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VP Newsletter 31 January 2020

VP Newsletter 31 January 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 31 January 2020

Message from the office:
I know that many of you share the same sentiment when you walk or drive down High Street is that the state of our town centre is so sad to see. Although the roads have potholes and some islands are rather unkempt, the saddest thing for me, is that one of the most unattractive things about our town, is one which all citizens have control over, is that of litter (and this is not only when our refuge is not collected).

Wouldn’t it be nice if the citizens of our town simply put their rubbish in the bin? Unfortunately the more litter there is, the less we ‘see’ it and the more complacent we become and we adopt an attitude that the problem is too big and our efforts won’t make a difference nor will our contribution to it be noticed.

In continuation of the introduction of the value of respect, we focussed on respect of our planet Earth in our assembly this week. We discussed respecting the animals and creatures who share this planet with us and we addressed litter. Making our children aware that littering has a profound effect on our environment is the very least we can do to develop a generation that will ‘see’ litter. Encourage your girls to pick up litter, to throw things in the bin and set the example of doing the same. Recycle as much as you can, encourage your girls to leave picnic areas, beaches and all communal areas as we would like to find them and please, horror of horrors, don’t throw your rubbish out your car window – wait till you are at a bin.

World Read Aloud Day
It is World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday, 5 February. We would love the girls to come dressed on the day as their favourite character in a book – if possible, please send a copy of the book too and we may just be introducing our girls to exciting new authors and worlds to delve into.

Congratulations to Ayalakha Mokoena who is new to VP this year. She recently heard that she qualified for the Eastern Gauteng swimming team for three events. We are very proud of you, Aya! We are looking forward to seeing what waves you will make in the Eastern Cape swimming pools!

We wish all the girls who are competing in the B-League gala all the best for tomorrow. We are certain we will see some new PBs!

Please note that the Kingswood Short Course Gala will be held on Wednesday (5 February) next week and not on Tuesday as previously stated. Girls who are involved have received letters. Have fun!!

We wish our runners strong legs and big lungs as they participate in the Makana District Trials for the track events this afternoon which is being held at PJ Olivier. Give it your best girls!
The girls involved in the field events will participate on Tuesday. We will be holding thumbs! Thank you to Ms Knott-Craig, Ms Featherstone and Ms Cummings for getting our girls ready for this competitive event!

Tennis Results:
The VP senior tennis team took on PAHS this past Wednesday on the 29th of January. It was a fantastic afternoon of tennis as each match was played in good spirit with excellent sportsmanship from both teams. The VP side put in a dominant performance winning more singles games and more double games which secured the overall win. The final score was 57 games to 26 games in favour of VP.

Grade 6 and 7 Social:
The Grade 6 & 7 Social will be held next Friday at Graeme at 18:00. Just a heads up that you may experience an over excited tween next week. Please make sure that you fetch your daughter on time. Our teachers are giving up their Friday evening to be on duty to ensure that your daughter is safe and has fun. We have had parents in the past who fetch their daughter over an hour late while our teachers stand waiting outside with them to be fetched. Often these teachers have their own children waiting at home. As no cell phones are allowed at this event, you will be required to arrange a pick up spot for your daughter and to pick her up on time. This is a wonderful opportunity for your girls to have fun and socialise with the boys in a healthy and fun setting. Please don’t spoil it for your daughter by being late in fetching her.

Dreadful Disorganised Days:

We appeal to you to help your child be better organised by going through their timetable and extramural programme the night before and ensuring that they have packed everything they need before they go to bed. Leaving everything for the hectic mornings will inevitably result in bad moods and something being left behind.

We are being inundated at the office with items and lunches being dropped off with the expectation that this should be delivered to the various girls in their classrooms in time for break or the required lesson. If your daughter did not pack her things as she should have, allow the consequences to take place, she is more than likely to learn from this and to make sure that it won’t happen again.

Happy Birthday: How could we forget them off our list? Happy birthday to our precious February ‘big’ babies who celebrated last week, Mrs Sauls and Ms Jamela! Happy Birthday to the following girls for this coming week: Katie-Leigh Arnott, Kuhle Mpama, Iviwe Jakavula, Iminathi Mgwebi, Nakhane Klei, Inam Toll, Kendra May, Christelle Ruwanza, Samke Someketa, Esethu Stamper, Eve Daniels and Mivuyo Mangqalaza.

Warm regards

Mrs M Rafferty

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