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VP Newsletter 1 May 2020

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Message from the office

I can’t believe that it is the 1st of May already. If life had continued as normal we would be coming to the end of a month into our second term. It has been 45 days since we’ve seen our girls and 44 days since we gathered as a staff and said our farewells at school. Nothing could have prepared us for what was to lie ahead and still there is so much uncertainty ahead of us. I have to remind myself to take one day at a time and to keep faith in the abilities of the amazing staff at VP and of course our extended community, including and more specifically our wonderful parent body who all have a vested interest in our precious little school. We have to rely on each other and work together to ensure that we do what’s best for the little girls who are entrusted in our care. I pray for God’s hand over all of us during this time.

Many of you probably listened to the Minister of Education, Angie Motshekga’s address last night. She has proposed that the school’s SMT will return on the 11th May and that the teachers are to return on the 18th May. I would like to stress that if this does happen, we will NOT be open to the public until we have ensured that we have the proper sanitization and protection in place for everyone’s safety. We will be available however on our school phone or on email. It was further proposed that the Grade 7s will then return on the 1 June.

One of my biggest concerns is that the issue of hostels has not been addressed. I have contacted both NAPTOSA and the Education Department for clarity on this. I ask that you please be patient with us as we consult the relevant parties. I do understand that this will have financial implications for both the school and you as parents. Please trust that we will inform you of the plans going forward regarding the hostel as soon as we have all the details and I have consulted with the SGB.

Ms Motshekga did however mention in her address that these dates still need to be approved by the NCC (National Command Council). As we hear news and updates from legitimate and relevant sources, we will keep you updated as often as necessary.

During the next few weeks we wish to assure you that we will endeavour to make sure that we meet all the necessary requirements to ensure that our school is safe and ready for our girls’ return, if this proposal materialises.

In the meantime we will continue to send work home on the D6 app and our website. For the Intersen Phase we will be sending memos home on Monday for the work the girls have already done so that they can assess for themselves, if they are on track and to amend things while the work is still fresh in their minds. We will start sending work on a weekly basis for the week following. Our next set of work will be sent next Friday, the 8th May. We are hoping this may help your daughter manage her time more effectively.

The Foundation Phase and Preprimary have been sending work home on a weekly basis and they will continue to do so. I trust that you have found many of the activities lots fun to do with your daughter. We aim to keep our girls’ minds and bodies active and to keep them on track.

When the school premises is deemed and approved as safe we would like to make worksheets and books available for collection from school at a later date.

This morning I took the opportunity to go for a lovely walk on mountain drive. It was wonderful to be out in nature again and I am no longer in the ‘dog box’ with my dogs.

As always, keep safe and keep the faith
Warm regards
Mrs Michelle Rafferty

Messages and images from the VP community:

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and coping with their schoolwork. I know this is a very uncertain time for us and it’s hard staying in our yards, but if we all play our part by washing our hands and staying home, we can get through this together. I know we all can’t wait to see our friends and get back to our normal lives. I would just like to thank the teachers for their hard work and effort. I know we will come back better than ever.
Lots of love, Tara Bettridge.

Reverend Denise Herbert who is based in Scotland, tirelessly seeks donations for the work Dr Lisa Brown does for our girls, not to mention often donating out of her own pocket. She receives our newsletter on a weekly basis and she often emails me a message in response to it. I have copied a section of her email which I believe helps make us aware that the whole world is in this together:

Reverend Herbert writes: “We have been permitted to go out once a day to exercise – in England people are now allowed to drive to a walking spot as long as the walk is longer than the drive – though not sure how they can monitor that but in Scotland we can only walk or run (depending on one’s inclination) from home. So every evening in the past month that we have had lockdown I have walked for about an hour or just over. I have found new foot paths to follow and seen how nature is changing day by day as Spring gets going and the days get a bit longer. Unfortunately I have not been able to photograph birds as they hide too well but they are doing their best to sing merrily, to find a mate of course, each early morning and evening. I have a chaffinch, blackbirds, sparrows, coal tit, pigeons and two robins coming to the bird table to feed on the seed I leave out for them – watched at times by the ginger teenage cat from next door – which I have to shoo away.

I have put together some of the photos I have taken during this time of nature at work. I am extremely fortunate to be living in a very pretty area – so though we might be cold – lately the sun has been shining but we do have a very cold wind, and living on a steep hill where the village is built – we pick up wind almost constantly. So I am still well wrapped in winter clothes. Now of course you are heading for autumn and winter, and whilst you might have bright blue skies and sunny days I remember how cold it can be at night and always feel sorry for those living in shacks and poor housing and how hard it must be to keep warm.

I don’t know if you would have space in the newsletter for the pics. But simply to add that I have been thinking of you all and wish everyone teachers, pupils and their families well during this difficult time and to say you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Every blessing, Denise. “

Wild cherries in blossom

VP Newsletter 24 April 2020

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Message from the office (aka as the Rafferty’s lounge)

Greetings and lots of love to all our VP families wherever you find yourselves during the lockdown. We have decided to start our newsletter again in order to keep our gates of communication open.

I so wish I could be telling you when we will be opening our doors again and exactly how we will be proceeding ahead. Unfortunately at this point no one seems to know. I know that this uncertainty is causing anxiety and maybe even a sense of hopelessness in many. I myself wish I would wake up one morning and a cure would have been discovered overnight and life can go back to what it once was. But I know that this won’t be the case. I feel for all those who have to make such crucial decisions during this time. Their decisions will go down in history picturing them as either heroes or the village villains but the truth is, no one really knows what the future holds or what decisions will turn out to be costly and unnecessary or wise and life-saving. Our leaders have to trust the input from those who are experts in their relevant fields to guide them, and they need to put their egos aside to ensure that the citizens that they are there to protect are kept out of harm’s way.

This letter is meant to be uplifting and I seem to be going in the opposite direction. But the reason for the direction of my letter is that this is true too for us as a school in that we need to rely on the experts and unions for direction and have faith that the decisions that they make will be there to ensure that the health and safety of our girls, school staff and our community are of the utmost importance.

Various correspondence have indicated that they are looking into a phase-in approach at school where we will start with only one grade and then after some time slowly introduce the others. When and which grades we are not yet sure of. But they have stressed that there is NO final plan or return date and that this will be decided by the Minister of Education who is being advised by the Minister of Health and the National Command Council led by the president of South Africa.
Information with regards to social distancing, gloves, masks etc will also be shared with us and hence with you. We have been requested to stress the importance of being on high alert of any fake news that is being circulated as it contributes to our existing sense of uncertainty.
Like you, we as a school have many pressing questions and concerns about the proposal but as nothing is certain or definite, we need to at this time keep calm and have faith that the proposal will be made with clear heads and much consultation.

The VP teachers are missing their girls terribly and are desperate to be teaching them in the classrooms again and I have faith that this will happen in due course but we need to make the safety and health of our girls our biggest priority. As soon as we hear anything definite and I’m sure that this will very likely be shared with the nation, we will be in contact with you to share the unique plans that we will have in place at VP to secure the safety of all our precious girls.

In this newsletter we will be sharing messages from some of our teachers and I hope you enjoy reading them. My sincere wish is that you are all coping and keeping safe at home.

For next week’s newsletter I would like to encourage the VP families; parents and girls to send encouraging messages. It is our wish that it will make us feel somehow connected again. Please send photos too! Please email your message and/or photo to Ms Lang –

On behalf of all the VP staff; we miss you girls very much, keep safe and we can’t wait to read your messages and see how you are all doing.

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Good morning Grade 7Gr
You know my favourite saying or phrase is “ Go and reflect” I sincerely hope you are using this time at home to reflect. Not only about school work but also about life in general. Maybe you have set yourself some long term goals for after the lockdown. Whatever that may be I hope one of your goals will be to spend more time with family and friends in the future. This lockdown made me think about time in general.

One of my goals will definitely be to spend more time with my family. During this lockdown, Luka taught me that life is full of questions because he is now at that stage of asking many questions. Isabella introduced me to some interesting apps like TikTok and we have been listening to music together. My wife and I are cooking together and we spend hours either in the garden or cleaning the house. I have lost track of time and I love it!!

But … I would like to be back in class teaching and I am missing my afternoon walkers. I am missing hearing the girls during break time and seeing some Grade 7’s sliding down the bannisters. And yes, I have seen some of you sending notes around or eating something under the table and also the chats in class even when I say to be quiet and get on with work. So whatever the outcome of this lockdown is, please know that I am thinking of you every day. Enjoy the tasks set by the teachers and treasure the time you have with your family.
Regards Mr Greyling

Dear Girls
I miss you and think about you all every day! Lockdown has given me extra opportunity for reading, baking, building puzzles, chatting to my family over the phone, and best of all, spending time with my beautiful cat. I can’t wait to see you at school again, when I hope you will continue to laugh at my silly jokes, even if only for my sake if you don’t really think they are all that funny.

Here are two quotes that brought me some comfort during this time of lockdown. I hope they may do the same for you:
“Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.” – Jenni Young
“All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.” – Gandalf

– Mr Keeton

A poem for the Grade 3’s from Ms Putzier

Ms Putzier with her family during lockdown

Please don’t forget to wash your hands
Now that Corona has come to our lands

Please don’t forget to stay at home
Don’t go out of doors to roam

Please don’t forget to read everyday
Then as your teacher I’ll say ‘hooray’

Please don’t forget that I think of you all
As everyday you grow strong and tall

Please don’t forget I am waiting for
that happy day you’ll walk through my door

My dearest Grade 00 darlings.

With a phenomenal time like this,
Staying at home with your superheroes is completely bliss.

Painting, drawing, running, jumping galore;
Puzzles and cool games found in the Play Store.

The activities are to keep your special minds busy,
Whilst bonding with your parents and having a high tea.

Soon the Lockdown will be done,
Then we can continue with our Grade 00 fun.

Teacher misses all of you.
Hope you miss me too.

Teacher Lee

Grade 4
To my Sweet Angels

My wish for you is that you see the light in this world, in yourself and in others because I see the light in you.

I am proud of you. Believe in yourself because you are stronger than you know. Try hard, but know your limits. Ask for help and trust others will help you.

Ms Featherstone’s son painting with his cousin

Fill your hearts with laughter and smile, you are unique and special in your own way. There will never be another you.
I appreciate and miss all of you.

Dream, believe, inspire, nurture, love and always listen. These are the things I will also do for you.

Lots of love
Ms Featherstone

Dear Grade 6’s.
We thought of sending you this ” Words to Build Resilience” caption to remind you that it is fine to be worried in these times but that we are all in this together and that we must just remind ourselves to take it slowly and deal with one thing at a time. Let us be resilient and show kindness where we can. We are missing you girls terribly and are all looking forward to the day we can see you again.
Love Ms Sauls, Ms Goodes and Ms Purdon.

Dear Parents
Having missed this time in school, some of you may be worried about whether your daughter will be ready for Grade 1 in 2021. Dr Melodie de Jager is a qualified nursery school teacher and holds a doctorate in the role of neurological integration in the learning process. She is the founder of the Mind Moves Institute. She says that the foundations for school readiness and reading readiness include vocabulary and language skills, listening skills, motor development which includes using and developing all five senses and the muscles of the body. Therefore, if you are having daily conversations with your daughter which involve vocabulary development and listening skills, if she is actively involved in the day to day activities necessary to keep a household going, and she is keeping physically active you are doing a good job of helping her to be ready for school.
We miss you all and can’t wait to be together again.
Love Teacher Kerry and Teacher Sam

Dear Gr 7M and VP family
It’s been a while since we closed the school. I hope you enjoyed your long deserved rest with your family and are busy working on your activities. The lockdown made us think more about the value of life. As my late father-in-law would say ”Man proposes but God disposes”
During this period I have really enjoyed being with my whole family although my eldest daughter is working as she is a health care worker. We have shared some of the responsibilities in the house like cooking. We have also done some challenging exercises to keep active and I have had some quality time with my granddaughter.
Hope to see all of you soon.
Mrs Mabusela

Dear Grade 1s
Mrs Andrews and I have been so lucky because we’ve managed to have contact with you on our class WhatsApp groups. Thank you for the photos and videos. They make us happy (and sad). Happy, because we are seeing your faces and we know that you are safe and well. But sad because we miss you and we miss seeing you learn and watching you grow. You are the little pots of gold waiting for us at the end of the rainbow, which we know will appear when this “Corona Holiday” comes to an end.
With Love
Mrs Orsmond and Mrs Andrews

Dear girls
I hope you are all well and enjoying / surviving this strange time in which we find ourselves living. I am missing you all very much, especially the afternoons in the library and the chats that we have.
Grade 7s – not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. I wonder how you are getting on and whether you are managing to do some work. I hope you found the worksheet that I sent you interesting. I am fine – I have good, positive days and some down days. My good days are when I can focus and feel I have achieved something. I have made a couple of other comprehensions for you based on interesting articles that I have read pertaining to what is going on in our world at the moment. I can’t wait to share them with you and hear your thoughts. Other days I literally ‘veg’. I’ve decided against the setwork I had planned to do with you (The Boy who Harnessed the Wind) because I don’t think we’ll finish it. Instead, I’ve found another called The Whistlers, by Penny Maytham. Google it if you can and see what you think. It’s shorter and a little easier, but the uncertainty of when we’ll be together again prevents me from preparing too much on it. I mustn’t take up too much of this newsletter as I’m sure other teachers want to write to you too. If you feel like trying the book puzzle included please do. I’ll send answers next week!
With much love,
Mrs Jackson.

VP Newsletter 17 March 2020

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Message from the office

We have ended our term with uncertainty that is unprecedented and bound to cause unease and anxiety. I trust that you all received the notice regarding our plans that were made in light of the school closing early and the later return. Let’s work together to keep calm and avoid causing our daughters unnecessary angst.

Keep your families and daughters safe. The education department shared directives from the Department of Health and NICD which we have been requested to share with our parents:
• Be vigilant and look out for symptoms of fever (more than 38 degrees celsius), coughing and shortness of breath.
• Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol- based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
• Practice safe cough etiquette. Cough or sneeze into your flexed elbow or into a tissue and immediately dispose of the tissue in a safe place e.g. a bin.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as well as handshakes.
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, spaces and areas.
• Identify, isolate and report anyone who is showing symptoms especially if they have travelled to highly affected countries as reported by the WHO.

Keep safe and find the time to read with your daughter these holidays. If you are going to need to find a way to bide the time, encourage your daughter to read. Please make sure that your daughter does the work that is provided to her to ensure that we do not fall too far behind in the curriculum and that she keeps on track during the holidays. Try not to let her leave it to the last minute where she is unable to complete it all as she’s left it too late. Encourage her to try do a little every day.

Thank you
I’d like to express our thanks and admiration to our teaching staff for the production of “Can Giraffes Dance?”. It was a beautiful production. The girls were amazing on stage and the girls behind the scenes did an incredible job too. A special wow goes to Ms Knott-Craig who put the script together and the choreography of the beautiful dances. Thank you, talented teachers and girls. You have earned your rest!

Merit Achievers:  Congratulations to the following girls who have received over 250 merits so far this year: Sophie Büttner, Gracie Chitsike, Onikayo Gude, Eleni Kyazze, Liyabona Mbutye, Haidee Thondlana, Zahraa Mansoor and Eve Daniels. Well done and keep up the hard work and positive attitude, girls.

We congratulate our top ten achievers in Grade 4-7. Well done!

Hannah Tarr
Lithalethu Santi
Ahluma Zwana
Sanda Stofile
Mohlekesedi Zondani
Sally Kadye
Lehtabo Maneli
Shene Lockwood
Tyronéya Francis
Yayama Kom

Sophie Büttner
Eleni Kyazze
Iminqweno Gqutyana
Zazi Veto
Lisa-Jane Evans
Joylyn Chikiwa
Onikayo Gude
Megan Peinke
Gracie Chitsike
Hluma Mbiko
Khloé Thompson

Haidee Thondhlana
Eve Daniels
Shiloh du Plessis
Olivia Weyl
Okuye Funani
Lusanele Kesa
Claire Lobb
Ammaarah Elie
Iyonke Nogqala
Rachel Wilhelmi

Bronté Agnew
Jennifer Sweetman
Catherine Roberts
Sydney Edwards
Rutendo Chakona
Ethandwa Mtshemla
Chloe Maartens
Azosule Kanana
Tara Bettridge
Danika Lensley

Governing Body By-elections
Due to the ban on gatherings, we have had to postpone our SGB by-election which was due to take place on Wednesday, 18 March at 17:30. We will now have the by-election on Thursday, 16 April at 17:30. All nominations that have already been submitted will be retained for this meeting. Thank you to those parents who have already volunteered and been nominated. We appreciate your willingness to work for your school.

Happy Birthday to the following girls who celebrate their birthdays in the holidays: Tazné du Plessis, Onika Jimmy, Pippa Wolmarans, Kylie Daniels, Emily Steele, Elethu-Ibhongo Makeleni, Marlene Loeffler, Amyoli Tshetu, Tristen Williams, Siyasisanda Nene, Kaylee Vosloo, Abongile Mtshemla, Likhanyile Mtshemla, Alulutho Solani, Anovuyo Nkohla, Zamankwali Dingela, Zahraa Mansoor, Grace Mayekiso, Azile Hambaze, Kelly de Jongh, Kayleah Evans, Mbali Maxhaulana, Unam Mazwi, Hluma Mbiko, Phumelela Macetyana, Lisakhe Mcilongo, Alexis Killian, Uviwe Ngcizela, Thobile Willy, Lisakhanya Mpahlwa, Zenazi Gqeke, Ayola Taboshe, Cayden Daniels and Emihle Nyenge. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards

Mrs M Rafferty

VP Newsletter 6 March 2020

VP Newsletter 6 March 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 6 March 2020

Message from the office

Can you believe we are in March already?

We had our induction assembly on Monday where Tara Bettridge was announced as our Headgirl and Bronté Agnew as our Deputy Headgirl. I have no doubt that they will make for an effective and dynamic team.
Other new announcements were Likhanyile Mtshemla as our Netball Captain and Onwaba Santi as our Hockey Captain with Tara Bettridge as the Vice-Captain. We also announced our hostel monitors who play a crucial role in helping the matrons in the hostel. Well done to the following girls who will be our 2020 hostel monitors: Olona Tamsanqa, Mihle Maqoqa, Siyolise Gobozi, Abongile Mtshemla and Somila Lunguza.

Linking with this assembly and our focus on the value of responsibility I shared the following summary with our girls: With any role that you are given comes plenty of hard work and responsibility. These are the following points I’d like our girls to consider. Many points are relevant to all our girls. Not just to those in the Leadership Team.

1. Set a good example.
As a leader, you realize the importance of setting a good example for your team and your school. You can’t do one thing and say another and expect people to listen to you. You need to look smart and represent your school in the best way possible. You need to make sure you follow all the school rules. Treat your teachers and your peers with respect. My daughter and son both used to say when they were in leadership positions while in Grade 7 that they used to hate it when teachers would say something along the lines of ; “You are on the leadership team, you should know better’. People are going to judge you differently or more harshly. You are going to have to measure up to higher standards.

2. Persevere
The best leaders learn to handle failure as gracefully as they handle success.When things get a bit too overwhelming it is your responsibility to not give up and to keep at it. Never be too afraid to ask for help if you need it.

3. Build good communication skills
Every good leader knows the art of compromise and talking to people they work with or serve in a manner that is respectful. It is your responsibility to communicate with everyone in this school respectfully and with love. At times you will have to tell your friends what to do which may be hard or make you not so popular. As hard as it is, always make sure you speak kindly and with respect. Try not to get bossy. People won’t always respond well to that.

4. Work on your decision-making abilities
Sometimes you may find yourself overwhelmed by too many choices, weigh the pros and cons of each option and make the most informed decision possible. This will help you to make correct decisions in everyday life. This is quite a responsibility to learn but through discussion with other team members, Mrs Sauls as your head of the leadership team, a teacher or your parents, you may learn the skills to make a good decision.

5. Learn to plan
Life is going to be hectic this year if you haven’t already realised this. Learn to plan your days. It is going to be expected of you to be responsible and go to your meetings, be prepared and follow up on all your commitments. And of course, use a diary to make sure that you don’t double book yourself. If you have, be responsible about excusing yourself from your teacher. This is such a crucial life skill to learn that you will need your whole life if you want to ensure people see you as reliable and responsible.

6. Get out of your comfort zone
You will be expected to do things that you are not comfortable with, you may even think, ‘How can you ask that of me? I can’t do that?”. But sometimes, to grow and discover things you didn’t know that you could do, you need to try things you’ve never done before. And sure, sometimes it may go well and sometimes it won’t but you most certainly will learn something on the journey that you never would have if you didn’t try. And sometimes you will just have to do it because it is part of your responsibility. You’ll just have to dig deep and do it!

7. Establish your values and stay true to you
Lastly make sure you know what your values are and what you are not prepared to compromise on. If honesty, reliability or responsibility are values you hold dear and your reputation is something you value it will be very difficult for others to convince you to go against the grain of who you value yourself as. If you don’t know what you value or you value your popularity or being liked above other values, you will find yourself easily swayed. If you haven’t already, go home and decide what values you, as a person you respect in yourself, won’t compromise on and ensure that you stay true to them.

Most people want to be a part of the Leadership Team but it is not all fun and games, it is a lot of hard work. A lot of expectations will be placed on you but we know that you are up to the task. Congratulations leadership team of 2020. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done already. We are certain that you will continue to serve the school to the best of your ability this year.


We will be saying our farewell to Ms Bruns at an assembly on the 16th of March as she heads off to join her fiancé in Portugal. What an exciting adventure! We are working through the department to transfer the new Grade 3 teacher who is young, dynamic and experienced in teaching Grade 3’s. I am certain that Gr 3B will adjust happily.
On Thursday the 19th of March we will have our farewell for Mrs Arnold who is retiring. Mrs Andrews is already well established in the Grade 1 class and we know that that transition will be an easy one. Mrs Orsmond will be the acting FP HOD.
Mr Mkula has accepted a post at St Johns in Johannesburg. We are delighted to let you know that we have been able to get Mrs Jones back. Unfortunately her planned emigration to New Zealand fell through. As Mr Wynne has experience in both violin and cello he will continue with teaching the strings pupils and Mr Wynne’s current pupils and music classes will be shared between himself and Mrs Jones. We wish Mr Mkula all the best as he takes on this new challenge. We will also say farewell to him on the 16th of March.
Rest assured that your girls will remain in capable and caring hands.

Conquesta Olympiad:    Should you wish for your child to participate in Conquesta 2020, entry forms are available from Mrs Sauls. Conquesta is only open to Grades 4-6. Please complete the entry form and return it to school in an envelope, marked Conquesta with the relevant entry fee. Closing date for entries are 13 March.
For more information please go to

Governing Body By-elections
On Tuesday your daughter brought a letter informing you of the VP SGB By-election on Wednesday, 18 March at 17:30. We are looking forward to parents who will raise their hands to say “Include me” and be prepared to serve on our SGB. If you read the back of the letter sent home you will find a charter of what is expected of a member of the School Governing Body. Please read through those points carefully to ensure that if you are nominated you will be able to fulfill this role. Please attend this meeting as we will need a quorum for the nominations to go ahead. We have the choir and orchestra entertaining parents from 17:00 until the start of the meeting.

Progress Concert
Our young musicians will perform in the progress concert on Wednesday 18 March at 14:00. All beginners will present work to showcase what they have achieved so far this year. The concert will take place in the hall and should be concluded by 15:00. Please feel free to attend and support our young musicians.

Open Class
Ms Hanslo has sent out a letter to Foundation Phase parents inviting them to experience a music class with their daughter. This will take place on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 in our school hall. Parents must please refer to the letter for the correct times per grade.

Swimming stars!

Our top swimmers have been very busy this past week and have certainly done us proud! On Friday, 28 February Ayalakha Mokoena swam in the Top 8 gala at Newton Park in PE. She came 3rd in the 50m Freestyle and won a bronze medal. Well done, Aya!

On Thursday, 5 March Ayalakha Mokoena, Charlotte Welgemoed and Daniella McLean swam in the Interdistricts gala at DSG as part of the Albany team. Aya won gold in the 50m freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Her relay team also won both their relays. Danni and Charlotte’s relay team also won. Well done, girls!

The extramural/sport schedule for the rest of the term is as follows:
Please note: Grade Ones will continue with summer sports until the end of the term.
9 March (Mon)
Senior Netball Trials: U11 & U12 (14:00-15:00)&U13 (15:00-16:00)
Senior Hockey Trials: (14:00-15:00)
10 March (Tues)
Junior Interhouse Tennis: (14:00-16:00)
11 March (Wed)
No extramurals. School finishes at 12:30 for all girls as staff will be attending training in Port Elizabeth. Please ensure that your daughter is collected by 12:30 if she does not attend Aftercare.
12 March (Thurs)
Junior Hockey trials: U8 & U9 Top Field (14:00-15:00)
U10 & U11 Bottom Field (U10 & U11)
Senior Interhouse Tennis: (14:00-1600)
16 March (Mon)
Junior Netball Trials: U8 & U9 (14:00-15:00) & U10 & U11 (15:00-16:00)
17 March (Tues)
Interhouse Cross Country: During School

Our U13A netball team will participate in the Frans Erasmus Tournament at PJ Olivier this afternoon and tomorrow from 08:00-12:00. We wish them lots of success at their first tournament of the year! Supporters are welcome.

Our production “Can Giraffes Dance?”  begins next week. Tickets cost R20 for adults and R10 for scholars. On Thursday & Friday night the PTA will serve coffee/hot chocolate and a cupcake for R10. Please buy tickets early as there is limited space available.

The seventh edition of Masicule, which sees almost 1 000 voices gathered on stage in song, will take place in the Guy Butler Theatre at the Monument in Makhanda on 8 March (6pm) and 9 March (7pm). What makes this year’s concert so special is that the special guest artist is Nomfundo Xaluva (old VG girl and head girl 2002). Tickets are R50 and R40 for students and learners. Book online at or get your ticket at Makana Tourism, Fusion or the Joza Youth Hub. Mr Mkhize has tickets for sale at VG as well.

There are reports of an outbreak of lice at various schools in town. Please check your daughter’s hair regularly and if you find any lice or nits begin treatment immediately and keep your daughter at home until she is completely clear of all lice and nits. One of the salons in town is offering to assist with this:
TranquiLICE – Head Lice Removal Clinic. Situated at 135A HIGH STREET and open Monday to Friday 8 to 5; (closed on Tuesdays) and on Saturdays 8 to 1. Treatments are done by appointment only. The Removal of Lice is done by using controlled heat, followed by the use of a vacuum-like device called a V-comb, which catches the lice and nits into a filter which is then discarded. This is a neat and safe way to get rid of the problem. The treatment includes a shampoo and blow dry as well as a spray on take home product to prevent further infestation. The process takes about one hour to one and a half hours, depending on the severity of the problem.
Our Vision is to dispel the stigma associated with head lice and to stop the overuse of pesticides on our children and the environment. Many head lice removal products today contain insecticides that may be harmful to children’s nervous systems. Our mission is to change the way people treat head lice and to deliver an effective and environmentally friendly service. Together we can do this.
Introductory Price for March 2020: R320 (regular Price R400.) For any questions or more info please WHATSAPP 0836489522; FOR APPOINTMENTS WHATSAPP 0836489522

Happy Birthday to the following staff and girls who celebrate their birthdays next week: Mrs Rafferty and Mrs Goodes; Cazlin du Plessis, Othandwayo Jaji, Sisipho Loliwe, Amila Mdingi, Cassidy du Plessis, Olwethu Nojoko, Tyronéya Francis, Buhle Mabanga, Ariba Nawaz, Amnuyela Sakata, Unakho Kate and Zoë Butters. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Important dates
Friday 6/03 – Frans Erasmus Tournament@PJ
Saturday 7/03 – Frans Erasmus Tournament@PJ
Sun 8/03 – Masicule Concert – tickets from VG
Mon 9/03 – Masicule Concert – tickets from VG
Wed 11/03 – School ends at 12:30. No extramurals.
Thursday 12/03 – Can Giraffes Dance? 18:00
Friday 13/03 – Can Giraffes Dance? 18:00

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