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VP Newsletter 28 February 2020

VP Newsletter 28 February 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 28 February 2020

Message from the office

At Monday’s assembly Mr Greyling presented a delightful message about our new value ‘Responsibility’ with the help of some confident Grade 7 girls.

Being responsible is an important value that our girls need to learn and one we have discussed before in past newsletters. Of course we as parents need to find the healthy balance between supporting our children and doing too much for them and also realising that as they grow we too need to slowly do less and less for them.

So I was delighted to find this perfect article that is a good guide for us as parents. I have extracted and adapted sections that I thought were relevant:
Being “responsible” means:
– being dependable so people know that they can count on you
– keeping one’s word and agreements
– meeting one’s commitments
– doing something to the best of one’s ability
– being accountable for one’s behaviour
– accepting credit when one does something right and admitting mistakes when wrong
– being a contributing member of one’s family, community and society

Who does not want this for their child? The question is how to go about teaching your children about being responsible and what the expectations are at each age. Obviously, a four year old will be expected to do a lot less than a 14 year old. However, life skills can be taught and expected of your child beginning as early as age two.

An article from the Family Education website by Lindsay Hutton called, “I Did it All by Myself! An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Your Child Life Skills” gives examples:
Ages 2 – 3:
Small chores (putting dirty clothes in the hamper) and basic grooming (brushing teeth) are a couple of tasks a child this young can do. This is also a great time to get your child to help set the table for a family meal. Small and simple expectations will show your child how to pitch in and be an active member of the family.
Ages 4 – 5:
Your child should know her full name, phone number and address by this age range. She should also know how to make an emergency call if need be. A child between the age of four and five begins to understand the basics of money, should be able to clean up after themselves and feed any pets.
Ages 6 – 7:
At this age, your child should be able to make a simple meal such as a sandwich and can help clean up after a meal by washing dishes or loading the dishwasher. She should be expected to make her bed without help and bath herself without assistance.
Ages 8 – 9:
By this age, your child should be taking pride in their personal belongings and taking good care of these items. This might include putting up a bike in the garage, the Legos or dolls away or putting up clothes and shoes in the closet. Taking out the rubbish, sweeping and cleaning up after themselves can now be assigned.
Ages 10 -14:
These are the years your child begins to gain more independence. Doing small chores such as laundry, using the oven to cook, changing bed sheets and other more involved chores can be performed without a parent’s supervision. The can also help take care of younger siblings is also expected by the time the child is 12 to 14.
Ages 14 and Up:
By the age of 14, most of the skills mentioned should be mastered. In addition, cleaning, changing a tyre, replacing the vacuum bag, going to Pick ‘n Pay and figuring out dosages on medicines should be expected. More advanced skills are learned as your child prepares for adulthood.

Remember that every child is different and every parenting style also differs so use this as a guide. If your child seems behind in some areas, don’t worry. However, it is good to always expect more than what you think your child can do and give them a chance to show you how responsible they can be. The more you empower them, the more productive and contributing adults they will hopefully turn out to be!

Founders’ Day:
This morning we celebrated our Founders. What a special assembly it was, our guest speaker was Mrs Nancy Murray who attended VP in the 1950’s. This year we will celebrate VP’s 70th birthday and the girls had fun making a “70” to commemorate this occasion.

Induction Assembly:
On Monday morning we will have the Induction of our 2020 Leadership Team as well as the announcement of the Hostel Monitors, Headgirl and Deputy Headgirl. The assembly begins at 09:40. All girls must please wear their school uniform (no sports clothes) and grade 4-7 must have blazers.

Well done to the following girls who were selected for the Albany Swimming team: Daniella Mc Lean, Charlotte Welgemoed and Ayalakha Mokoena. They will be competing at the Interdistricts gala at the DSG Aquatics Centre on Thursday, 5 March 2020. We are so proud of you girls!

Ayalakha has also been selected for the 50m Backstroke and the 50m Freestyle in the Top 8 Gala in PE this evening. All the best, Aya!

Splash & Interhouse gala:
It was a rainy but fun day for all our Gr 3-7s on Thursday for our annual Splash and Interhouse Galas. The girls supported each other and swam with so much heart. It made us enormously proud. Thanks to all the parents who supported our girls and to Ms Bruns, Ms Knott-Craig and the wonderful team of teachers who all worked hard to make the day a success.
The house results were: 1st Aloe; 2nd Fern; 3rd Disa & 4th Arum.

Individual results were:
Girls U 9 Freestyle 50m Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U 9 Breaststroke 50m Daniella McLean
Girls U 9 Backstroke 50m Daniella McLean
Girls U 9 I/M 3x25m Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U9 Victrix Ludorum Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U 10 Freestyle 25m Hannah Tarr
Girls U 10 Freestyle 50m Keenya Loutz
Girls U 10 Breaststroke 25m Rachel de la Mare
Girls U 10 Breaststroke 50m Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U 10 Backstroke 25m Amber-Jayde Marthinus
Girls U10 Backstroke 50m Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U10 Butterfly 25m Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U10 I/M Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U10 Victrix Ludorum Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U11 Freestyle 25m Eleni Kyazze
Girls U11 Freestyle 50m Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 Breaststroke 25m Eleni Kyazze
Girls U11 Breaststroke 50m Skyla Davies
Girls U11 Backstroke 25m Chloe Rischbeter
Girls U11 Backstroke 50m Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 Butterfly 50m Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 I/M Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 Victrix Ludorum Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U12 Freestyle 25m Selby Tarr
Girls U12 Freestyle 50m Olivia Weyl
Girls U12 Breaststroke 25m Selby Tarr
Girls U12 Breaststroke 50m Tatum Jacobs
Girls U12 Backstroke 25m Shiloh Loots
Girls U12 Backstroke 50m Olivia Weyl
Girls U 12 Butterfly 50m Olivia Weyl
Girls U 12 I/M Olivia Weyl
Girls U12 Victrix Ludorum Olivia Weyls
Girls Open Freestyle 25m Tazne du Plessis
Girls Open Freestyle 50m Michaela Kretzmann
Girls Open Breaststroke 25m Amy Arends
Girls Open Breaststroke 50m Mika Davies
Girls Open Backstroke 25m Jemma Butterworth
Girls Open Backstroke 50m Tara Bettridge
Girls Open Butterfly 50m Jennifer Sweetman
Girls Open I/M Mika Davies
Girls Open Victrix Ludorum Mika Davies
Most improved Swimmer: Yanga Tapi


Last week our girls competed in the Sarah Baartman Athletics meet in PE. The girls all did very well but special mention goes to Grace Mayekiso who came 2nd in the U12 Long jump and Lisa-Jane Evans who came 3rd in the U11 High jump event. Well done, girls!

Kind Club:
On Thursday the 20th of February, some of the representatives of the Kind Club visited Fikizolo Primary School to handover the shirts and toiletries that had been so kindly donated by our girls. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and girls, whom we met and we thank Mrs Kate and the Learner Support Team for facilitating a very happy afternoon. Our own girls did us very proud, they were kind and respectful to the girls whom they met.
On Monday the 24th of February, the Kind Club hosted our ‘little sister’, Aqhama and two other little girls who are in the care of Child Welfare. They had a fun filled afternoon at VP. Thank you to Mrs Mgogo’s group for planning fun activities and taking such good care of them.

School Staff Development:
On Wednesday, 11 March our teaching staff will attend a workshop in Port Elizabeth. Therefore we will close school for all the girls at 12:30 on this day. Please make arrangements for your daughter to be picked up on time. There will be no extramurals on this day and Aftercare will still be open. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but I know that the workshop will be beneficial to the teachers and in turn will benefit your girls in the long run.

On the 26 February our Top 8 Junior team girls took up the challenge and played against PJ Olivier’s senior team. The scores are as follows: Singles we lost by 9 games and the doubles matches we lost by a narrow 2 games. Our girls were quite intimidated as they played against higher grades, but non the less they tried their best.
Next week Wednesday our top 6 Juniors have a match against Shaw Park at VP. Sadly the Port Alfred match has been cancelled.

On Friday and Saturday 6 & 7 March our U13A netball team will participate in the Frans Erasmus tournament at PJ Olivier. Girls will receive a letter with further details next week.

We will be having a SGB by-election in the Glennie hall on Thursday, 19 March at 17:30. Nomination forms will be available from the office from Monday, 16 March.

Can Giraffe’s Dance?
If you have ever wondered about this then our IP Production is just for you! Ms Knott-Craig and the girls have been rehearsing like crazy to get ready for their opening performance. Next week we will be taking bookings for the following performances:
Thursday 12 March: Parents and Public at 18:00
Friday 13 March: Parents and guests at 18:00
On Thursday & Friday night the PTA will serve coffee/hot chocolate and a cupcake for R10.
For bookings and tickets: 046-6224850 or at the office.

Happy Birthday to the following girls who should have been in the newsletter last week: Angaka Magutywa, Ayalakha Mokoena, Iminqweno Gqutyana, Lunathi Mki and Halle Orsmond. Apologies girls, we hope your birthday was very special.
Next week the following teachers and girls will be celebrating: Mrs Arnold, Mr Wynne, Ms Featherstone, Anna Malamis, Liyabona Maarenene, Taylor Arries, Iminathi Kapa, Kaylee May, Elona Pantsi, Kungawo Mkabile and Mila Nongubo. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Important dates
Monday 2/03 – Induction Assembly at 09:40
Wednesday 4/03 – Tennis vs Shaw Park
Thursday 5/03 – Inter-districts gala at DSG
Makana Brick 5km Night Race
Friday 6/03 – Frans Erasmus Tournament

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