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VP Newsletter 21 February 2020

VP Newsletter 21 February 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 21 February 2020

Message from the office
This is the last week for our focus on the value of respect and we hope that it has become a ‘buzz word’ in your home and a value that has been regularly encouraged.

It has become less prevalent that younger people show respect for their elders. Maybe I’m showing my age but in my day, if there was limited seating, the children were told to stand and an adult got the chair, the parents sat in the front seat, the children at the back, the parents made decisions about family activities and not the children. When our parents were on the phone or talking to another adult, we had to wait. We didn’t demand their instant attention. I’ve even heard of the children getting the main bedroom with the en-suite and not the parents! Or moms who cook four different meals because the children refuse to eat what was first prepared. Children learnt to accept their parents’ decisions even if they felt they were being hard done by or it was unfair because the parents, as the head of the household, have made that decision.

I’m all for having family discussions and debating and more democratic family structures than families in the past may have – that’s healthy. But do not for a second believe you are not a good parent when you give instructions and not requests. Sometimes our children need to know that some things are not debatable and non-negotiable. They also need to know that their vote or say is not equal to yours. If your child is the one who demands where to go, where to eat, what you do and what you spend your money on (and you do so even when you can’t afford to), there is an unhealthy and undesirable control and power dynamics happening in your family. Does your child sulk when they aren’t getting their own way until you give in and do it her way? Or is she initially upset but eventually comes to accept your decisions because she knows that you are the adult and that you have your reasons for sometimes saying no or not doing what she wants.

Whatever the dynamics in your home are, if your child is the one ruling the roost you will probably find that respect for elders does not come easy to your daughter. I believe respect comes far easier to children who have boundaries and are taught that adults are ultimately wiser and have the final say. Give your daughters a voice to be able to express themselves and to have some say where appropriate but they need to know that ultimately their parents and guardians are in charge. This too will develop a child who is not entitled, not demanding, not viewing the world as unfair when things don’t always go their own way, one who appreciates what others do for them and who shows respect to the adults and authority in their lives.
“Lack of boundaries invites lack of respect.” ~ Anonymous.

Production Rehearsals
Saturday, 22 February 10:30-12:30: There will be a FULL dance rehearsal. ALL dancers are required to be there. In the school hall.
Monday, 24 February 14:00-15:00: Full rehearsal. All actors, dancers and musicians to attend.
Tuesday, 25 February 14:30-15:30: Singing Rehearsal for the Giraffe, Cricket and Insects
Wednesday, 26 February – Dance Rehearsal for the Warthogs, Monkeys, Springboks & Flamingos
Thursday, 27 February 14:00-15:00: Full rehearsal. All actors, dancers and musicians to attend. As well as:
• Dance rehearsal from 15:00-16:00 for Meerkats, Lions, Zebras & Rhinos
• Mika, Skyla & Litha to rehearse from 16:00-16:30

Founders’ Day Assembly
Our Founders’ Day is on Friday, 28 February and we are commemorating our school’s 70th birthday this year! This marks 70 years of the primary school being independent from the high school. Our guest speaker will be Mrs Nancy Murray who attended VG in the 1940’s. We can’t wait to hear what school was like back then. Parents are welcome to join this special assembly at 09h00 which will start in our Garden of Remembrance and will move to the hall for the presentations. We will have tea in our staffroom (The Playbox) afterwards. Girls must be dressed in their full summer uniform (no sports clothes on this day please) and Grade 4-7 girls must wear their blazers.

Splash and Interhouse Gala (Compulsory for all Grade 3-7 girls)
Reminder that the Interhouse gala will be held at Graeme College next week on Thursday, 27 February. Girls are to be dropped off at the Graeme College pool at 08:00. Girls must be dressed in their school costume with their black shorts and house shirts. They can wear either their white takkies with white socks or their VP flip flops (no other flip flops are allowed). Please pack underwear for your daughter to change into after her swimming events. Please also pack a towel, swimming cap, hat and plenty of sunscreen. Our PTA will be running a tuckshop at the Graeme Pool. Please ensure that you pick your daughter up by 13h00 from Graeme College.
Please note that Grade 00-2 will have a normal school day on the 27th February. The Droplet gala will be postponed until the fourth term- weather permitting.
Please note that the 25m and Individual Medleys will be swum as pre-events on Tuesday, 25 February at VP. This will only involve the Team and Feeder Swimmers and will take place during the last lesson of the day (12:55-13:45)

On Wednesday, 19 February the Junior top 8 players played doubles and single matches against Kingswood College. The extremely hot conditions did not make the matches any easier. Our girls managed to win the doubles matches by a close 2 games and drew their single matches. A very proud win for our Junior team. Well done! Next week our top 6 Junior Team girls will challenge the PJ Olivier team.

Davies Sportsmanship Trophy
Well done to Skyla Davies who was awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy for displaying true sportsmanship when she accepted officials’ decision that put her in a lesser position at the KC short course gala, without any fuss, although this was later to be changed. Well done, Skyla

Albany Swimming trials
Well done to all our swimming girls who participated in the trials on Tuesday at DSG Aquatics Centre. We are still waiting for the team list and hope to have it in next week’s newsletter. The girls will participate in the Inter-district Gala on Thursday, 5 March. Thank you to our parents who helped time keep on the day!

Well done to the following girls who made it into the Makana Athletics team for various track and field events: Grace Mayekiso, Ashante Sinyanya, Haidee Thondhlana, Lisa-Jane Evans, Zazi Veto and Sisonke Magopeni. Awesome, girls! These girls are participating in the Sarah Baartman trials at the Westbourne Oval in PE today. We wish them all the best. Thank you to Ms Knott-Craig and Ms Denston for accompanying them.

Netball Course
Five of our teachers are attending a netball coaching course today and tomorrow in PE. We wish them safe travels! We are certain that their newly learnt coaching skills and knowledge will be a boost for our netball girls and the season ahead.

School Staff Development
On Wednesday, 11 March our teaching staff will attend a workshop in Port Elizabeth. Therefore we will close school for all the girls at 12:30 on this day. Please make arrangements for your daughter to be picked up on time. There will be no extramurals on this day and Aftercare will still be open. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but I know that the workshop will be beneficial to the teachers and in turn will benefit your girls in the long run.

Happy Birthday to the following teacher and girls who will be celebrating their birthdays in the coming week – Ms Bruns, Angaka Magutywa, Ayalakha Mokoena, Iminqweno Gqutyana, Lunathi Mki and Halle Orsmond. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Important dates

Wed. 26/02 – Junior tennis vs PJ @VP

Thurs. 27/02 – Splash & Interhouse Gala @Graeme College

swimming  pool.  Grade 3-7. 08:00-13:00.

Fri. 28/02 – Founders’ Day assembly 09:00-10:00

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