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VP Newsletter 2 February 2024

VP Newsletter 2 February 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 2 February 2024

Message from the office

At Monday’s assembly we will announce the winner of our Reading in Unusual Places competition and we are grateful for all the wonderful entries. On Wednesday, 7 February we will be celebrating World Read Aloud Day. Our various classes will be doing different activities to promote and encourage reading. Please ask your daughter after school on Wednesday what fun activities she did. We will also have fifteen minutes before break where our older girls will read to our younger ones and this is such a special bonding time for all. Please keep a lookout on our FB page for all the lovely photos that come from this day and to see our delightful competition entries.

Over the past weekend a few of our teachers attended the Rhodes Education Summit. One of the guest speakers on Sunday morning was Dr Barney Mthembu who is the deputy Director-General for Curriculum Policy, Support and Monitoring for the Department of Basic Education. He highlighted the importance of reading and the dire statistics that indicated only a small percentage of Grade 4 learners can read for meaning. He also mentioned how poignant it was that during the looting in KZN in 2021, where most shops were completely looted, Bargain Books was left untouched. He stated that Readers are Leaders and if you can’t read you shouldn’t be allowed to lead. I am sure you can tell just how critical he sees the need to grow a generation of leaders.

At VP we strive to develop not only our girls’ ability to read but also establish the foundation for a lifelong love for reading and learning. 

Here are some tips to continue developing reading at home (

 Be a Reading Role Model

It can all start with you. Show your child that you value reading at home, whether it’s on a page or on a tablet.

  1. Have Books Everywhere

Try to have lots of books visible in your house to make reading at home easier.

  1. Start Young

Whatever your age or taste, there’s always something interesting for you and your child to read at home. You can introduce your child to a wide range of books – fiction books, adventure books, picture books, comic books, books about nature, books about space, biographies, autobiographies – the world is yours and theirs.

  1. Create a Reading Corner

By creating a reading corner for children, your child has a cosy, peaceful place that can encourage them to do more reading at home.

  1. Be Positive About Books

You’re never bored if you can read. Be enthusiastic about all the different kinds of books we’re lucky to have and how exciting books can be. Chat regularly with your child about their reading they’ve done at home or at school.

  1. Change Reading Books Regularly

Like all of us, your child will have books they go back to again and again and some books that they’ll read just one time. It’s good, if possible, to have fresh, different books in the house as often as you can. Join your local library and take interest in your child’s reader and school library book.

  1. Link Reading to Creative Activities

Encourage your child’s creativity through books. Reading at home can lead to lots of other fabulous play activities – drawing, rewriting the story with a different ending, dressing up, acting out their favourite parts of the book- the sky’s the limit.

  1. Make Reading at Home Part of the Routine

Reading at home with your child can be part of your quality time at home so it becomes an important, natural part of your child’s day. Reading before bed is comforting, soothing and is more likely to help your daughter to settle to sleep than playing a game on a screen.

  1. Try to Make Sure Your Child’s Books are Suitable for Their Age

Make sure the books they read at home are age appropriate – too easy and your child loses interest, too difficult and they can be off-putting.

  1. Take Books Everywhere

It’s a nice idea to buy your child a little rucksack that they can pop their favourite book into when you’re going out. This can be great to occupy your child if you’re waiting to see the doctor or dentist for example – far better than a cellphone!

‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.’ Margaret Fuller

 ‘Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte

‘Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.’ – Kate DiCamillo

Worker of the Week

Well done to all Audrey Matanda in Grade 2 for her good work in Maths. Keep it up, Audrey.

Personality of the Week

Congratulations to Mivuyo Nongxaza for being our first recipient of Personality of the Week this year for her display of initiative and for being responsible. Thank you, Mivuyo!


PTA AGM:  We are delighted with the number of parents who attended the PTA AGM. Thank you for your commitment to your daughters’ schooling. We are certain that this is the start of a good year and a positive partnership with you and your daughter’s teacher.

PTA Meeting:  Our first PTA meeting will be held in the school hall at 17:15 on Tuesday the 6 February. Please join us at this meeting to serve on this committee to help raise funds for our school this year. 

SGB Election Notice:  All schools are required to have SGB elections every three years. We will do so on Thursday, 7 March. We currently have a very active SGB committee for which we are most grateful and we note that incumbents may continue to serve another term but still need to go through the nomination process. Nominations open on Thursday, 29 February. In the lead-up to this process please consider if you or a parent that you know would be able to bring a valuable skill to our Governing Body and approach them about being nominated. More details about the elections will follow in subsequent newsletters.

 Eye Screening:  The EyeStore will visit on the 7th-9th of February. The Grade 1s and all new girls will receive basic visual screening which will test their visual clarity from a distance, this is free of charge. A letter was sent home regarding more comprehensive tests. Please return the completed letter with required payment as soon as possible if you would like a more comprehensive test for your daughter (or she is not in Gr 1 or new to VP).

HPV Vaccination:  The Grade 5s will bring home a Health Department consent form today. This form must be completed and returned by next week in order to receive the HPV vaccination. If you do not wish to consent to your daughter receiving the vaccine you must still return the completed form.

Outreach – It takes a village to raise a child.’ Nigeran Igbo proverb

As the Grade 7 Community Outreach committee, we are focusing on education this term. We believe that although some items might seem to be of no use to you they might be a treasure to those less fortunate. We would like to encourage our girls and parents to donate educational items – focusing on school shoes but including unisex school shirts, stationery and reading books. We ask you to please keep in mind that we are trying to restore dignity to those who are less fortunate than us and ask that you keep this in mind when considering the condition of items that you are donating.


Athletics:  A selected group of girls took part at the Zone 1 Athletics meet yesterday for the track events. Our VP girls did very well with 7 out of 12 girls qualifying for the next round, which will take place on Friday, 9 February at Prospect Field at Rhodes. The field events for the Zone 1 qualifiers will take place on Wednesday, 7 February at PJ Olivier and the girls who will take part in this event will receive a letter on Monday.

 Tennis:  Over the weekend three VP girls took part in the Wilson series tournament. Our girls did very well. Kaylee May came 11th and Danielle McLean came 7th. Congratulations to Stella Mullin for receiving a medal for coming 3rd. Very well done to all of them.

 Swimming News

  • Well done to all the girls who participated in the KC Short Course Gala on Tuesday, and good luck to the girls attending the B-League gala tomorrow in Gqeberha.
  • Please note that training for Team and Feeder team girls will go ahead tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10:00. Ms Knott-Craig will be there to supervise the girls.
  • We are awaiting confirmation of the Graeme Relay Gala next week Friday. Girls will receive a letter next week once we have details.

Cancellation of any sports:  Please note that we will not cancel any extramurals without notice due to weather conditions or any other reasons, we will keep the girls busy with something indoors.

We will be selling Valentine’s goodies to raise funds for our sports department please follow this link for the form – Valentine’s Day order form

Birthday wishes

We wish the following staff and girls a very happy birthday! Ms Purdon, Mrs Makeba-Mgogo, Ms Miskin, Iviwe Jakavula, Ngcwalisa Mbambo, Iminathi Mgwebi, Iminathi Ndilele, Hlumisa Piti, Luniko Hlulushe, Nakhane Klei, Zingce Pilisani, Inam Toll, Onwaba Hoyi, Mizaan Marcus, Christelle Ruwanza, Esethu Stamper, Gabriella Cervati, Azuza Mbiza, Ithandile-Inkosi Meke, Zizo Zomelele,  Jazlin Crafford, Khanya Kepe, Imanathi Mcophele, Tamera Ngwalase, Kazlin de Maar, Shameega Kholiso, Neo Molefe, and Alondwe Sethi. We hope you have a wonderful day!


Mrs Rafferty




VP Newsletter 26 January 2024

VP Newsletter 26 January 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 26 January 2024

Message from the office

At Monday’s assembly our focus was on Gratitude; appreciating others and appreciating what we have, as well as saying thank you to others. Gratitude involves both feeling and expressing thankfulness.

It is not uncommon as a parent to occasionally feel unappreciated and that our children do not always realise the sacrifices we make to ensure that they have what they need and want.  It is important to note that children are not instinctively grateful and that this trait needs to be nurtured at home.

I hope that your daughter has said thank you to you for something you have done for her (hopefully more than usual) during this week of focusing on gratitude. Gratitude needs to be practiced so that it becomes a healthy beneficial habit. A study showed that parents who place a high priority on teaching their child gratitude are more likely to report that they regularly have their child say please and thank you and do chores to help the family and others. (

Gratitude also has lifelong benefits including reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

How can you ensure that your daughter adopts a life of gratitude?

(adapted from

  1. Set an example

Children learn a lot from watching their parents. Show them what it means to be grateful by offering a genuine “thank you!” to those who do things for you, big or small, including thanking our children for doing things that are helpful.

  1. Point out generosity

Call attention to it when people do things that go beyond what’s expected.

  1. Have a talk

For some children, especially those very young or those who have trouble understanding emotions, it can help to have a talk about how showing appreciation makes other people feel. Encourage your girls to think of people who help them, like the person who cleans the classroom, their sports coach, teacher, kind friend or their granny who looks after them.

  1. Put things in perspective

Talk to your girls about those who are less fortunate. Don’t scare them, but don’t keep them in the dark either. Understanding that not everyone has the same advantages will help them develop

compassion for others and gratitude for their own privileges.

  1. Make gratitude part of bedtime

When you tuck them in at night, ask your child to tell you three things they’re grateful for. Even if they’ve had a bad day it will help them—and you—end each day on a positive note.

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”

― Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

Worker of the Week

Congratulations to Leah Doyle for her beautiful work in English this week. What a great start to Grade 4, Leah!


A big thank you to Danielle McLean for the donation of lovely books to our school library.

Class visits and PTA SGM

On Tuesday, 30 January at 17:15 we will have our PTA AGM and class visits.  Parents are to meet for a short meeting in the hall and thereafter all Grade 2-7 parents will go to their daughters’ respective classrooms where they will be briefed on the expectations and requirements for the year. Please prioritise this meeting as it is an important information session and a good opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to ask any questions you may have.

Eye Screening

The EyeStore and Dr Davies Optometrists will visit on the 7th-9th of February. The Grade 1s and all new girls will receive basic visual screening which will test their visual clarity from a distance, this is free of charge. A letter will be sent home next week which must be completed and the fee paid if you would like a more comprehensive test for your daughter (or she is not in Gr 1 or new to VP).



Our Tennis Team will be participating the TTA/Kingswood U10 & U12 annual Team Tournament on the 10th & 11th of February. Play well, girls!

Swimming news

Good luck to the team swimmers who were selected to participate in the Kingswood Short Course Gala next week Tuesday, 30th January. The gala starts at 14:00 and parents are encouraged to support.

Some of our team swimmers will also be travelling to Gqeberha on the 3rd February to participate at the B-League gala at the Newton Park Swimming pool. Good luck girls!


Assembly: On Monday Grade 7 Sauls will be the first class to present an assembly. Parents are welcome to join us. Please be seated by 10:10. Please do not enter the hall before this time while the girls are having singing practice. You are welcome to wait in the office foyer or on our playground.

Collection and drop off (Grade 1-7). A reminder about our collection and drop off times:

Morning Drop offs:

FP: 07:15-07:25 Huntley Street Gate

If earlier, please use the Beaufort Street Gate

IP: To be dropped off by 07:20: Beaufort Street Gate


FP: Huntley Street Gate:

No extramurals 13:00-13:15;

Extramurals 14:00-14:15

IP:  Beaufort Street Gate after school and

after extramurals until 16:30 (Mon-

Thurs) 14:30 (Fri).

FP&IP: After 16:30 (Mon-Thurs) & 14:30 (Fri) the pick-up point will be from Aftercare which is accessed from the Hill Street Hostel entrance. Parents will be charged accordingly.

These arrangements are for our children’s safety so that we can ensure that there is supervision while they are waiting.

Communication Grade 1-7: Please call our school office for any communication with our teachers or to make appointments to see them. You are also welcome to communicate via email (admin or teacher’s email) or a note placed in your child’s homework diary. Please bear in mind that teachers are teaching all day and/or have extramurals and will not be able to check their emails and respond instantly. Please give teachers 48 hours (working days) to respond to emails. If you have an emergency or need a response sooner, please call our office.

 Dropping off items at the office:  We are into the second week of school and girls must please be encouraged to get organised and not expect items to be delivered to school by parents. Our office staff are inundated with items being dropped off. Please note that only birthday cupcakes, deliveries for boarders and items specifically requested by teachers may be dropped off at the office for your daughter during the school day.

Payments:  Please make sure that the correct reference (Account number) is used when making a payment. We have received numerous payments with no reference. If you have made a payment and it is not reflected on your account, please forward the proof of this payment to Mrs Terblanche and indicate your daughter’s name and grade. Please remember that if you pay your fees in full before the end of February you will receive a 5% discount.

 Accounts: The school prefers to send accounts via email, however many of the emails bounce back as undeliverable. If you are not receiving your school account via email, please send an email to Mrs Terblanche and state your daughter’s name, surname and grade so that we can assure we have your correct email address.

Ice-cream containers: Our Grade 00s are collecting empty ice-cream containers to use in the classroom. If you are able to assist please drop them off at the office or give them to Mrs Calitz.

Birthday wishes

The following staff and children celebrate their birthdays in the January.

Ms du Plooy, Ms Kasper, Ms le Roux, Ms Lang, Mrs Sauls, Ms Jamela, Zazi Gqamana, Willow Hector, Ingcali-Yomso Mani, Lunje Peter, Mihle Khitha, Oyama Morule, Likamvelihle Dyibishe, Ahlumile Vusani, Kungothando Nzuzo, Rejoice Chatikobo, Sizoluhle Matswele, Caitlyn Bodill, Mbalentle Dyaloyi, Kulowo Msipa, Oyintando Nkatazo, Amyoli Sesani, Zelne Leach, Alibongwe Mthembu, Lunathi Zikishe, Ayazi Klei, Sama Torweni, Bongumusa Louw, Inamandla Mnyapa, Isipho Nelana, Sabrina Nyathi, Nalu Matshaya, Giselle Peters, Owam Bebeto, Ladine van Wyk, Uzosule Kanana, Lulo Ponoshe, Junaid Williams, Zingcwele Mangali, Yonelisa Ngaleka, Isla Orsmond, Aliyah Swartz, Lune Coetzee, Rebecca Phillip, Avethandwa Hambaze, Iminathi Malusi, Lulama Joe, Avela Sigidi, Lilani Wolmarans, Stephanie Folaranmi, Marabel Kuja, Oyintando Gumenge and Sesona Mnqinana.

We hope you had/have a wonderful day!


Mrs Rafferty


VP Newsletter 19 January 2024

VP Newsletter 19 January 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 19 January 2024

Message from the office           


A very warm welcome back to school for 2024 and a special welcome to our new girls and their families. We have had a happy return of pupils who were all eager to start their new year.

We have two new interns Ms Makeba and Ms Stirk who will be assisting in Gr 00 and Gr R this year. They are already part of the VP family and I am sure you will meet them and get to know them in due course. It bodes well for a good year ahead when our staff return very happy and enthusiastic to meet their new classes and to start teaching.

We had our ‘Welcome Back’ Assembly on Wednesday and we focussed on New Year resolutions and using the new year to make new beginnings and a fresh start. We encouraged our girls to set their goals for the new year, which included their academics, relationships, self-growth and extramurals. As T.S. Eliot said ‘for last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.’ We wish you all blessed new beginnings for 2024.


Well done to Rose Chirombo for being selected as our first Worker of the Week for her lovely holiday news. Keep it up! Each week we will post the photos of all the recipients of a Principals sticker for excellent work on our Facebook page.


I appeal to you to ensure that you drop your daughters off timeously in the mornings (7:20) as the bell rings at 7:25 for lines. All Grade 1-7 girls are required to be at lines to listen to the morning message and any announcements for the day. If your daughter misses this, she is already going to be missing out on knowing what’s happening for the rest of the day. If you are even later and your daughter arrives when classes have commenced, your daughter will be anxious and will take a while to settle before being able to focus. Added to this, her late arrival distracts the other learners and her teacher, when lessons are already in progress.


We also request that you ensure that your child is fetched at least fifteen minutes after school or after her extramural ends. We strongly discourage children being left for hours waiting outside for their transport. If you are unable to fetch your daughter timeously please ensure that you register her for aftercare. Our office closes at 16h30 (Mon-Thurs) and at 14:30 on a Friday. Any child who is not fetched by this time will be sent to Aftercare and you will have to fetch her from there. Aftercare is accessed via the VP Hostel entrance on Hill Street. If you fetch your child after 17:30 she will be sent to hostel and you will have to fetch her there. If late collection is a regular occurrence or your child is collected outside of the Aftercare hours, you will be charged Aftercare fees, to your account, regardless of the circumstances.

Grade 1-3 finish their academic day at 13:00 and extramurals end at 14:00. The girls are then taken to the Huntley street gate for collection between 13:00-13:15 or 14:00-14:15 after their extramurals. Children not collected by this time will be brought up to the Beaufort street gate at 13:15 (or 14:15). Please note that no Gr 1-3 child will be allowed to wait at the Beaufort street gate between 13:00-13:15 as there is no supervision. Parents/transport will not be able to access the Huntley Street gate via the Beaufort Street gate during this time.

The academic school day will end at 13h00 every FRIDAY for Grade 1-7.


We would also like to remind you that by enrolling your child at VP, you are under an obligation to ensure that your daughter attends school. If your child is sick or unable to attend school, parents are required to notify the school office by 09h00 on the first day of absenteeism. On your child’s return she is required to bring a note explaining the reason for her absence. If she is absent for 3 days or more or she misses out on a test or exam, a medical certificate will be required on her return which clearly states the dates she is booked off. This is a school policy and must be adhered to. Holidays away and other events should be done over the weekend and during school holidays.

STATIONERY (Grade 4-7)

Please ensure that your daughter has all the stationery required for her grade according to the stationery list sent. All books must be covered and any outstanding items must be purchased by Monday the 23 January.


As mentioned in our last newsletter of 2023, all girls Gr 3-7 received our new VP diaries this week. If your daughter loses her diary she will have to pay R50 for a replacement, however we have limited replacements so please ensure that she looks after it. No other diaries are to be used for school.


All your daughter’s possessions from pencils to blazers must be clearly labelled with her name and surname. We cannot be expected to search for items which are not labelled. Lost items will be handed to Lost Property, either with Mrs Orsmond (FP) or Mrs Sauls (IP). We endeavour to return items straight away if they are labelled. Unlabelled items must be collected from Lost Property by your daughter during school hours.


We send out very detailed weekly newsletters every Friday and letters are regularly sent home regarding any sporting or cultural fixtures. Please make it a priority to read your weekly newsletter, your daughters’ diaries and notices sent home. Homework and instructions thereof need to be followed in the classroom setting. Any queries can be directed to our school office during office hours. If you would like to communicate with your child’s teacher please email her or send a note in your child’s diary. Alerts for any unplanned changes will be posted on the D6 Communicator App. You will also find the extramural programme, term calendar and newsletters on the D6 Communicator App.

Photos of school activities throughout the year will be put on the schools Facebook page. Please note access is limited to parents and staff at VP and therefore new parents will have to request access on Facebook.


Please save the date for the PTA AGM and class visits on 30 January at 17:15. Parents are to meet for a short meeting in the hall and thereafter all Grade 2-7 parents will meet in their daughters’ respective classrooms where they will be briefed on the expectations and requirements for the year. Please prioritise this meeting as it is an important information session and a good opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to ask any questions you may have.


Please note the school rules for hair and jewellery and ensure that your daughter is abiding by them:

Hair guidelines

  1. Hair must be neat and appropriate for girls in uniform.
  2. If hair is over shoulder length it must all be tied up (no half ponies). Hair must be away from face.
  3. Hair and extensions should be your natural hair colour.
  4. Extensions and braids are allowed.
  5. All corn rows must be neatly plaited and tied back.
  6. Clips and hair accessories must be black, green or navy. (No decorative accessories, such as beads, are to be worn)


  1. Watches may be worn, if desired. Children are responsible for their own watches.
  2. Earrings – girls may have their ears pierced. Only studs or sleepers (small) may be worn. No coloured earrings are allowed. Only one earring may be worn in each earlobe.
  3. No bracelets, neck or ankle-chains are allowed, unless the bracelets or chain bears a ‘Medicalert’ disc.
  4. All school badges may be worn on the blazer lapel. No badges other than school badges may be worn while in school uniform.


Girls are currently in summer uniform. They should not be in long-sleeved shirts, blue socks, stockings or trousers. Please don’t mix the school and sports uniform/tracksuits.


Please take note of the extramural programme attached and study it closely with your daughter. Participation in our programme is compulsory. Please note that if it rains or is extremely hot we DO NOT CANCEL. Girls will be supervised in the classrooms until their extramurals would have ended. Extramurals will start on Monday, 22 January.

  • Please note that Art Club will be taking place on Wednesdays at 15:00-16:00 for Grade 4-7. There will be a sign-up sheet on the notice board outside the Teachers Workroom by Monday, as there are limited spaces available.


This year the Victoria Primary Music Department will be introducing a small chamber choir as a new extracurricular activity open to the Grade 6s and 7s. The choir will consist of about 12 girls and will involve formalised vocal training and performances. Auditions will be held on Monday during break, girls wishing to take part must please audition, and prepare a song which they feel shows off their voice the most beautifully! We are looking forward to the wonderful possibilities that the VP chamber choir holds for 2024.

The music department is eager to get started on this year’s repertoire and all rehearsals will commence as per the extramural timetable. This includes the FP choir (Gr. 3), senior choir (Gr. 4-7) and the orchestra.  Please ensure that your daughter arrives on time for all rehearsals.

SWIMMING TRIALS:  All girls new to VP should please attend swimming trials on Monday, 22 January, at 14:00, in order to be put into their various colour groups for the season. A reminder that girls are to wear black speedos to swimming unless they are in the swim team and have a team costume.

TENNIS TRIALS:  We will be having tennis trials during tennis practice slots next week. We encourage all girls interested in playing tennis as a sport to attend. The times are as follows:  Monday: 14:00-14:45

Tuesday: 13:55-15:25 (tennis team as selected last year)

Tuesday: 15:30-16:15

Wednesday: 15:00-15:45

Thursday: 13:55-15:30 (tennis team as selected last year)

For sale at school

  • Swimming caps are available from Mrs Terblanche at a cost of R60 for the regular cap and R120 for the cap that is bigger and will fit over braids.
  • We are once again offering Flip flops for sale for R100. These VP branded flip flops may be worn with sports uniform and at school during the school day with school uniform. Please note that girls must wear school shoes and socks when they are off campus in their school uniform. No other flip flops are allowed at school.
  • We are still selling lovely VP branded draw-string bags for R30. These bags will be very useful for sports clothes, swimming costumes, library books and readers or even their lunches.
  • Please note School backpacks are currently sold out and we will let you know as soon as new stock is available. The cost of the new stock will be R700.
  • Peaks caps cost R80.

THE VP PARKRUN CHALLENGE:  If your daughter takes part in the Parkrun every Saturday morning at 08:00 the Botanical Gardens and has a bar- code, please forward her emailed results to Mrs Coetzee will be monitoring and encouraging our girls at the Parkrun.

WORLD READ ALOUD DAY:  As part of our World Read Aloud Day celebrations (7 February 2024) we would like to run a competition. Girls are encouraged to send a photo of themselves reading in the most unusual place. All entries will be presented and the winner will be announced at our assembly on Monday the 5 February. The winner will win a voucher from Bargain Books. Photos can be sent to Closing date: Friday, 2 February.

2023 SCHOOL MAGAZINE:  The 2023 school magazine is available on our website (click on Magazine tab) or follow the following direct link

If you are unsure of anything please don’t hesitate to call the office on 0466224850 or send us an email on or and we will endeavour to assist you.


Mrs Rafferty


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