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The school has a dynamic and vibrant Music Department. Every learner is involved in school singing during singing practice and assembly periods. There is also a Foundation Phase Choir for girls in grades 2 and 3 and a Senior Choir for girls in grade 4-7. All girls in these grades are encouraged to audition and to be part of these choirs regardless of whether or not they take individual music lessons. Currently 50 girls sing in the Foundation Phase Choir and over 100 girls sing in the Senior Choir. VP has an excellent choral reputation amongst the schools in Grahamstown and our girls are often invited to entertain groups and to participate in cultural events.

All classes in the Pre-Primary, Foundation Phase and InterSen Phase enjoy class music lessons as part of the school curriculum. Each week the Pre-Primary sing and learn to play percussion instruments and in addition to this the Grade 1-3s also learn to play the recorder. From Grade 4-7 each class has a Music and Drama lesson once a cycle where they learn basic music theory, how to play the recorder and percussion instruments, singing, movement and acting.

Our three music teachers also offer lessons on the recorder, flute, piano, guitar, violin and cello. More than a hundred and twenty pupils are learning to play an instrument during individual or group music lessons. Our teachers also prepare individual girls for Trinity College and Royal Schools Music Examinations.

Our instrumentalists all perform both individually and as part of an ensemble during the course of each year. We have guitar and voice groups, woodwind groups, string groups and an orchestra. Our school orchestra entertains parents and visitors regularly and also participates in inter-school cultural events. The girls enjoy performing for an audience and their music is always well received.

Victoria Girls Primary School orchestra makes music


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