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VP Newsletter 17 January 2020

VP Newsletter 17 January 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 17 January 2020

Message from the office:
A very warm welcome to the start of our new year.
A special welcome to our new families who have joined us. I love the first day of school when the excited Grade 1 moms and dads arrive with their little ones in shiny uniforms. Sometimes they are smiling too and sometimes there are tears. I have no doubt that those tears will soon turn to big smiles as they get to know their teachers and make special new friends.

Many of the new applicants’ parents are eager to get their children into VP with the anticipation that this will lead to their daughters one day going to VG and obtaining a good matric. Although they didn’t get their 100% pass mark this year, they had 63 out of their 74 pupils receiving a bachelor’s pass. A high standard indeed. We are extremely proud of our big sister school!

I would like to stress however that I do believe that everyone has the right to have the opportunity to earn a matric but not that everyone has the right to get one. We need to develop a sense that hard work reaps rewards. At VP, we endeavor to teach our girls just this. We aim to develop a good work ethic and to value the opportunities they have and the education that they receive. It is imperative that this is instilled at home too and we stress the role that you can play in ensuring that your daughters have a conducive environment at home to do their homework, study for tests and to do their projects timeously and to the best of their ability. It is also essential that we teach our girls that actions do have consequences. As hard as it may be, let them learn from their mistakes- so that they don’t grow up believing everything is owed to them.

Being involved in your child’s education is crucial to your her success. On Tuesday we invite you to our PTA AGM and we encourage you to join this dynamic group of parents who fundraise for our school. Thereafter you are invited to join your child’s grade teachers who will explain what to expect for the year ahead.

If you have expertise to offer our school, (such as legal, IT, finance or the like) please consider making yourself available for our School Governing Body at our by- elections which will take place on the 18th of March. (We have two members who have left due to their daughters moving to high school). The SGB is a crucial body that is responsible for the finances and governance of the school. Members get voted on by the parents of the school. Nominations can be made closer to the time.

If you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact the office. If you have any concerns about your child, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher. We are here to work alongside you to make sure that your daughter’s schooling is as happy and optimal as it can be!

A special welcome to our new members of our staff. We are delighted to have such dynamic and enthusiastic teachers join us this year:
Grade 3: Ms Hannah Putzier
Grade 5 (maternity post for Mrs Coetzee): Mr Andrew Keeton
Grade 6: Ms Tanner Purdon
Grade 7: Mr Mark Webber
Music Department: Ms Tamsyn Hanslo

A big congratulations goes to Ms Bruns who got engaged during the holidays! Congratulations, Jess and Alex!

Communication:   If you wish to receive this newsletter electronically please send an email request to the office: It is also available on the D6 Communicator which can be downloaded onto your PC at: or on your phone as an app. Please enquire at the office if you need more information.

The VP Clothing exchange will be open on Wednesdays at 07:30 and Fridays at 13:30. Many thanks to Mrs Peinke and Mrs Tarr who will be running it this year. If you have any uniform that you would like to donate you can drop it off at the office.

VP Flip-flops
If you bought your child the VP flip-flops last year, please send them to school with your daughter and she may wear them while at school on these extremely hot days. She must however wear her school shoes to school and after school. If you would like to still buy a pair, please collect an order form from the office. They are R70 for a pair.

School times

Please note that your daughter should be at school by 07h20 in the morning. The bell will ring at 07h25 and teaching and learning begin at 07h30. If your daughter is late for school it will put her at a disadvantage and it is disruptive for her classmates who are already hard at work. The parking spaces in the school bubble are for staff. We would really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

The school times are as follows:
Gr 00&R: 08h00-12h30                        Gr 1 & 2: 07h25-13h00
Gr 3: 07h25-13h30                                Gr 4-7: 07h25-13h45.

Beaufort Street gate times

The main school gate in Beaufort Street will be locked at 16h00 from Monday to Thursday and at 14h30 on Friday. Girls who are to be picked up later than this must be collected at the Huntley Street gate. Girls should wait inside the gates and not on the pavement.


Aftercare girls are collected at the Aftercare entrance (Gr 2-7) which is accessed through the Victoria Primary Hostel gate on Hill Street or at the Pre-Primary gate in Beaufort Street (Gr 00-1). If you are uncertain about any of these venues please enquire at the office. Please ensure that your daughter has the necessary stationery to complete homework at aftercare. Please note that all returning aftercare children from 2019 still need to complete the necessary registration forms for 2020. As from Monday no girls will be allowed at Aftercare if they have not submitted 2020 forms and paid at the office or submitted proof of payment.

Next week our extra murals begin. Please go through the extra mural programme and discuss with your daughter what she would like to do. Help her get into the routine of packing the correct clothes and equipment the night before and bringing them to school. Girls will be expected to sign up for two hours of sport a week.


Walkers will be taking place this term from 14:00 to 14:30. The following grade must please join on the following days: Mondays Gr 4; Tuesday Gr 5; Wednesday Gr 6; Thursday Gr 7. Girls must be dressed in sports uniform and a hat. They must use sun screen and have a bottle of water. Please assemble at the big tree on playground.


Beginner swimming Girls are to join the Colour Group that they were in last year. Any new girls are to attend the Pink Group on Monday at 14:00 and the coaches will allocate them to a Colour Group thereafter. The lists from last year are on the notice board if any girls are unsure as to which Colour Group they were in last year.

Team swimming trials will take place on Monday from 14:30-15:30. All girls who were in the team last year must please attend. Any new girls, who are competent swimmers as well as girls who were on the Feeder Team last year and who would like to make the team this year, are welcome to attend.


We will have Tennis Trials for all beginners, intermediate and feeder groups on Monday from 15:00 – 16:30.
• To progress from beginners to intermediate tennis the girls must be able to: play a simple forehand and backhand stroke, service toss and motion, be able to donkey drop serve, to be able to anticipate the ball direction when receiving, dibble with the ball as well as hold the racquet correctly.
• To progress from intermediate to the feeder team, the girls must be able to do all of the above as well as scoring correctly, serving into the correct box, rally and be able to play a volley and smash shot.
We encourage all to attend and to keep working on their tennis skills.


This is for girls who are fit or fairly fit and would like to start enjoying running longer distances. We will build up slowly and get fitter as a group.

Junior Choir (Gr. 2-3) – Ms Hanslo
Choir auditions will take place on Tuesday at 13:30 (21 January) in the orchestra room. Last year’s choir members will not need to audition as they are already in the choir.

Senior Choir (Gr 4-7) – Mr Wynne
Auditions have been held and the choir lists have been displayed on the notice board, so each chorister should know her voice part. The first rehearsal will take place at 7:30 in the hall on Tuesday morning (21 January)

Orchestra and String Quartet – Mr Mkula
The first rehearsal will take place on Friday afternoon (24 January) from 13:50 – 15:00. Congratulations to those girls who have been selected to join.

The following children celebrated their birthdays this week: Usiphile Langa, Sinothando Matshaya, Hlomboluhle Mvula, Sama Torweni, Sabrina Nyathi, Lisa-Jane Evans, Yayama Kom, Lulo Ponoshe, Junaid Williams and Inam Zondi. A very happy birthday, girls!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

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