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VP Newsletter 8 February 2019

VP Newsletter 8 February 2019 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 8 February 2019

A message from Mrs Rafferty
I am delighted to inform the VP family that I have received official notice from the Department of Education regarding my appointment as principal. I am honoured to serve you, the VP staff and our precious girls. I know that with the support and counsel from our school SMT and GB we will endeavour to uphold the ethos and ‘VP Vibe’ both Mrs Abrahams and Mrs Kaiser, as well as our previous principals worked so hard to instil. You only need to step onto our school campus to sense what a happy and special place this is for our girls and for those who work here. I am delighted to be the new official custodian of the office ‘Sweetie Jar’. The Sweetie Jar represents to me praise, encouragement, a world of colour, comfort, some sweetness, a bit of an energy boost and affirmation. I promise that it will never be empty!

Medication: Please note that if your daughter requires medication at school it must be handed in at the office with a copy of the prescription. No over-the-counter medication is to be brought to school. If you have any queries in this regard please contact the office.

Aftercare traffic: In order to try to reduce the amount of traffic congestion we are experiencing outside the hostel in the afternoons, we will be opening the entrance to the Pre-Primary gate for parents to collect our younger girls, Gr 00-1 from the Beaufort Street side. Gr 2-7 girls must still be collected from the hostel entrance. We would also like to stress that marked parking bays at the hostel entrance are allocated and belong to our flat tenants. Please do not use these parking bays when collecting your daughter from aftercare. We also ask that you drive carefully and patiently when driving into and leaving this area. Thank you for your assistance with this.

School Bubble: Please can we also request that parents do NOT park or drive into the area allocated for teachers’ parking at any time of the day. It is clearly marked. Let’s set an example to our daughters to be citizens who respect and abide by laws and regulations.

Grade 4 HPV Vaccinations: The nurses will be arriving on Tuesday the 12 February at 09h00 to administer the HPV vaccination to our Grade 4 girls, who have provided consent letters.

Sewage Leak on Huntley Street: I am sure you all reacted with horror as you saw the sewage spill running down Huntley Street this past week affecting both our girls and the children of Good Shepherd. Although this should have been a task for the municipality to attend to, we cannot express enough of our heartfelt gratitude to Clint Hare of R&S Plumbing who promptly attended to it on Thursday morning. They did so free of charge to help both our schools. Service like this, provided by community-minded people, is what keeps us optimistic about our town! Thank you!

Personalities of the Week
Congratulations to Bronwyn van Onselen for showing great
sportsmanship in her tennis match and to Skyla Davies, for always displaying a kind and sharing attitude in class. We are so proud of both Personalities of the Week!

On Wednesday, 6 February our athletics team participated in the final round of the Grahamstown CMC Athletics Championships for track and field events at PJ Olivier. The girls did their best and we achieved the following results:
U/13: Kelsey Frazer 2nd in 100m and 200m, Sama Khumalo 4th in 200m, Unathi Hlana 7th in 1500m
U12: Lisa Mpahlwa 4th in 150m, Sue-Ann Swanepoel 5th in 1200m
U10: Nqobile Gxashe 3rd in 100m
U/13: Kelsey Frazer 2nd in high jump, Unathi Hlana 2nd in long jump
U11: Grace Mayekiso 2nd in long jump and 2nd in high jump
U10: Lisa-Jane Evans 1st in long jump, Zazi Veto 3rd in long jump

Congratulations to Kelsey Frazer, Unathi Hlana, Grace Mayekiso, Lisa-Jane Evans and Nqobile Gxashe who will represent Makana at the Sarah Baartman District Championships at the Oval in Port Elizabeth on Friday, 15 February.

The Kingswood Short Course Gala will take place on Tuesday, 12 February. It starts at 14:00 and should be done by 16:30. The school buses will be leaving from the school bubble at 13:15 and returning to the hostel bubble once the gala is over. If you are transporting your daughter yourself, please ensure that she is at the Kingswood pool by 13:30 for warm-up.

The 4th and final B- League Gala of the season will be taking place at Newton Park Swimming Pool in PE on the 16th of February.

Tennis:  Unfortunately, the junior tennis match against Port Alfred was cancelled. The senior tennis team girls played against PJ Olivier on the 6th February. Kendra May came to PJ’s rescue as they were short of one player. Thank you, Kendra! VP won both the singles and doubles section. VP won a total of 41 games and PJ Olivier won 14 games. Another great win for VP.

Please can all our Team Tennis player parents consider entering their daughters into the Buco doubles tournament and/or the TTA tournament? It is an amazing opportunity to increase their skills and experience. The TTA entries need to be in by Monday.

Good luck to the following girls who will be challenging for better positions in the Albany Tennis Ranking: Isabella Greyling, Tara Bettridge, Nicole Swart and Viola Stoloff.

Hockey: U10 Hockey trials will take place on Friday, 15 February, on Fergusson Field. This is to selct a team to attend the Union Mini Hockey Festival on the 8th and 9th of March.

Many parents have received an email/sms from KARRI regarding payment for the Valentine’s Civvies Day and the Magic and Illusion Show, and have already paid using this method. Please note that you are under no obligation to use the KARRI app. It is just a facility to try and make your lives a little easier. We will load fundraising events throughout the year. Parents are welcome to continue to send money to school if this is what you prefer. If you need assistance with Karri please contact Mrs Terblanche in the school office.

Magic and Illusion show: On Tuesday, 12 February SA’s leading magician & illusionist, Mark Rose-Christie will visit our school and present his new, exciting, comical and mind-boggling show. This promises to be fun and has an educational component as well. Gr 3-7 girls have been asked to bring R10 to school for this very exciting show. You may pay using the Karri App.

Valentine’s Day Sports Tour Fundraiser (Gr 1-7)
Don’t forget that we will have a Civvies Day on Thursday which is of course – Valentine’s Day! Girls must please pay R10 to wear civvies. The dress-up theme is pink, red or white. The U13 hockey and netball coaches and girls are also making fun Valentine’s goodies which girls will be able to pre-order and pay for on Monday. Items available are as follows: Cookies in a bag – R10: Cupcakes – R5; Love Plant R10; LARGE messages in a bottle R20; SMALL Message in a bottle; Cards R5; Keyrings R10 and face painting R5. Please complete the order form at the bottom of the newsletter and return it with the correct payment sealed in an envelope to Ms Knott-Craig on Monday. We only have a set number of items so it will be first come, first served. NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED

On the same day (Thursday, 14 February) our school will be observing Global School Play Day. This is an opportunity for our children to enjoy unstructured play time. The initiative started in 2015 as a result of the findings of researcher and scholar Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College, who writes extensively about the important role of free and unstructured play in children’s development. In the modern world, the lack of opportunities to play has negatively impacted the wellbeing of children around the world. The occasion is observed globally, and the organisers were hoping to reach 500 000 children in 2019. For more information, please visit their website and/or watch the TED talk by Professor Gray where he makes his case for the importance of free and unstructured play in healthy happy childhood development. The Pre-primary girls will enjoy a full day of play. Your daughter is welcome to bring toys and games from home to play and share with their friends. Please ensure that anything they bring is marked with their name and that they will be happy to share it unreservedly with the other girls. The only restriction is NO ELECTRONIC GADGETS. If it has batteries, a screen or needs to be plugged in or charged it is not allowed. Play is the work of children. Let’s enjoy a busy, happy day of nothing but play!
Our Grade 1-7 girls will get an hour during the day to play too! Please send card games, board games, balls, dolls, skipping ropes or any toy that your daughter loves to spend time playing with! The same rule applies though- NO SCREENS!

Hostel Hamburger Fundraiser
The hostel will be selling hamburgers on Friday the 15th February from 2-4pm in the hostel quad. Hamburgers are R35 each and will include sauce, lettuce and tomato, fried onions and cheese. Small bottles of coke will also be on sale for R10 each. Girls and their families can pre-order and we will have limited extra stock to sell on the day. If you would like to pre-order your hamburger or hamburger and coke please send the money to school with your daughter to hand in to her class teacher by Thursday, 14 February. Your support of this fundraiser would be greatly appreciated.

We would like to wish the following girls and staff who have birthdays next week, a very happy birthday. They are Olivia Weyl, Phillipa Weyl, Tenielle Morrison, Rachel Thomson, Ayva Baatjes, Ms Danckwerts and Mr Greyling.

Warm regards

Mrs M Rafferty

Coming up….

Fri, Sat and Sun:  Albany Tennis Challenge

Tuesday:  Kingswood Short Course gala

Thursday:  Valentine’s civvies day & Global Play Day

Friday:  Boarders Leave Out

               Sarah Baartman athletics at Oval, PE

                Rhodes University Maths Challenge

Saturday:  B League gala, PE

Sunday:  Boarders return

    Buco Tennis Doubles Tournament



VP Newsletter 1 February 2019

VP Newsletter 1 February 2019 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 1 February 2019

A message from the office:
Today is World Read Aloud Day and we have spent an hour this morning either reading a book ourselves, reading to someone or were being read to. In the past year World Read Aloud Day has found more than 1 million people in 100 countries enjoying the power and wonder of reading aloud. ( According to Lit.World, who initiated World Read Aloud Day, it was introduced to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people. Please don’t let the reading stop at our one hour or just for today. Encourage reading in your home and make story time at bed time your priority. Nothing bonds you to your child more than a bed time story. Listening to stories will develop your daughter’s imagination, vocabulary, comprehension and even her attention span. More importantly it is a crucial seed to developing lifelong readers. Fill your homes with books, take your daughters to the library, switch that TV off and read, read and read some more!

Emotional Support:
Dr Lisa Brown has once again provided support to our staff by presenting a workshop on counselling this past week. The aim of this workshop was to enable our teachers to provide the opportunity for our girls to have someone to talk to if the need arises. At our assembly the girls were told that they could choose one of the ‘Emotional Support’ teachers to make an appointment with to come and have a chat. We do not consider ourselves professional counsellors however we do see the importance of creating a safe place for our girls to talk to someone. Our ‘Emotional Support’ team consisting of Mrs Arnold, Mrs Jones, Ms Knott-Craig and Ms Miskin will avail themselves to our girls who simply need an ear to hear them. Of course our girls may talk to any of our teachers if they feel that connection. Our aim is to try to guide and counsel (provide pastoral care) before (and hopefully instead of) implementing punitive measures.

Your daughter/ward has been given a data verification form. Please could you check that the information we have on the form is up-to-date. If you make changes it would be of assistance if you do so in a colour which is easy to see ie. use a red pen. Your daughter/ward must please bring the form back to school on Monday. Hostel girls will be given their forms to take home for Leave Out on 15 February.

The GC/VP Social will take place this evening at Graeme College. Girls are to be dropped off at Graeme at 18:00 and picked up at 21:00, promptly. Entrance is R 15 and there will be a tuckshop available. Please note that if your daughter/ward is not collected promptly at 21:00 this could impact on her attendance to other socials this year. We hope you have fun, girls!

The field events for the Makana Athletics Trials have been postponed until next week Thursday, 6 February due to the rain. Girls will be informed next week of new arrangements.

Congratulations to the follow VP girls who have made it through to the final round of the Makana Athletics for track events which will take place this Saturday, 2 February at PJ Olivier: U13- Kelsey Frazer (100m/200m), Sama Khumalo (200m), Unathi Hlana (1500m), U12- Lisa Mpahlwa (150m),
Sue-Ann Swanepoel (1200m), U10- Nqobile Gxashe (100m).

Our swimming team participated in the Graeme Relay Gala on a rainy Thursday afternoon. They did us proud and showed a lot of spirit. Well done, girls!

On Wednesday our senior tennis team played against Kingswood College.
This was another win for our VP senior tennis teams! The girls managed to play very well, despite the heat and had a wonderful afternoon of tennis. The A team managed to win their Single matches by a narrow 3 games and the doubles by 5 games. The B team won their single matches by 11 games and the doubles matches by 15 games. Well done, girls!

Next week our Junior Tennis Team Girls will play matches against Port Alfred High at VP. Some of the girls will be playing their first matches so they are feeling quite excited. Please come and support us.

We would like to wish the following girls and staff who have birthdays next week, a very happy birthday. They are Unathi Hlana, Inam Toll, Kendra May, Christelle Ruwanza, Samke Someketa, Esethu Stamper, Eve Daniels, Bahle Lwana, Azuza Mbiza, Sianlo Gumenge, Khanya Kepe, Imanathi Mcophele, Simingaye Shoba, Sanda Stofile, Ms Makeba and Ms Miskin.

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty
Acting Principal

Coming up….
Friday: Grade 6/7 Social at GC 18:00-21:00
Saturday: Athletics event at PJ Olivier
Monday: SGB Finance meeting 17:15
Tuesday: SGB Meeting 17:15
Friday: Sarah Baartman athletics trials at Oval, PE
Fri, Sat and Sun: Albany Tennis Challenge

VP Newsletter 25 January 2019

VP Newsletter 25 January 2019 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 25 January 2019

From the office:
At Monday’s assembly the topic was on learning to be responsible. It is important for us, as parents, to help develop this value in our daughters too.

It is very hard not to want to help our little girls out when things don’t go as planned or we so desperately want to intervene so that they don’t fail, that we find ourselves doing too much for them. When this happens, our daughters don’t learn to take on the responsibility themselves. On the other hand, there are times when our daughters do need guidance, support or information so that they can learn how to be responsible. We often want to give our children everything that their hearts desire so that they can have all that we perhaps were not fortunate enough to have. However, by not meeting their needs immediately and not giving them everything they want, you provide an opportunity for your daughter to tolerate some frustration, to learn delayed gratification and to become less impulsive and less self-centred. Make sure that you establish and explain the consequences for breaking rules in your home and that you follow through on those consequences. Through this, you will teach your daughters to appreciate what they have. Hold your daughters accountable for their behaviour as this will foster the development of a sense of responsibility. Both consequences and accountability will help prevent the development of an attitude that nothing is ever their fault. But remember, in doing all this, you still need to nurture and make sure they know that you love them unconditionally and that you will still love them even when they do make mistakes.

‘If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders’ – Abigail van Buren. (Adapted from an article which can be found at https://centerforparentingeducation)

We are very pleased to announce an addition to the VP family! Ms Cloete gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ladine, last week. Congratulations to the family and we can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy!

This week Lelona Kusela is the Personality of the Week. She has been recognised for being thoughtful and kind. Thank you, Lelona!


The athletics team is participating in the first round of the Makana Athletics Championships at PJ Olivier today. Run well, girls! Results will only be available next week.

There will be further trials on Thursday, 31 January and Saturday, 2 February. Girls will receive letters if they are participating in these events.

The following girls will be swimming in the B- League gala this Saturday: Bronwyn van Onselen; Cheree Lisher; Sydney Edwards; Tyla Shone; Catherine Roberts. Swim well, girls!

The Graeme Relay Gala is on Thursday, 31 January. It starts at 14:30. The bus will leave from the school bubble at 13:45 and return to the hostel bubble after the gala. The Team girls who will be swimming will receive a letter on Monday at school.

This week the senior tennis team played double and single matches against Port Alfred High. PAH had a very young team and our VP girls displayed beautiful and encouraging sportsmanship. VP won both sections and had a wonderful start to their 2019 season.

On Wednesday, 30 January our senior tennis team will be playing against Kingswood College. The A team will play at VP and the B team at KC.
Play well, girls!

Good luck to all the VP girls who have entered one of the biggest tournaments in the Eastern Cape this weekend. Venues for this weekend: U10 – Fairlawn, U12 – Graeme and U14 – DSG. All support is most welcome!

Google Chromebook (Gr 3-7)
Encourage your daughter to put together a “Chromebook pack” for use in the classroom. This should contain a cloth to clean the device once she is done with her lesson, the best type would be the little cloth you receive with a new pair of glasses. If she has an extra set of earphones she could bring one to school for use with the Chromebook in class. This is not compulsory but will assist with managing the devices in the classroom.

Media Market Day
These take place on a Friday and each class (Grade 4-7) have an opportunity to bring in items (eg. cakes, cookies, hand made crafts) which they sell at break time. Please support your daughter, when it is her turn, in her efforts to contribute to the sale. If possible send a little money on a Friday for her to buy an item. The funds raised will be used to purchase library books and class readers. We will track the totals to see which class manages to raise the most funds!

Don’t forget to buy your Memory Book from the office for only R100! This is a great way to save all those special school memories.

We would like to wish the following girls and staff who have birthdays next week, a very happy birthday. They are Ovayo Phillip, Katie-Leigh Arnott, Kuhle Mpama, Iviwe Jakavula, Luminathi Magula, Sesona Matyumza, Iminathi Mgwebi, Ms Lang, Mrs Bester, Mrs Sauls and Ms Jamela.

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty
Acting Principal

VP Newsletter 18 January 2019

VP Newsletter 18 January 2019 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 18 January 2019

A message from the office:
Thank you to all the parents for the amazing turnout at our PTA AGM on Tuesday night. It is not too late to volunteer to join this dynamic team that make up the PTA. Please get a form from the office if you wish to join. We have our first PTA meeting on Tuesday the 22 January at 17: 15 in the staffroom.

Dr Lisa Brown presented a wonderful talk on parenting and I’d like to highlight some points she made:
The proper role of a parent is to provide encouragement support to enable the child to master key developmental tasks. We need to nurture with love, support, attention and encouragement.
• It is important to remain attuned to the unique needs and characteristics of our daughters so we can respond to them appropriately and help them learn to cope and regulate their emotions independently.
• Attunement NEVER involves screen time! (parent or child). 30% of children polled in a recent survey identified their parents on screens as a form of rejection/abandonment.
• When children struggle to learn a new skill and they receive encouragement and assistance, they feel supported and keep trying until they master the skill and they are more likely to try new things. If on the other hand, a child is given negative feedback and does not receive any assistance, she will most likely feel defeated and think she is incompetent, this child will most likely easily give up on new tasks and show anger towards herself. She may even refuse to try.
• Children will learn quickly when feedback includes why the behaviour is unacceptable and what the expected behaviour should be in a given situation.
• Many times our children will ask us to do something for them that we know they are capable of doing on their own. It is your job to teach your child age-appropriate skills in order to allow them to become more and more independent.
• If your child doesn’t get angry with you at least once in a while, you’re not doing your job. Along with this, remember that you are not required to give lengthy explanations of your decisions. “It’s not safe” can be plenty of explanation .You don’t need to get into all the possible “what-ifs” and “if-thens.”
• It is about doing your best! That’s really all you can do sometimes. Parenting is a perpetual balancing act—striving to find that balance between doing too much and doing too little, or giving consequences that are not too harsh but not too soft, either. That’s when you have to go back to picking your battles and realizing you are not, nor will you ever be, the perfect parent. You just need to be good enough. [Donald Winnicott]
“Be the parent today that you want your kids to remember tomorrow.” ~Unknown

A reminder that the office hours are 07:00-16:00 Monday to Thursday and 07:00-14:00 on Friday. Please ensure that if your daughter is being collected outside of these times, this is done from the Huntley Street entrance as access through the front entrance will not be possible. No children should be waiting at the Beaufort Street entrance after 16:00 Monday-Thursday or after 14:00 on a Friday. We thank you for your assistance with this.

Please encourage your daughter to prepare for school the night before, make sure she has the correct books, her uniform, sports equipment and clothing as this facilitates her arriving on time and ready to do work, in the morning. Parents should not be dropping off items through the day, if at all possible, as this encourages children not to take responsibility. The office cannot ensure that all the items (over 20 most days) are given to the correct children, in time every day. If your daughter does not get her lunch/costume/book, it cannot be blamed on the office staff as she should have had these items with her when she got to school. We really appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Leaving School Early: It is a legal requirement that your daughter needs to be signed out at the office if she is to leave before the end of the academic school day. The guardian/parent must please report to the office to sign and collect the pupil. A valid reason needs to be given in the book. If the child is able to return before her school day has ended she needs to be signed back in again.

Please see the amended extramural programme which accompanies this newsletter.

There will be NO extra murals on Thursday the 24 January as the staff will be attending a Staff Development. Please arrange for your daughter to be collected promptly at the end of her academic school day.

Due to the rain this week, the Senior Tennis Team game against PAH was cancelled and has been moved to Wednesday, 23 January at VP from 14:00-16:00. The junior team match will be postponed until further notice.
The following team players will be playing against Port Alfred High School: Isabella Greyling, Danni Barrow, Tara Betteridge, Bronwyn van Onselen, Lorena Jass, Kendra May, Cheree Lisher, Onwaba Ben-Mazwi and Siyolise Santi.
Tennis practice on this day is cancelled for the remaining Senior Team as well as for the Junior Team.

Next weekend the TSA Mini Tennis Series will take place at schools in Grahamstown, including VP. We wish the VP girls who have entered every success, and lots of fun.

On Friday, 25 January the athletics team girls will participate in the first round of trials for track events for the Makana Athletics team. The event will take place at PJ Olivier. We are expected to start at 08:00 and finish at 14:00, but we are still awaiting on confirmation of these times. The girls in the team will receive a letter next week with all the details. We wish all those involved good luck.

On Saturday, 26 January selected team swimmers will attend the first B League Gala for 2019, in PE. Girls have been given letters with the relevant details. Swim well, girls!

Please remember that once the girls are finished with school and extramurals for the day they must be in full school or sports uniform when leaving the premises. This includes their shoes/takkies and socks. Flip flops are only to be worn at school when participating in swimming and may not be worn when going home. Girls represent the school when walking around town and we would love them to be proud of the image they project.

We would like to wish the following girls who have had birthdays next week, a very happy birthday. They are Yonelisa Ngaleka, Zinathi Nondzube, Isla Orsmond, Nqobile Gxashe, Avethandwa Hambaze, Mihlali Mbovane, Kaede Bridger, Zukhanye Mzaidume and Avela Sigidi.

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty
Acting Principal

VP Newsletter 11 January 2019

VP Newsletter 11 January 2019 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 11 January 2019

A message from the office:
A warm welcome back to all. We trust that you and your families had a good rest although it was a shorter break than usual. We especially welcome our new girls and we are looking forward to getting to know you better.

We have not heard from the Education Department with regards to the appointment of our principal for this year. Please be assured that I, and the rest of the VP staff, endeavour to keep our ship sailing forward with the wind in our sails. We have chosen our slogan for this year (as you will see at the top of our newsletter) as ‘Being kind to ourselves, each other and our community’. This year we aim to teach our girls to look beyond themselves with empathy and compassion. Kindness has unfortunately become ‘uncool’ and we would like to make it an attribute to be admired and proud of. We encourage you to do the same at home, developing a sense of the role they can play and the value which they can add to those around them and even to the greater community.

We welcome two new teachers to our school this year: Ms Christian who is teaching in Grade 3 and Mrs Jackson as our library teacher who will also be teaching Grade 7 English. Although neither of them are entirely new to VP we are delighted to have them in their new posts! Ms Olivier has also joined us as an intern in Grade 1. We hope you will enjoy your time with the VP family!

Our hostel monitors will be spending a night at Bushmans, this weekend, where they will be exploring their duties and responsibilities within their leadership roles . Mr and Mrs Jones and Ms Denston will be accompanying them. We wish them great weather and fun on the beach as well!
Our Leadership team leave on Thursday, 18 January for their Leadership Camp and will return on Friday, 19 January. This will be a valuable team and skills building experience. Thank you to Mrs Sonne and Mr Jones who will accompany the girls.

Please diairise the PTA AGM on the 15 January at 17h30 in our school hall. We shall be calling for parents to volunteer their time and join the Parent Teacher Association, which aims to bring in extra funds for our school each year. We are also delighted to have Dr Lisa Brown present a short talk on the role and importance of parenting. Thereafter you will visit your daughter’s classroom to meet her teacher and to learn about how best to support your daughter’s learning in the particular grade which she is in this year.

Please note that your daughter should be at school by 07h20 in the morning. The bell will ring at 07h25 and teaching and learning begin at 07h30. If your daughter is late for school it will put her at a disadvantage and it is disruptive for her classmates who are already hard at work. The parking spaces in the school bubble are for staff. We would really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
The main school gate in Beaufort Street will be locked at 16h00 from Monday to Thursday and at 14h30 on Friday. Girls who are to be picked up later than this must be collected at the Huntley Street gate. Girls should wait inside the gates and not on the pavement.

Aftercare girls are collected at the Aftercare entrance which is accessed through the Victoria Primary Hostel gate on Hill Street. If you are uncertain about any of these venues please enquire at the office. Please ensure that your daughter has the necessary stationery to complete homework at aftercare. Please note that all returning aftercare children from 2018 still need to complete the necessary registration forms for 2019. As from Monday no girls will be allowed at Aftercare if they have not submitted 2019 forms and paid at the office.

The school times are as follows:
Gr 00&R: 08h00-12h30 Gr 1 & 2: 07h25-13h00
Gr 3: 07h25-13h30 Gr 4-7: 07h25-13h45.

Next week our extra murals begin. Please go through the extra mural programme and discuss with your daughter what she would like to do. Help her get into the routine of packing the correct clothes and equipment the night before and bringing them to school. Girls will be expected to sign up for two hours of sport a week.

Conversational IsiXhosa has been introduced to our extramural programme this year for Grades 4-7. If your child wishes to learn to speak the language in a fun and informal way, please choose one of the slots that she can attend in a week. Some of the teachers have also signed up to learn! We do however stress that the girls, once they’ve committed themselves, need to ensure they attend all the lessons.

Team swimming trials will take place on Monday from 14:00- 15:00. All girls who were in the team last year must please attend. Any new girls, as well as any girls who were in the Feeder Team last year are welcome to attend.
Beginner swimming trials will also take place on Monday at 14:00 for girls who are able to swim in the deep pool with a pool noodle for support and at 14:30 for girls who are gaining confidence in the shallow pool.

Tennis trials for beginners and intermediate players will take place on Monday from 15:00-16:30.

Athletics: Team athletics with will start on Monday, 14 January. This will take place on Fergusson Field from 14:00 – 15:00. Girls selected by Mr Jones and any new girls from Grade 4- 7 who would like to try out for the team, should attend.

Netball: The final round of trials for the u/13A netball team will be held on Tuesday, 15 January from 15:00-16:00. Any new girls that are u/13 are encouraged to come.

Medical Forms: Your daughter will have received a Medical Form which is to be completed with all your relevant details. These forms are required in case of emergency when children travel for Away Matches and Outings/Tours. Please return all forms to your child’s class teacher by Monday, with a copy of both sides of your medical aid card and identity document. If you do not have a medical aid please also stipulate this clearly on the form.

The Clothing Exchange will be open on Wednesday mornings from 07:30 to 08:00 and on Friday from 13:15-13:45. Thank you to Mrs Thompson and Mrs Peinke for volunteering to run it this year.

Communication: If you wish to receive this newsletter electronically please send an email request to the office: It is also available on the D6 Communicator which can be downloaded onto your PC at: or on your phone as an app. Please enquire at the office if you need more information.

We would like to wish the following girls who have had birthdays this year and those who celebrate next week, a very happy birthday. They are: Zazi Gqamana, Sisitha Jaji, Tara Bettridge, Lilitha Kila, Claire Lobb, Mihle Khitha, Avuthando Matyumza, Amani Troskie, Jayseea Botha, Indibabale Jack, Inobublele-Ngathi Jack, Mbalentle Jadi, Oyintanda Solani, Zizinwe Sotyato, Lelona Kuselo, Amber Isaacs, Farren Kara, Sadie Bartis, Mbalentle Dyaloyi, Kulowo Msipa, Oyintando Nkatazo, Ahluma Zwana, Lunathi Zikishe, Usiphile Langa, Kimberley Lisher, Sinothando Matshaya, Hlombe Mvula, Hlubekazi Mqeke, Sabrina Nyathi, Lisa-Jane Evans, Georgia-Mae Botha, Yayama Kom, Lulo Pnoshe, Junaid Williams and Inam Zondi.

It has been a busy first week. Thank you for getting your daughter ready for a productive year. Have a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty
Acting Principal

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