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Intersen Phase Grade 4-7

Victoria Primary School aims to provide a well–balanced curriculum both intramurally and extramurally. The curriculum seeks to introduce pupils to a traditional range of subjects, as well as subjects designed to teach important life skills and attitudes. Great emphasis is given to the development of personal and interpersonal skills. We encourage children to experiment, explore and fearlessly follow their curiosity, inspiring a passion for learning. We embrace individuality, identifying each child’s uniqueness, enabling them to understand their importance and value.

Our dedicated teachers are committed to creating an environment in which all girls can develop a lifelong passion for learning. Within this nurturing atmosphere, girls can feel safe to make mistakes and, in so doing, discover themselves. Our girls learn to work effectively in groups, developing flexibility, cooperation, tolerance and the ability to compromise to achieve a common goal.

The Intersen Phase provides an environment where everyone is treated with respect and care, and where each child is recognised for who they are. We recognise their uniqueness and, with that in mind, the many activities on offer cater for these varying interests. We have a thorough sporting and cultural programme that runs alongside our broad-based curriculum. Most importantly, however, we allow our pupils to be children and strive to create a space where they will flourish and reach their full potential.

The school’s academic programme includes the core subjects; Mathematics, English Home Language, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Skills, as well as EMS and Technology in the Senior Phase (Grade 7). From Grade 4 the learners choose either Afrikaans or isiXhosa as their First Additional Language. The school prides itself in setting high standards to better prepare the learners for high school. We embrace Value Based Learning and, in 2021, we focussed on the motto, ‘humble, gracious and kind’, and explored the themes of humility, graciousness and kindness. This year our focus is on ‘motivation, mindfulness and accountability’. These themes will also be dealt with during the value based learning lessons.

We follow the CAPS curriculum, and the policies set out by the Education Department are implemented in our curriculum management. We implement termly assessments, and marks are recorded according to the SASAMS system. These assessments are formal tests, assignments, data-handling activities and project work. We are extremely fortunate to have 100 Chromebooks at our disposal and teachers are encouraged to set tasks via Google classroom. We also utilize these books during our IT lessons.
Our girls are encouraged to participate in the Science Expo, as this opens up their world to a whole different range of science based activities and research. Many of these learners have continued to enter this expo in high school, and the experience attained in the lower grades has resulted in many of our past learners performing exceptionally well, both nationally and internationally.

Our school hosts, on an annual basis, a General Knowledge Quiz, together with our brother school, Graeme College. This is a well-supported and eagerly awaited event on our calendar. Competition is fierce, and it is a great privilege to ‘bring the trophy home!’

The winners of our annual Interhouse ‘Best Speakers’ also participate in a competition against the Graeme College team. Public speaking is encouraged at these events, as well as in our weekly assemblies, where sports and house captains deliver reports on the week’s sporting, cultural and house activities.
Girls are encouraged to enter the annual Conquesta Challenge, which tests problem solving and logic, as well as knowledge of the various learning areas. Many of our girls also participate in the annual South African Mathematics Challenge.

A favourable teacher/learner ratio has been made possible by the foresight and planning of our very active and enthusiastic School Governing Body.

The success of our learners is made possible by the symbiotic relationship which the parents, teachers and learners have, which makes working together easier.

Our school is a happy school. This happy environment creates contented learners who are keen to give of their best, satisfied parents who support our endeavours, and a committed teaching staff who are passionate about the holistic development of their special charges. We believe it is the perfect space in which to create a positive learning experience for your child.

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