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VP Newsletter 26 January 2024

VP Newsletter 26 January 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 26 January 2024

Message from the office

At Monday’s assembly our focus was on Gratitude; appreciating others and appreciating what we have, as well as saying thank you to others. Gratitude involves both feeling and expressing thankfulness.

It is not uncommon as a parent to occasionally feel unappreciated and that our children do not always realise the sacrifices we make to ensure that they have what they need and want.  It is important to note that children are not instinctively grateful and that this trait needs to be nurtured at home.

I hope that your daughter has said thank you to you for something you have done for her (hopefully more than usual) during this week of focusing on gratitude. Gratitude needs to be practiced so that it becomes a healthy beneficial habit. A study showed that parents who place a high priority on teaching their child gratitude are more likely to report that they regularly have their child say please and thank you and do chores to help the family and others. (

Gratitude also has lifelong benefits including reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

How can you ensure that your daughter adopts a life of gratitude?

(adapted from

  1. Set an example

Children learn a lot from watching their parents. Show them what it means to be grateful by offering a genuine “thank you!” to those who do things for you, big or small, including thanking our children for doing things that are helpful.

  1. Point out generosity

Call attention to it when people do things that go beyond what’s expected.

  1. Have a talk

For some children, especially those very young or those who have trouble understanding emotions, it can help to have a talk about how showing appreciation makes other people feel. Encourage your girls to think of people who help them, like the person who cleans the classroom, their sports coach, teacher, kind friend or their granny who looks after them.

  1. Put things in perspective

Talk to your girls about those who are less fortunate. Don’t scare them, but don’t keep them in the dark either. Understanding that not everyone has the same advantages will help them develop

compassion for others and gratitude for their own privileges.

  1. Make gratitude part of bedtime

When you tuck them in at night, ask your child to tell you three things they’re grateful for. Even if they’ve had a bad day it will help them—and you—end each day on a positive note.

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”

― Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

Worker of the Week

Congratulations to Leah Doyle for her beautiful work in English this week. What a great start to Grade 4, Leah!


A big thank you to Danielle McLean for the donation of lovely books to our school library.

Class visits and PTA SGM

On Tuesday, 30 January at 17:15 we will have our PTA AGM and class visits.  Parents are to meet for a short meeting in the hall and thereafter all Grade 2-7 parents will go to their daughters’ respective classrooms where they will be briefed on the expectations and requirements for the year. Please prioritise this meeting as it is an important information session and a good opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to ask any questions you may have.

Eye Screening

The EyeStore and Dr Davies Optometrists will visit on the 7th-9th of February. The Grade 1s and all new girls will receive basic visual screening which will test their visual clarity from a distance, this is free of charge. A letter will be sent home next week which must be completed and the fee paid if you would like a more comprehensive test for your daughter (or she is not in Gr 1 or new to VP).



Our Tennis Team will be participating the TTA/Kingswood U10 & U12 annual Team Tournament on the 10th & 11th of February. Play well, girls!

Swimming news

Good luck to the team swimmers who were selected to participate in the Kingswood Short Course Gala next week Tuesday, 30th January. The gala starts at 14:00 and parents are encouraged to support.

Some of our team swimmers will also be travelling to Gqeberha on the 3rd February to participate at the B-League gala at the Newton Park Swimming pool. Good luck girls!


Assembly: On Monday Grade 7 Sauls will be the first class to present an assembly. Parents are welcome to join us. Please be seated by 10:10. Please do not enter the hall before this time while the girls are having singing practice. You are welcome to wait in the office foyer or on our playground.

Collection and drop off (Grade 1-7). A reminder about our collection and drop off times:

Morning Drop offs:

FP: 07:15-07:25 Huntley Street Gate

If earlier, please use the Beaufort Street Gate

IP: To be dropped off by 07:20: Beaufort Street Gate


FP: Huntley Street Gate:

No extramurals 13:00-13:15;

Extramurals 14:00-14:15

IP:  Beaufort Street Gate after school and

after extramurals until 16:30 (Mon-

Thurs) 14:30 (Fri).

FP&IP: After 16:30 (Mon-Thurs) & 14:30 (Fri) the pick-up point will be from Aftercare which is accessed from the Hill Street Hostel entrance. Parents will be charged accordingly.

These arrangements are for our children’s safety so that we can ensure that there is supervision while they are waiting.

Communication Grade 1-7: Please call our school office for any communication with our teachers or to make appointments to see them. You are also welcome to communicate via email (admin or teacher’s email) or a note placed in your child’s homework diary. Please bear in mind that teachers are teaching all day and/or have extramurals and will not be able to check their emails and respond instantly. Please give teachers 48 hours (working days) to respond to emails. If you have an emergency or need a response sooner, please call our office.

 Dropping off items at the office:  We are into the second week of school and girls must please be encouraged to get organised and not expect items to be delivered to school by parents. Our office staff are inundated with items being dropped off. Please note that only birthday cupcakes, deliveries for boarders and items specifically requested by teachers may be dropped off at the office for your daughter during the school day.

Payments:  Please make sure that the correct reference (Account number) is used when making a payment. We have received numerous payments with no reference. If you have made a payment and it is not reflected on your account, please forward the proof of this payment to Mrs Terblanche and indicate your daughter’s name and grade. Please remember that if you pay your fees in full before the end of February you will receive a 5% discount.

 Accounts: The school prefers to send accounts via email, however many of the emails bounce back as undeliverable. If you are not receiving your school account via email, please send an email to Mrs Terblanche and state your daughter’s name, surname and grade so that we can assure we have your correct email address.

Ice-cream containers: Our Grade 00s are collecting empty ice-cream containers to use in the classroom. If you are able to assist please drop them off at the office or give them to Mrs Calitz.

Birthday wishes

The following staff and children celebrate their birthdays in the January.

Ms du Plooy, Ms Kasper, Ms le Roux, Ms Lang, Mrs Sauls, Ms Jamela, Zazi Gqamana, Willow Hector, Ingcali-Yomso Mani, Lunje Peter, Mihle Khitha, Oyama Morule, Likamvelihle Dyibishe, Ahlumile Vusani, Kungothando Nzuzo, Rejoice Chatikobo, Sizoluhle Matswele, Caitlyn Bodill, Mbalentle Dyaloyi, Kulowo Msipa, Oyintando Nkatazo, Amyoli Sesani, Zelne Leach, Alibongwe Mthembu, Lunathi Zikishe, Ayazi Klei, Sama Torweni, Bongumusa Louw, Inamandla Mnyapa, Isipho Nelana, Sabrina Nyathi, Nalu Matshaya, Giselle Peters, Owam Bebeto, Ladine van Wyk, Uzosule Kanana, Lulo Ponoshe, Junaid Williams, Zingcwele Mangali, Yonelisa Ngaleka, Isla Orsmond, Aliyah Swartz, Lune Coetzee, Rebecca Phillip, Avethandwa Hambaze, Iminathi Malusi, Lulama Joe, Avela Sigidi, Lilani Wolmarans, Stephanie Folaranmi, Marabel Kuja, Oyintando Gumenge and Sesona Mnqinana.

We hope you had/have a wonderful day!


Mrs Rafferty


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