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At Victoria Primary we believe that sport plays an integral part of the school curriculum and therefore a wide variety of summer and winter sports are offered to all the girls. Girls are expected to participate in at least one summer and one winter sport. We always encourage participation regardless of a girl’s skill level.

Participation in sport is important in developing life skills and sets the tone for a healthy, balanced life. By being involved in team sports the girls, not only develop a sense of camaraderie with their fellow team mates, as well as a lively school spirit, but also enhance their own ability to work together towards a shared objective.

Victoria Primary offers aerobics, athletics, cross country, dancing, swimming, squash and tennis in summer and hockey, netball and tennis in winter. Matches and tours are arranged regularly and we are often invited to attend festivals. Girls who are particularly talented and excel on the sports field are given ample opportunity to develop their sporting talents and to test spirit and resilience against some of the top schools in the province. They are also afforded the opportunity to be considered for possible district and provincial selection. During sport we always teach our girls that no matter the result, win or lose, we always do it respectfully and gracefully.

Teachers, additional coaches and parents add their expertise and help with the coaching and training of our budding sports women. Learners at Victoria Primary have represented the Albany/Makana Municipality, the Cacadu/Sara Baartman District and Eastern Province teams in various sports over a number of years.

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