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VP Newsletter 3 June 2022

VP Newsletter 3 June 2022 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 3 June 2022

Message from the office                                                                                                                                                    The 29 May – 5 June marks Child Protection Week in South Africa. When we cover the topics of Children’s Rights and Child Abuse in our Life Skills lessons, it is very sad when so many girls suddenly realise that the things they have experienced in their lives are not the norm and are not okay. It is with both relief and sorrow that our girls open up to someone about the experiences they’ve had. I am always very touched that they feel safe enough to confide in one of our teachers about things that can be very personal to share.

Verbal abuse is particularly rife and our girls need to know that constant demeaning and belittling remarks are not okay, particularly from the adults in their lives. Verbal abuse is a hard one as it is difficult to prove (no visible signs of abuse) and often our girls start to believe what they are told and their confidence is so low that they don’t believe they deserve help, or they believe that they do deserve the treatment they are getting.  Which is why, when the penny drops that it isn’t okay, that they aren’t to blame and that they don’t have to believe everything they are told, we feel that we have saved a soul. Protect your girls and don’t allow this form of abuse in your homes and mind your words too. Lift them up, encourage them and guide them. Don’t use your words to destroy their confidence and make them feel of less value.

During this year’s Child Protection week, focus was placed on online safety and the dangers that our children can be exposed to. You are not invading your daughter’s privacy if you check her online activities every now and then. In fact, it is good parenting!

We must tell our girls that they must listen to that voice inside of them that tells them something doesn’t feel right and they must know who their ‘safe’ people are.  Let’s work together to keep our special girls safe!

What Our Children Need

They need us to CHERISH

every minute with them,

For tomorrow may be too late.

They need us to HUG them,

So they know they are important to us.

They need us to show INTEREST

in what they do,

All they want in approval.

They need us to LISTEN to what they say,

Remembering they are our future.

They need us to DREAM with them,

Because this is how they find where

they want to be in life.

They need us to RESPECT them,

Because this is how they learn

to care about others.

They need us to encourage them,

Because this is how they become

the best that they can.

They need us to NUTURE them,

Because the world can be a harsh place.


                                                                                   -Robin Lea Black


Incredible Dog Show

Please remember to send R10 to school with your daughter so that she can attend “The Incredible Dog Show” which will visit VP on the 27 July. Payment must come in by 26 July.

The Family Movie Night is this evening!

Please arrive from 17:00 to collect your rolls. The movie will start promptly at 18:15 and is expected to end at 19:30. Enter through the Beaufort Street, Hall entrance and then collect your tickets for the boerewors roll and snack pack/movie. Numbers have been finalised so no tickets will be sold at the door.

Thereafter you will be directed to the different venues:

  • Pre-Primary and Grade 1 families:  hostel dining hall.
  • Grade 2 and 3 families: Creative Space
  • Grade 4-7 families: School Hall

Please bring your blankets and pillows to prepare for a fun family time!

The Kind Club will be selling coffee and Hot Chocolate prior to the start of the movie, so bring some cash to warm your hearts and support this outreach team.


Worker of the Week

Our Worker of the Week is Tessanne Arries in Gr 2 for her lovely writing about their visit to the museum.


The following girls have received over 250 merits so far this year:  Zozibini Gamlashe, Iminathi Nkatsha and Angaka Magutywa. Well done!


Sports Results

We had a fun-filled week of sport:

On Friday the 27th May the U9A/B, U10A/B, U11A/B, U12A/B/C, U13A/B netball girls played against Kingswood College Junior School. It was a lovely afternoon and the girls played their best. The results were as follows

U9B VP vs KC won 4-1

U9A VP vs KC lost 2-5

U10B VP vs KC won 7-3

U10A VP vs KC won 8-6

U11B VP vs KC lost 1-8

U11A VP vs KC lost 1-3

U12C VP vs KC lost 0-10

U12B VP vs KC lost 0-9

U12A VP vs KC lost 1-11

U13B VP vs KC won 7-4

U13A VP vs KC won 15-8

On Saturday the 28th May the U10A/B, U11A/B, U13A/B/C hockey girls played against Kingswood College Junior School. The results were as follows

U10B VP vs KC won 6-0

U10A VP vs KC lost 1-3

U11A VP vs KC lost 1-4

U11B VP vs KC won 2-1

U13C VP vs KC drew 0-0

U13B VP vs KC drew 0-0

U13A VP vs KC drew 1-1

 On Wednesday, the 1st June the U10 A/B/C, U11A/B, U12A/B and U13 A/BC/D netball teams played against DSG. The results were as follows:

U10C VP vs DSG won 3-1

U10B VP vs DSG won 5-0

U10A VP vs DSG lost 4-11

U11B VP vs DSG won 3-2

U11A VP vs DSG lost 1-4

U12B VP vs DSG won 4-1

U12A VP vs DSG lost 11-2

U13D VP vs DSG won 2-0

U13C VP vs DSG lost 1-6

U13B VP vs DSG won 3-0

U13A VP vs DSG lost 6-8

On Thursday, the 2nd of June the U10A/B/C, U11A, U13A/B/C hockey teams played against DSG. They were tough games but the girls played well. The results were as follows:

U10C VP vs DSG won 5-1

U10B VP vs DSG lost 0-4

U10A VP vs DSG lost 0-6

U11A VP vs DSG lost 2-1

U13C VP vs DSG won 1-0

U13B VP vs DSG drew 0-0

U13A VP vs DSG lost 4-0

On Thursday, the 2nd June the U8A/B and U9A/B hockey teams participated in the interschools event held at Prep. The U8’s played in mixed teams again and had a wonderful afternoon learning the game of hockey.

Sports Fixtures

Monday 6 June

U8 Internal Netball Matches (13:00-14:00)

U10 Internal Netball Matches (14:10-15:10)

Tuesday 7th June

U9 Internal Netball Matches (13:00-14:00)

U8 Internal Hockey Matches (13:00-14:00)

U10A/B Inter School Hockey @VP (14:00-15:30)

Wednesday 8th June

U11 Internal Netball Matches (14:10-15:10)

U13B/C vs St. Mary’s @VP

Thursday 9th June

U12/U13 Internal Netball Matches (14:10-15:35)

U11A/B Inter School Hockey @KC (14:00-15:30)


National Arts Festival

We will once again be hiring out our hostel for accommodation during festival this year, to raise funds. Please could assist us by donating tea bags, coffee, muffin mix (only bran please), sugar and cooking oil.

 Kind Club

Please continue to send donations of a story book or soft toy that is no longer read or played with to the Kind Club who will arrange for them to be sent to the children who lost the little they had in the floods in KZN recently.  Please drop all donations with either Mrs Jones, Mrs Mgogo or Mrs Orsmond.

Birthday wishes

Next week the following staff and girls will celebrate their birthdays: Ms Knott-Craig, Ms Webber, Ms Casling, Mr Buka, Mihle Mgwebi, Sinembasa Mapipa, Ada Gontshi, Ashante Sinyanya and Tamsyn Randall. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Many thanks to the Abdul family for their donation of a violin to our Music Department.


Mrs Rafferty


Important dates to take note of…

Friday, 10 June: Extramurals end

Wednesday, 15 June: Academic Assembly. Last day of term. No Aftercare. School closes at 10:30. Hostel closes at 12:30. 

Wednesday, 22 June: Report collection 07:30-08:30

Tuesday, 19 July: Third term begins

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