look neat and are wearing their full tracksuit with a navy sports shirt or black shorts with navy sports shirt, takkies and white socks.  House shirts may not be worn. All other days they are to be dressed in winter school uniform. If your daughter is playing in a match after school she will be given the opportunity to change before the match and must come to school in school uniform.  All girls must come to school in their school uniform with blazers on Mondays.

Access to the school

A reminder that all parents need to report to our front office at Beaufort Street to enter the school premises for any reason. If you have an appointment to see a teacher, our office staff will call the teacher for you on your arrival. If you are supporting any sport, access may not be via Huntley St. Aunty Linda, who is on duty at the gate, has been given strict instructions from us and VG that she may not allow entry for parents via our back gate. Please be respectful of the fact that she is following our instructions and doing her job. Please also be mindful that these measurements are there for the protection of our girls.


If your daughter is absent from school, please don’t expect work from her class teacher to be left at the office for your collection that day. Our teachers are busy teaching and working with their classes and it is time consuming to prepare a pack for absent girls on demand and not always feasible to do so. Your daughter can get her work to catch up on her return. If she is booked off for an extended period the teacher will communicate with you what will be the best course of action to ensure she catches up with her work.

Dropping off items at the office

Please do not drop off items for your daughter at school during the morning. If she has left something at home that is urgently required by her teacher/coach the office or teacher/coach will contact you. All other items are to be brought to school with her in the morning and if something is forgotten she will have to face the consequences and learn not to do this in future.  Please allow her to take responsibility as this is a very important life lesson.

Grade 7 compulsory workshop

Reminder about the Grade 7 – Creative Arts Workshop from 9:00-12:00 on Saturday the 14th May. Please bring a snack and water to drink and your LSPA theory books/files. This workshop will be preparing the girls for the June exams.

 Dance-a-thon (Grade 4-7)

Ms Knott-Craig will have the Dance-a-thon make-up session this afternoon  from 15:00-15:45 in the Creative Space. Please collect your daughter from the Pre-primary gate between 15:45 -16:00.

Family Movie Night

A reminder of the VP PTA movie night on Friday the 3 June 2022 for all our VP families, tickets cost R20 a person which includes a movie snack pack. Boerewors rolls will be presold at R20. Numbers are limited due to COVID protocols so first come, first serve. Avoid disappointment as 50% of our tickets are already sold. Once our numbers have reached capacity, we will be unable to sell any more tickets.

Entry, snack pack and boerewors roll collection will be from 17h00-17h30. Movie starts promptly at 18h00.

Separate venues and movies for our different grades!

All Grade 00-7 girls and their families are welcome! Bring your blankets and pillows and enjoy!

Birthday wishes

Next week the following girls will celebrate their birthdays:  Okuhle Dyibishe, Esihle Ndibaza, Olibango Ngabaza, Lashante Rama, Lwandisiwe Siqwede, Misha Potts, Abenathi Kulati, Owam Ncita, Zaydiah Adler, Lande Gxina and Rose Jordaan. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Next week at a glance…

Monday 16 May: Choirs & Soloists to perform at DSG/SAC Music Festival

Tuesday 17 May:  Interschools hockey & netball round robin

Wednesday 18 May:  Netball vs KC@KC

SGB meeting 17:15

Thursday 19 May: Internal hockey matches

Saturday 21 May:  Netball & hockey@DSG

Sunday 22 May: Tennis – Sheryl Luden Cup


Mrs Rafferty


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