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VP Newsletter 7 February 2020

VP Newsletter 7 February 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 7 February 2020

Message from the office
In our assembly this week we spoke about self-respect. Of course this is very important for everyone but it is particularly important that girls learn to treat themselves with love. Encourage this self-love at home by making your daughter aware of what makes her unique and special and help her to identify her own strengths and talents.

Talents which are often not what are currently deemed ‘cool’ but are essential to building strong and meaningful relationships for a happy life should be encouraged and praised. Focus on characteristics of positivity, resilience, kindness, responsibility, empathy and consideration and emphasize their significance.

Never compare your child to others, and if she compares herself to others, highlight the fact that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.

Watch for her negative self-talk and make her aware that speaking unkindly about herself is just as bad as speaking unkindly of others.

The most significant thing you can do to develop your child’s sense of self-respect is to love her consistently and unconditionally and to guide and support her to learn and grow from life’s little disappointments.

Girls who have a strong sense of self-respect will less likely be influenced to do things that may make them less proud of themselves and they will stand up for themselves when they are not being treated respectfully by others.

“It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”
― Germany Kent
Respect, Love, and Value yourself. Always remember to be good to yourself by taking care of yourself. Make yourself a priority and know that it’s okay. Don’t feel guilty for loving yourself, first! You’re just as important as anybody else.”
― Stephanie Lahart

As an extension of our assembly on Self Respect our girls had to complete cards with the sentence; ‘I am…” using a positive attribute. These will be displayed on a wall. The idea is to create positive self-talk and affirmation at VP.

All school information will be relayed to the parents using the following platforms:
1. Official school newsletter which is sent out every Friday. A hard copy will be given to every pupil and emails will be sent to those parents who have supplied their email addresses.
2. D6 Communicator
3. Official notices which must be on a school letterhead and will have a document number appearing on it which will indicate that this notice has been approved through the school office and management.
4. Notices in the homework diaries

Parents are requested to communicate with the school or teachers by:
1. Phoning the school office
2. Emailing the class or relevant teacher or the office.
3. Writing in your daughter’s diary
All meetings with the teacher should be made by appointment using one of the above.

The following is not recommended by the school and is discouraged:
Group Whatsapp chats if they are used with the expectation to find out what your child has for homework etc. This takes away the responsibility of your child to listen and write down their homework. Trust your child to learn and grow this skill. If she knows you are going to text to find out what she should be doing she will never learn to listen and take note.
1. Please read your official notices as mentioned above as opposed to using these chats to find out what’s going on. This often leads to incorrect information being shared.
2. If you aren’t sure please phone the office.
3. If you have a problem or concern about issues happening in the classroom please discuss this with the relevant teacher. Placing your concerns on a chat often leads to speculation and misinformation.

Our teachers are discouraged from handing out their cell phone numbers but if you do happen to have the teachers contact, please do not use it after hours.

Integrated School Health Programme Consent forms
A department of Health form accompanies the newsletter. Please read it carefully and complete all the sections relevant to your daughter. Please note that the HPV vaccine will be administered to Grade 4 (as they are 9 years of age this year). All forms must be returned by Friday, 14 February to your child’s class teacher.

Grade 6 & 7 Social at GC
The Grade 6 & 7 Social will take place tonight at Graeme College starting at 18:00 and will end at 21:00. We would like to remind you that there are no cell phones allowed at this event and that you must collect your daughter promptly at 21:00.

Valentine’s Day Civvies Day
We will be having our Civvies Day on Friday. Girls are encouraged to wear Valentine’s themed outfits (red, pink and white). The cost will be R5 and this will go towards our sports tours in 2020.

Boerewors rolls for sale!
The U13A Hockey and Netball teams will be selling boerewors rolls on the 14th of February, to raise funds in aid of their tour to East London in March. The boerewors rolls will cost R15 and they can be ordered by completing the slip in the newsletter and sending the money to school by Tuesday, 11 February. Please support our sports teams!

On Saturday, 1 February Charlotte Welgemoed, Rachel van der Merwe, Ayalakha Moloena and Sue-Ann Swanepoel swam in the first B-League gala of the year and the first ever gala for Charlotte and Rachel. The girls swam their hearts out and made their coach very proud. Well done!

On Wednesday, 5 February the swimming team swam in the Kingswood Short Course gala. Although it was extremely hot the girls swam beautifully. Daniella McLean came 2nd in the 50m backstroke and Charlotte Welgemoed came 3rd in the 50m freestyle. Ayalakha Mokoena came 1st in the 50m butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. Congratulations!

Well done to the following girls who have been selected for the Makana Track team: Ashante Sinyanya (U10) 80m & 100m; Grace Mayekiso (U12) 150m; and Sue-Ann Swanepoel (U13) 1500m. These girls will be participating in the upcoming Grahamstown CMC PS on Saturday, 8 February at PJ Olivier. Good luck, girls!

The U11 A team will have their first match against DSG on Tuesday, 11 February. We wish them well. Practice will continue as per usual for the rest of the feeder and team players. On Wednesday, 12 February the U13 A team have a match at Kingswood. Make us proud girls! Please note that Tennis practice will continue for the feeder and the rest of the team players.

Happy Birthday
The following teachers and girls will be celebrating their birthdays in the coming week Mrs Makeba-Mgogo, Ms Miskin and Mr Greyling and the following girls: Bahle Lwana, Azuza Mbiza, Zizo Zomelele, Sinalo Gumenge, Khanya Kepe, Imanathi Mcophele, Simingaye Shoba, Sanda Stofile, Olivia Weyl, Phillipa Weyl, Vuyisa Mdunyelwa and Tenielle Morrison.

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Coming up….
Friday 07/02 – VP/GC Gr 6 & 7 Social @ GC
Tuesdsay 11/02 – GAP Top 6 tennis vs DSG@DSG
Wed. 12/02 – Tennis Senior team vs KC@KC
Thurs. 13/02 – Pembroke Primary hockey tour
Friday 14/02 – RU Mathematics Experience
Valentine’s Day civvies day
Boarders Leave Out

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