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VP Newsletter 22 November 2019

VP Newsletter 22 November 2019 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 22 November 2019

Message from the office:
We have had some wonderful celebrations this week. From the hostel Christmas party with its delicious food to our beautiful carol service last night. We also said a sad farewell to Mrs Sonne today. Today is her last day at VP and we wish her all the best in her new role as Head of Department at Oatlands Prep. Thank you to everyone who was involved in preparing for these events and for getting the spirit of the Christmas season going.

As we get ready for the upcoming holiday season, I am sure that you are looking forward to having some quality time with your families. As much as TV is a great time to relax, try to make sure that you also find time to interact and really talk to your daughters.

While marking some exam papers it was evident how many girls have the opportunity to engage in deep conversations with their significant others and how many need this in their lives. These types of conversations are ones where we introduce our girls to the world around us and expand their general knowledge and develop their awareness of how the world works. We expose our girls to different opinions and outlooks and encourage them to question and debate.

Include your girls in your discussions where appropriate, about events happening around the world, and things of interest that they may find intriguing. As much as it will be fun to spend time in malls (of course we must- it’s Christmas time!) take your girls to museums and monuments and displays that will teach them to appreciate history and the natural world around them. Buy them books to read, including books about the world, nature and history.

Don’t forget the importance of play, movement and exploration in the development of a young mind. Anything that will expand their general knowledge of the world around them will ultimately add to their academic achievement at school.

Don’t rely solely on your child’s teacher to teach them everything they need to know. Give your child that edge, by expanding and exposing them to all that you can. Mental stimulation at home is so important. Find the time to deliberately and consciously ‘teach’ your children something every day. Some things only you as parents can do!

“The best thing you can do for your child is to nurture and indulge this curiosity by providing a highly stimulating environment.”- Jim Marggraff

Evening Functions
We have many evening functions throughout the year and although I do understand transport is difficult for many families, picking up your daughter late is unacceptable. We as a staff would never leave without ensuring that all our girls are picked up and on their way home, however please do not abuse this. Ultimately and legally parents are responsible for their children 15 minutes after the end of a school event. If for whatever reason you are late, please ensure that your daughter thanks the teacher for waiting with her (often while their own children are unattended) and set an example for your children by getting out of your car, apologising and saying thank you.

All music pupils who hired an instrument this year must please ensure that they are returned by Monday, 25 November.

With exams completed the girls are now preparing for all the events scheduled for the end of the year. Please note that reports will be handed out on Wednesday, 4 December at 10:10 in the classroom. No reports will be handed out before this time. Girls in Grade 3-7 will sign for their own reports. Pre-primary and Grade 1 & 2 parents need to come in to sign for their child’s report.

Pre-primary Prizegiving
On Thursday, 28 November the Pre-primary will entertain parents at their end of year prizegiving. This will begin at 12:30. Please do not miss this cuteness overload!

Clothing Exchange                                                                                                        If you have VP school clothing you no longer need, please consider donating them to our Clothing Exchange. The funds made from the sale of these clothes go to the school and it puts us in a position to donate to children when needed. Many thanks to all our generous parents who have done so throughout the year, and a huge thank you to Mrs Thomson and Mrs Peinke for all their assistance this year with the washing, sorting and selling of our uniform. Please note that items not collected from Lost Property by the end of November will be laundered and added to our Clothing Exchange.

Hockey                                                                                                                    There will be U13 goalie trials for the 2020 season with Mrs Andrews next week. If any girls are interested in being a goalie please come to trials from 12h45-13h30 on Wednesday the 27th and Thursday 28th November.

Birthday wishes                                                                                                         We would like to wish the following girls a very happy birthday for next week: Tessanne Arries, Madison Conroy, Yanda Qotoyi and Hannah Kent. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Coming up….

Thursday 28/11 – Pre-primary Prizegiving at 12:30

Friday 29/11 – Gr 3 outing to Kleinemond

Monday 2/12 – Class parties

Tuesday 3/12 – Leavers’ Dinner

Wednesday 4/12 – Academic Assembly 08:00

                                   Valedictory 09:30

                                    Reports handed out 10:10.

                                    Tunnel 10:15.

                                    School ends at 10:30.

                                    No Aftercare.

                                    Hostel closes at 12:30

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