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VP Newsletter 19 April 2024

VP Newsletter 19 April 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 19 April 2024

Message from the office

Tomorrow we have our first Saturday winter sports fixtures against Gill College. As a parent I used to love watching my children playing in their various sporting matches. As a very competitive person I often found it difficult to be a quiet supporter on the side but I knew how embarrassed my children would get if I somehow made my presence known, besides from the encouraging cheer that is always appreciated.

As parents, especially to those of primary school age, it is critical that we find the balance between encouraging our children to grow their talents and to find joy and fun in sport. Sometimes when we are too competitive and too judgemental we take all the fun out of the game.  Your daughter will feel the pressure of your expectations and forget to have fun.

Cheer your daughter from the sidelines and support her teammates. Support her coaches and their decisions – they are all trying their best. Do not coach on the side lines as this may contradict what they have been told as a team and by their coach. Do not get involved during team chats – leave that to the coach and the team. Do not undermine or speak poorly of your child’s coach in front of your daughter as this will affect her willingness and eagerness to give her best. And please please please, do not chirp the referee!! It is far too often that matches turn nasty not because the players are bad sports but because the adults involved have forgotten the ethics and value of sportsmanship and instead promote winning at all costs, and this gets tangibly absorbed into the spirit of the game being played.

Remind your daughter that she needs to play her best and support her teammates even if she isn’t in the team she hoped to be in or playing the position she wanted or if she isn’t in the starting line up or does not play a full game. In primary school, building character through sport is just as (if not more) important as learning the sport itself. Her coach will note her positive attitude and her team spirit – a coach wants a player who gives of her best (regardless of her situation), follows instructions, shows a willingness to learn and grow, and who is an encouraging and supportive teammate. Often these nurtured attitudes will go a long way to developing a successful player later in life.

I want to thank our eager and encouraging parents who find the time to come cheer our VP teams on and we are grateful for the very supportive parent body that we have. Praise your little girl’s efforts, point out her strengths and moments of greatness and sure, give her some tips, but above all, teach her to be a good sport (as this permeates into all of life) – win or lose.

Worker of the Week:  Congratulations to Isabella Tladi for her wonderfully written and presented Afrikaans poem about a lion.

 Indlulamthi Badge: Congratulations to Iminathi Ndilele who received her Indlulamthi badge at Monday’s assembly. We are proud of you, Iminathi.

Merit Achievers: Well done to Cassandra Radovic, Maya Christian, Ifeoma Nnadozie, Lisakhanya Cetu, Mila Nongubo and Lelethu Mlisa who have received over 250 merits so far this year. Keep it up, girls!

Astroquiz results: Congratulations to the following girls who made it through to Round 2 of the SAASTA Astroquiz, which will take place on the 16th of May:

Team 1: Lunathi Mkosana; Lunathi Zikishe; Talitha Dingani & Cassandra Radovic

Team 2: Maya Christian; Zaydiah Adler; Indiphile Zondani & Shaziah Loutz


This past Monday we enjoyed Grade 5M’s assembly where our girls were encouraged to be brave and try something new and not be afraid to fail.

Grade 5K will be presenting their assembly on Monday, 22 April. Parents are welcome to join us. The assembly will start at 10:15


Netball vs Kenton-on-Sea

On Wednesday, 17 April our netball teams played matches against Kenton Primary. It was an amazing start to our season as our girls showed true sportsmanship and dedication. The scores were as follows:

U10A VP 2-6 Kenton; U11A VP 1-0 Kenton; U12A VP 8-2 Kenton; U13A VP 10-4 Kenton

Well done to all the girls!

Fixtures vs Gill College, Saturday 20 April

We will be playing our first fixture against Gill College on Saturday, 20 April. Girls who are involved have already received letters. We have decided to travel to Somerset East via Fort Beaufort as the road to Bedford is in such bad condition. Girls are to be dropped off at Huntley Street gate by 05:45. The bus will leave promptly at 06:00. We will be unable to wait for any latecomers. If you are driving your daughter yourself, please ensure that she arrives at least 30 minutes before the start of her game.

We will leave after the last match. I implore you to please be waiting for your daughter at the hostel gate entrance in Hill Street by 14:30.

Hockey Fixtures:

09h00: First Team (U13A)

09h50: Second Team (U13B)

10h50: U8A, U9B, U10A

11h10: U9A,U8B

 Netball Fixtures:

09h00: U11A,U10B,U8B

09h30: U10A,U9B,U8A

10h00: U9A

10h40: U12A,U13B

10h15: U13A,U12B

Sarah Baartman netball trials

On Wednesday Zadiah Adler, Iminathi Ndilele, Indiphile Zondani and Unako Dlepu will participate in Sarah Baartman netball trials at Kingswood College. We wish them all the best!

Round Robin Netball Tournament
On Wednesday, 24 April we will be hosting a U12 & U13 Round Robin Netball Tournament at VP. Matches start at 14:00. Parents are welcome come and watch please use the Beaufort Street office entrance.

 Due to these matches the U10 and U11 netball girls’ practice on Wednesday, is cancelled but girls are encouraged to support the matches.

Arbour Day: On Friday, 26 April we celebrate Arbour Day at school. Girls may dress in brown, green, yellow and orange civvies. Donations of plants towards the school gardens will be welcome but are not compulsory. Join us in celebrating the autumn leaves.

 Slipper Day – 31 May: If you would like to wear slippers at school AND support a good cause, please remember to support our efforts to raise money for the Reach for a Dream Slipper Day.  Girls can purchase a sticker for R20 and will then be allowed to wear slippers at school on Friday, 31 May!  Please buy these in advance from Mrs Mgogo. If you would like to bring slippers to school to wear for the day without buying a sticker you may do so for a R10 donation. All the proceeds will go to Reach for a Dream an organization that strives to fulfil the dreams of children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses.

 Dropping off items at the office: Our office staff are inundated with items being dropped off for the girls throughout the morning. Please note that only birthday cupcakes, deliveries for boarders and items specifically requested by teachers may be dropped off at the office for your daughter during the school day.

 Birthday wishes

We wish the following staff member and girls a very happy birthday for next week: Mrs Olivier, Sanelisiwe Mbete, Oyintando Sinam, Uzugcinabazalibakho Gongqoba, Lithalethu Hulu, Ahlumile Njovane, Buchulebenkosi Qeqe, Uthando Dyantyi, Manahil Rizvi, Silubonile Royi, Kolo Sikhwivhilu and Lusenathi Tunzi. We hope you have a very happy day!


Mrs Rafferty



Sat. 20/04 Netball & Hockey vs Gill College @Gill
Mon. 22/04 Grade 5K assembly @10:15
Tues. 23/04 Sarah Baartman Netball Trials
Wed. 24/04 ·         U12 & U13 Netball Round Robin @VP

·         U10& U11 netball practice cancelled

Fri. 26/04 ·         Arbour Day – wear civvies in green, brown, yellow & orange

·         Boarders’ Leave Out weekend

Sun. 28/04 Boarders’ return from Leave Out
Fri. 31/05 Slipper Day

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