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VP Newsletter 25 September 2020

VP Newsletter 25 September 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 25 September 2020

Message from the office
I trust that you had a wonderful and restful Heritage Day! We have introduced our next value which is the value of Citizenship. Heritage Day has quite appropriately, coincided with this theme.

Citizenship means teaching our children social responsibility. Citizenship means being a member of and supporting one’s community and country. A South African citizen has certain freedoms which are declared in our constitution but a good citizen knows their responsibilities are just as important as their rights. A South African citizen should be informed, follow the laws of the country, be considerate of other citizens and be accepting and tolerant of others’ cultures and religions and to treat everyone with respect.

Citizenship is the ability to realize that you are part of a bigger picture; wherever you are, it is not just about you. You have a role to play within your society.

We asked our girls to ask themselves the following:
• How can you make your class better?
• How can you make your family better?
• How can you make your community better?
• How can you make your country better?
• How can you make your world better?

We also encouraged them to make a pledge and think of 5 things she could put into action to see what a difference small gestures can make.

These are a few of the type of things our girls could do to practise citizenship:
o Help clean up the playground and pick up litter wherever we go.
o Walk away from a fight.
o Wear a seat belt and cross at the pedestrian crossing and when and where the green man says you can walk.
o Respect other people’s religions and cultures and don’t make fun of anyone
o Wear your mask in public because you care for others
o Make sure that you are always neat and presentable wherever you go and follow your school rules because you represent your school, family and yourself and you want to be proud.
o Take care of the animals and creatures of the world and show them kindness
o Donate to charity
I encourage you to ask your daughter what the five things are that they have pledged to do and perhaps you can help her put these into action.

Please note that our SGB AGM and Budget meeting is scheduled to take place on 12 October at 17:15. The budget will be available to view from Monday at the office. More details about the meeting will follow in the next newsletter.

VP Eisteddfod: We are pleased to announce that we are going to hold our annual VP Eisteddfod in the next few weeks. The Eisteddfod is open to all girls from Grade 3 to Grade 7. In order to comply with safety protocols all performances will be submitted electronically as videos, while artwork can be brought to Ms. Knott-Craig. All entry forms must be completed online by candidates’ parents. The entry form will be available on the school’s website. Entries open on Monday 28 September and close on Friday 2 October, R5 per entry. Further details will be available on the online entry form.

Merit achievers: Congratulations to Kumnandi Ncumani, Sophie Büttner and Megan Peinke who have received over 250 merits so far this year. Well done, girls and keep up the hard work!

Happy birthday to the staff and girls who celebrated their birthday this week: Mrs Orsmond, Unako Mengu, Emilie Niesing, Marizaan Boucher, Unako Nondlazi, Abbigail Rischbeter, Amvuyele Fobe, Somila Lunguza and Etinosa Nini.

VP acting out our value of Citizenship: Feedback on donations
VP made donations of older items from our Clothing Exchange via GADRA to needy school children. Thank you Mrs Tarr for facilitating this.

Warm regards
Mrs Michelle Rafferty

Heritage Day celebration at VP.

VP Newsletter 18 September 2020

VP Newsletter 18 September 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 18 September 2020

Message from the office
You may know, as from Monday we will move to Level 1 of the Lockdown. As yet we are unsure of the specific implications this will have on the schooling system and we await official nformation from the Department of Education regarding any changes that we are able to implement. Until such time, we will continue to run school as we are currently and we will update you of any changes as soon as we are informed.

To follow on as from last week’s newsletter, some posts and contributions that I hope inspire you and our girls.
This is an extract of the post that got it all going…
I asked one of my friends who has crossed 60 & is heading to 70 what sort of change he is feeling in him? He sent me the following very interesting lines, which I would like to share.
“1) After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, my friends, I have now started loving myself.
2) I just realised that I am not an “Atlas”. The world does not rest on my shoulders.
3) I stopped telling the elderly that they’ve already narrated that story many times. The story makes them walk down memory lane & relive the past.
4) I have learnt not to correct people even when I believe they are wrong. The onus of making everyone perfect is not on me. Peace is more precious than perfection.
5) I give compliments freely & generously. Compliments are mood enhancers, not only for the recipient, but also for me.
6) I have learnt not to bother about a crease or a spot on my shirt. Personality speaks louder than appearances.
7) I walk away from people who don’t value me. They might not know my worth, but I do.
8) I remain cool when someone plays dirty politics to outrun me in the rat race. I am not a rat & neither am I in any race.
9) I am learning not to be embarrassed by my emotions. It’s my emotions that make me human.
10) I have learned that it’s better to drop the ego than to break a relationship. My ego will keep me aloof whereas with relationships I will never be alone.”
Can we practise this at any stage and age?

A condensed version of a letter from a mom..
*Shared from Facebook from Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming:

“Dear daughters, there are so many distractions in this life. Girl friends, boyfriends (ack!), cell phones, social media, hormones, and so many other things that ring loudly in your ears.
These are the things I hope you always remember:

• Your decisions are important. One decision can change the trajectory of your life. It takes courage to decide you are not ready for something, and courage to decide to make yourself vulnerable and try something new. Always be courageous.
• Use the right measurements. Life is not measured in the amount of likes you get on Instagram or numbers on a scale. Always remember that life is about the impact you have on others, so work on building your brain and growing your heart, and the rest will fall into place.
• Use your voice. Never sit idly by while someone else is being treated poorly. Period.
• Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. It feels good to fit in and it feels good to be liked, but you will find that being accepted only when you are pretending to be something you’re not is an exhausting, unfulfilling experience.
• Never dis your sisters or your girlfriends. You need them more than you know.
• You are enough, exactly as you are. Love yourself for who you are at this exact moment, because you are perfect. You are a gift to this world, and if you ever forget, just ask.
• The best is yet to come. I’ll always be there for you.
Love, Mom”

And then advice from our parents and our teachers and even from our teacher’s parents:
“I would say that they should develop firstly their ability to read. Teachers should try & encourage a passion for reading & then their other skills, such speaking & writing will follow. Xxx”

“In the blink of an eye everything in life can change in an instant. Live your life to the fullest each day as you never know which day would be your last on this earth.
So often people will doubt themselves as to how far or what they can accomplish in life. Just know that if you put your mind and heart to it, anything is possible. You simply have to just want it and have God in your heart.
Appreciate the little things in life. A family to go home to and to love. Some people may not even have that.”

“Tell your family every day how much you love them as you never know when you will have that chance again but most of all thank them for being in your life and always loving you no matter what. Appreciate one another and always make the most of every day. Be kind, friendly and compassionate towards others. Together we can accomplish everything” – Nicolette Swart

Ndlulamthi Badge of Excellence
Congratulations to the following girls who received their Ndlulamthi badges at Monday’s Assembly:
Azile Hambaze in Grade 3 for always showing respect towards others. Azile takes pride in everything that she does from the way she dresses, to being on time for class and in the way that she presents her work. She sets a wonderful example of a VP girl. We are very proud of her.
Sibonokuhle Benge in Grade 2 is a very responsible person and even takes responsibility for others in the class. Sibo respects those around her and her ability to listen attentively is an example to all. She also works hard in class and always tries her best.
Well done to these two little poppets who have made us very proud.

Merit achievers
Congratulations to Hluma Mbiko and Taylor Arries who have received over 250 merits so far this year. Well done, girls and keep up the hard work!

Stranger Danger
It was with concern that we received a visit from two police officers to inform us of an incident of a VG girl who had a close encounter with a stranger in a white bakkie with tinted windows. We will be talking to our girls about Stranger Danger but I appeal to you to also have this chat with your daughter and to make sure that they are never alone and in areas that may make them vulnerable and an easy target.

On Thursday, 24 September we celebrate Heritage day with a public holiday, please note that Friday, 25 September is a school day.

Happy birthday to the girls and staff who celebrated their birthday this week: Ms Cummings, Shene Lockwood, Selby Tarr, Meekah Troskie and Aslyn Klaas.

Warm regards
Mrs Michelle Rafferty

VP Newsletter 11 September 2020

VP Newsletter 11 September 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 11 September 2020

Message from the office
On Tuesday afternoon we held a memorial service for Léyaan-Té Jacobs in our Garden of Remembrance. The service was attended by staff, her close family and her Grade 6 friends. It was a beautiful day; warm winter sunshine and a clear blue sky, stroked with faint white clouds. As we sat around the fountain with the water providing the calming trickling background noise, Mr Wynne and Ms Hanslo sang and played such beautiful music that it touched the soul. A few of our Grade 6 girls spoke and they made me immensely proud of their composure and thoughtful words. One cannot comprehend the pain the Jacobs family must be going through and I thanked them for joining us in our farewell to her.

Losing a child is a place where I very seldom allow my thoughts to go and as it is so often said, goes against the way we expect nature to work. It also brought home two things to me; one how precious each day, week and year we are given is, and the other is that although we live in times where growing old is often viewed as a sad thing, it is indeed a privilege.

I don’t know about you but the uncertainty and challenges of the pandemic has made me very anxious and perhaps at times negative. I know it is easier said than done as some of us have lost much in these last few months, but if we count our blessings and wake up each day, starting with the realisation of what we can be thankful for, it might make us more positive and resilient to face the day ahead. As parents our attitudes are felt by our families and our fear and negativity is contagious and tangible, but so too can our optimism and gratitude be adopted by those close to us. We have but one life, and each day is a gift, how we wake up each morning can impact our relationships, careers, moods and which in turn can affect the direction of our lives and of those around us.

Youth is seen as desirable and the ultimate and somewhere along the way we have forgotten the value of the elder and most often, wiser. Respecting our elders shouldn’t just be based purely on the fact that they are older but on the fact that they have learnt so much and can teach us so much. We are foolish if we dismiss their input as irrelevant. Their experiences and life lessons can save us from going down some very costly and painful roads if we choose to listen. Recently I asked my parents (age 77 and 78) what pearls of wisdom they could share with us; my sisters and our families. Their responses were both unexpected and beautiful but they both in their own ways highlighted the importance of relationships and how these shape our lives. Not money or possessions. My dad also mentioned an altercation with his father when he was a young teenager and how he still regrets never apologizing for his harsh words – this is indeed also a lesson for all of us; mind your words and make peace while we can.

If you are fortunate to have older members of your family, (it doesn’t have to be as old as seventy!), ask them what they could share looking back on the life they’ve led. You may be surprised at how consoling, comforting, uplifting and even life-changing their words may be.

If you’d like to share any words of wisdom with us all from elders in your family or perhaps even your own words of advice, please email them to me and perhaps we can share them in next week’s newsletter. They may teach us, uplift us and help us to appreciate each day.

Ndlulamthi Badge of Excellence:
Congratulations to the three girls who were awarded this badge this past Monday during our assembly:
Hannah Stoltz in Grade 6 for always being extremely polite, enthusiastic and always giving of her best. She also shows compassion towards others. Well done, Hannah!
In Grade 2 we had two recipients, Mila Nongubo and Siyasisanda Nene. Both girls are respectful and remember their manners at all times. They are responsible and display a good work ethic. Well done to the two of you. We are so excited that our Foundation Phase girls are already being recognised for such admirable qualities.

School Photo Day
On the 17&18th of September we will have our school photo day. This year due to Covid-19 regulations girls may have individual photos or photos with siblings who live in the same household.
Grade 1-7 girls must please wear their summer uniform (skirt, short sleeves white shirt and short socks on photo day (no civvies this year).
Grade 00&R girls may wear their favourite civvies.
You can order a set of photos by completing the order form at the end of the newsletter sent home from school. Please return it along with the exact payment to the school by 14 September. The photos cost R90 and consist of 2 x Jumbo, 2 x Wallet, 2 x ID and 2 x Book Markers.

WhatsApp Groups
Please note that if you have not returned the WhatsApp policy form, we will assume that you do not give permission to the school to include you in any WhatsApp groups associated with VP. As of Monday at 13:00 we will therefore have to remove all participants who have not given written consent.

Health Questionnaire
We still have a few outstanding Health Questionnaires. Please ensure that they are completed and returned to by Monday.

Happy birthday to the girls who celebrated their birthday this week: Lulo Adam, Danika Lensley, Emily Stoltz, Lolwethu Makana, Yanga Tapi Okuye Funani, Chloe Maartens, Grace Xala, Khazimla Kwenxe, Cayden Strauss, Ayman Hayat, Danni de Witt, Lily Jacobs-Pretorius and Luminathi Mpapha.

Warm regards
Mrs Michelle Rafferty

VP Newsletter 4 September 2020

VP Newsletter 4 September 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 4 September 2020

Message from the office
Lockdown changed many ways we do things, it gave us the opportunity to do things that we never seemed to find time to do anymore, it gave us time to reconnect with our family members and it forced us to learn new skills like our Zoom and Team meetings. I do wonder how many of these changes will become our new way of life going forward.

It has also most certainly highlighted the essential role that both teachers and parents need to play in our children’s education. I know many of you have a newfound respect for teachers and what they do on a daily basis and couldn’t wait to send your child back to be taught by them. We were delighted by some of the work that was done while the girls were at home and we appreciate the input of many of our parents. We encourage you to continue with this involvement and participation in your child’s schooling.

It is well- documented that children with parents who are interested and involved in their child’s education are motivated and more self-driven and more likely to reach their full potential. When I meet up with prospective parents, they all want their child to attend VP because they say it provides “good quality education” and they mention the good matric pass rate at VG and the success of the girls who pass through our system. But the education of a child and the role of a parent does not end when she gets dropped off at school in the morning. That is only the start. A parent’s role needs to be deliberate and time consuming and yes, often very inconvenient because that input is what will really give every child the edge in life. We need to read to our children as this will build their vocabulary and comprehension and will instill a love for reading. We must check our children’s homework and ensure that it is up to standard because this will show them that it does matter and that work that is not done properly or without care is not acceptable. This then will be a standard that they will apply to every job they are faced with for the rest of their lives. And we must read their newsletters and see what is happening in the week ahead as this shows them that it is important to be prepared and to stay informed and that we are interested. It also gives them a sense of security knowing that their parents are aware of what is going on.

I wish to thank those parents who not only meet us halfway but very often go beyond the extra mile. Thank you for prioritising your daughter’s education and feeding into her future. We cannot educate a child and ensure that she reaches her full potential without the input and stimulation of her parents or guardians.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” Jane D Hull, Govenor of Arizona (1997 to 2003)
Children spell ‘love’ ;T-I-M-E’ – Dr A Withom

Five reasons for Parents to get involved in their Child’s Education
Summarised from:

Higher grades and better behaviour are just a few of the benefits of parent involvement.
What if you could help your child enjoy school more, get better grades, and reduce behaviour problems at the same time? Reams of research have shown that regardless of parents’ income and educational background, their involvement in education helps their children do better in and out of school.
Here are 5 reasons you should get involved in your child’s education though there are many more than just these:
● Higher grades – Children whose parents are involved in their education get better grades and have higher test scores. And the more parents are involved, the more their children seem to benefit. A study of parents highly involved in the educational process showed that their children were more likely to improve in reading and Maths.
● Better behaviour – Children develop better social skills and show improved behaviour when their parents are involved at school. Studies have also shown that children are less likely to skip school, less disruptive in class, and more likely to do their homework when their parents are involved. One study showed that when dads are highly involved in schools, their children enjoy school more and are less likely to be suspended, expelled, or required to repeat a grade.
● Improved education – Research shows that parent involvement can help improve the quality of schools, raise teacher morale, and improve a school’s reputation in the community. Involved parents gain the respect of teachers; as a result, teachers have higher expectations of their children. Involvement pays off in the long term, too: Children stay in school longer and are more likely to continue their education after high school.
● Increased confidence – When students feel supported at home and school, they develop more positive attitudes about school, have more self-confidence, and place a higher priority on academic achievement. Children of involved parents are more likely to feel that they’re accepted, included, and respected.
● Parents benefit too – When parents become involved in their children’s education, they become more comfortable in the school building, gain confidence in their parenting skills, and feel more capable of helping their children learn. They’re also more likely to continue their own education.

Ndlulamthi Badge
Congratulations to Tara Bettridge and Bronté Agnew for being the recipients of our new badge. They were acknowledged for the commitment they have displayed in these uncertain times. They have continued to have a brave attitude and positive disposition as members of the school’s leadership team and they continue to inspire their team and the VP girls. Their commitment and the presentation of their work during lockdown were of a very high standard. Both these girls display the necessary compassion and empathy towards others. They are responsible and resilient young ladies who will make a success of this year in spite of the current circumstances. Congratulations on receiving this special award, Tara and Bronté.

On the 17&18th of September we will have our school photo day. This year only individual photos will be taken due to the Covid-19 regulations. You can order a set of photos by completing the order form at the end of the  newsletter that was sent home and ensure it, along with payment is returned to school by 14 September. The photos cost R90 and consist of 2 x Jumbo, 2 x Wallet, 2 x ID and 2 x Book Marks.

Example of photo package: 

If you prefer you can also make the payments via the Karri App or as an EFT payment (with your daughter’s surname/photo as a reference), please ensure that you still complete the order form and send it to school before the 14 September 2020, please attach the proof of payment to the order form if you have paid via EFT.
Please note that no orders can be accepted after the 14 September 2020.

Happy birthday to the staff and girls who celebrated their birthday this week: Ms Ebel, Chloe Bowker, Maria Correa, Azosule Kanana, Uyathandwa Kupula, Zehra Rizvi, Nicole Swart, Lakhe Jubase, Rayvene Peters and Yondikhapha Ndesi.

Please help Ms Featherstone collect items for a good cause.
The Jabez Aids Health Centre was established in 2005. The centre operates with 11 community-based care workers as well as a manager. Currently there are many orphan-based children who are struggling and suffering without proper clothing. If you have any second hand or unwanted children’s clothes please consider donating them. Your daughter can bring them to school and hand them in to Ms Featherstone who will transport them to the Jabez Aids Health Centre.

Warm regards

Mrs Michelle Rafferty

VP Newsletter 28 August 2020

VP Newsletter 28 August 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 28 August 2020

Message from the office
It was with much sadness that we received the news of the untimely passing of Léyaan-Té Jacobs on Saturday who was a Grade 6 pupil in Mrs Goodes’ class. We paid tribute to her on Monday and Tuesday and we plan to have a memorial for her at a later date. We are sure that you join us in keeping her family in our thoughts and prayers.


Each night we shed a silent tear,
As we speak to you in prayer.
To let you know we love you,
And just how much we care.
Take our million teardrops,
Wrap them up in love,
Then ask the wind to carry them,
To you in heaven above.

We are back in business!
It has been so wonderful having all our girls back albeit it be on alternate days. The joy and enthusiasm in our little ones is evident in their smiling eyes. Their spontaneous skipping is contagious and uplifting. Mrs Orsmond shared a beautiful story on the return of her little Grade Ones this week: When working nearby a little girl’s desk she felt a finger gently stroking her hand, before she could respond she looked up to see a tilted head and contemplative smiling eyes. The little girl said, “I just missed you so much!”. It is times like this that make it all worthwhile!

by Kevin William Huff
Paint their minds
and guide their thoughts
Share their achievements
and advise their faults

Inspire a Love
of knowledge and truth
As you light the path
Which leads our youth

For our future brightens
with each lesson you teach
Each smile you lengthen
Each goal you help reach

For the dawn of each poet
each philosopher and king
Begins with a Teacher
And the wisdom they bring.

And then a fun poem in memory of my teachers back in the 80’s:

My Teacher Wasn’t Half As Nice As Yours Seems To Be
Roald Dahl
‘My teacher wasn’t half as nice as yours seems to be.
His name was Mister Unsworth and he taught us history.
And when you didn’t know a date he’d get you by the ear
And start to twist while you sat there quite paralysed with fear.
He’d twist and twist and twist your ear and twist it more and more.
Until at last the ear came off and landed on the floor.
Our class was full of one-eared boys. I’m certain there were eight.
Who’d had them twisted off because they didn’t know a date.
So let us now praise teachers who today are all so fine
And yours in particular is totally divine.’

A reminder of arrangements for dropping and collecting your daughters:
 A reminder that all Foundation Phase children (Grade 1-3) are to be dropped off for screening in the mornings and collected in the afternoons from the Huntley Street gate.
 The Grade 4-7 girls will be screened at the Hall foyer and they need to be dropped off at Beaufort Street in the mornings.
 The Grade 4, 6 & 7 girls will be collected in front of the school office whereas the Grade 5 girls will be collected in front of the Pre- primary School Building.
 The Pre-primary girls will be dropped off and collected at the Pre-primary entrance.

We understand that there has been congestion of traffic particularly when fetching your daughter in the afternoons. To alleviate this we have made a plan to have less staff cars in Beaufort street which should allow more space for you to pull in, pick up/drop off and leave and we discourage you to park and remain in a bay for an extended time as this further adds to the congestion. We appeal to you NOT to double park, do dangerous u-turns and to allow your daughter to randomly cross the street wherever they wish. Please remind your daughter that she must use the pedestrian crossing whenever she needs to cross the road.

Please note the following message we received regarding these:
In view of the impact the COVID-19 had on the schooling system, NRF-SAASTA has taken a decision to cancel the 2020 STEMI Olympiads and Competitions. Olympiads and competitions affected are:
• Natural Sciences Grades 4-6
• Natural Sciences Grades 7-9
• Astro-Quiz Grade 7
All learners who enrolled for the 2020 Olympiads will be able to participate during 2021 Olympiads using the registration fee already paid in 2020. Learners who have registered for 2020 and cannot participate in 2021 are legible to apply for refund.

The 2020 Conquesta Olympiads have finally arrived. All the girls who signed up for the Olympiad will be participating in them throughout the week (31st August – 4th September). Olympiads will be be written in classes under the supervision of the class teacher. We hope that all the girls participating will enjoy the challenge. Good luck, girls!

Happy birthday to the girls who celebrated their birthday this week: Athena Mothudi, Siarra Appollis, Balelihle Jadi, Kwakuhle Mafani, Philasande Sandi, Mohlekesedi Zondani, Antoni Bozuza, Lunje Tshiki, Onikayo Gude, Lianke Cordier, Christelle Moriarty, Achumile Mpapela and Sinovuyo Mbolekwa.
Please note: If you would like to send a treat to school to celebrate your daughter’s birthday with her class, please can we ask you to send individual treats (eg cupcakes) or preferably individually wrapped treats. This will minimise the contact necessary between persons and is a much safer option. Thank you for your understanding.

Warm regards
Mrs Michelle Rafferty


Condolences published on No Comments on Condolences

Dear VP family                                                          2020-08-23

It is with much sadness that the VP staff received the news that one of our dear Grade 6 pupils, Leyaante-Te Jacobs passed away yesterday.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this very difficult time. We pray God’s hand of comfort over them, our staff and her friends as we mourn her sudden and untimely passing.

May her dear soul Rest In Peace.

VP Newsletter 21 August 2020

VP Newsletter 21 August 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 21 August 2020

Message from the office
It has taken many months but finally we will have all our grades back at school. We are looking forward to receiving all our green groups on Monday and blue groups on Tuesday.

 A reminder that all Foundation Phase children (Grade 1-3) are to be dropped off for screening in the mornings and collected in the afternoons from the Huntley Street gate.
 The Grade 4-7 girls will be screened at the Hall foyer and they need to be dropped off at Beaufort Street in the mornings.
 The Grade 4, 6 & 7 girls will be collected in front of the school office whereas the Grade 5 girls will be collected in front of the Pre Primary School Building.
 The Pre-primary girls will be dropped off and collected at the Pre-primary entrance.

A reminder that no parents or visitors are allowed onto the school premises and items left at home or lunch may not be dropped off at the office.

Each class will be released at staggered times to avoid congestion and we appeal to you to fetch your daughter timeously. Please read the letters that have been sent home for each grade so that you are familiar with the arrangements specific to your child’s grade. No child will be permitted entrance and exit at the incorrect gate/entrance as this will impede the implementation and recording of our screening process.

We are now at level 2 and this will hopefully make life a little easier and a bit more ‘back to normal’ especially if you work in the hospitality industry. We do however appeal to you to remain vigilant and cautious as even though many regulations have been lifted and the peak appears to have been reached, we are all still vulnerable and we all need to be as responsible as possible, as our actions will affect others who we come into contact with.

And then I’d love to share such a positive story too:
Sometimes I just want it to stop. Talk of COVID, looting, brutality. I lose my way. I become convinced that this “new normal” is real life. Then I meet an 87-year-old who talks of living through polio, diphtheria, Vietnam protests and yet is still enchanted with life.
He seemed surprised when I said that 2020 must be especially challenging for him. “No” he said slowly, looking me straight in the eyes. “I learned a long time ago to not see the world through the printed headlines, I see the world through the people that surround me. I see the world with the realization that we love big. Therefore, I choose to write my own headlines:
“Husband loves wife today”. “Family drops everything to come to Grandma’s bedside”. He patted my hand. “Old man makes new friend’. His words collide with my worries, freeing them from the tether I had been holding tight. They float away. I am left with a renewed spirit and a new way to write my own headlines” . Story by Andy Stanley (Facebook)

Message from our Head Girl: Tara Bettridge
I hope that everyone has been keeping safe. We are gearing up for another exciting term. As gloomy as things might seem right now, there is always good to come. This term we can look forward to things like Best Speakers, General Knowledge and leave-out weekend for the hostel girls. I am sure that you have all missed your teachers and they look forward to seeing you all again. It will be great to have our corridors buzzing again with happy faces (even with our masks on). Good luck for this term, girls. Work hard and always give 100 percent in everything you do!  Love Tara

The music teachers are looking forward to all of the grades returning next week. There are still a few spaces available for piano students and music application forms can be collected from Mrs. Lang. Please note that if you would like to discontinue your daughter’s music lessons, this must be done in writing via the school office.

When you return to school please take note of the uniform and hair guidelines to make sure our VP girls are looking neat and tidy.

Hair must be neat and appropriate for girls in uniform.
If hair/braids are over shoulder length it must be all tied up. Hair must be away from the face.
Hair/braids should be your natural colour.
Corn rows must be neatly plaited and all tied up.
Clips and hair accessories must be black, green or navy. (No decorative accessories)
Summer: School tartan skirt, short sleeved open necked white shirt, short white socks and black regulation school shoes (lace up or straight bar). Navy pullover. Navy V-necked sleeveless pullover with badge (optional extra). Blue school hat
Winter: School tartan skirt or navy blue trousers, long sleeve open necked white shirt, navy long socks or navy knitted/opaque stockings, black regulation school shoes, navy pullover, navy V-necked sleeveless pullover, navy blue waterproof (optional), hooded lined VG waterproof jacket (optional).
Earrings – girls may have their ears pierced. Only small plain studs or sleepers may be worn. Girls are also reminded that sports and school uniforms should not be mixed.
As of Tuesday, 1 September girls may wear either winter or summer uniform until the end of the term. Please note that they may not mix the uniforms.

Happy birthday to the staff and girls who celebrated their birthday this week: Mrs N. Coetzee, Ms Oerson, Siyolise Baxana, Kungawo Koza, Lwandle Ralo, Nalu Mfiki, Jemma Butterworth, Lethabo Maneli, Minentle Majova and Alunamda Rafa.
Warm regards

Mrs Michelle Rafferty

VP staff are READY to welcome all our girls back and dancing with joy

Please take note of the school Whatsapp Group guidelines

Face shields are available for purchase at the office. If you would like your daughter to buy one please send R25 in an envelope with her to her teacher who will then supply her with one.


If you are interested in purchasing a bucket hat with a removable face shield for your daughter, please complete the order slip below and return by no later than Friday, 4 September 2020. The bucket hat will be navy blue in colour and made of a washable fabric. The face shield is made of a soft clear plastic and is attached to the hat by means of Velcro and can be easily removed for wiping and disinfecting. The edging on the face shield is also navy blue.

As the latest government regulation mandate the wearing of masks in all public places hats with shields such as these cannot replace a face mask, however they will provide extra protection and will be suitable for wearing in the classroom, while eating and when playing outside in the sun.
The hat is available in sizes Small (approximate age 2-3); Medium (approx. age 4-7) and Large (approx. age 8-12). Note the children in the photographs are in Grade R and are wearing size medium. Each hat inclusive of one removable face shield costs R120,00. Should you wish to place an order please fill in the form below. Completed order forms are to be returned to your daughter’s class teacher. Payment can be made via the Karri App, via EFT (reference Bucket hat & name and grade) or sent in an envelope with the order form to the class teacher. No payments are to be sent to the office. Orders with payment can only be accepted until Friday, 4 September 2020.
Name of child ________________________________________________
Grade and class ____________________ Number of hats ordered ________________
Size: 2-3 (small) / 4-7 (medium) / 8-12 (large) (circle the appropriate size)

VP Newsletter 14 August 2020

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Message from the office
We are back in full swing (once again) with our Grade 7’s and we are eagerly awaiting the rest of the girls’ arrival on the week of the 24th August.

I wish to thank the parents who took on the task of being their children’s teachers during these last few months and who have ensured that their daughter’s education continued during this time. I know that for some of you it may have been very challenging to keep your child motivated.

It is important to acknowledge that every child is different and it is important to try to understand what makes each one tick and what their challenges are. We are all different and we need to be patient and understanding about how each child has faced (or struggled to face) this time.

Some children love school work and can continue without much prompting or encouragement while others need that extra push and guidance. Many children may have struggled to maintain focus without their routine and fully scheduled days, while others may have loved nothing more than having the freedom to work in their own time and space. Motivating factors such as competition with peers, praise from teachers and even the fear of getting trouble have no longer been present and some may have found working at home tedious without these factors to keep them going. Others are happy to work and get on with it because they love to work and they enjoy it! You may even have had these contradictory characters under the same roof!

If your daughter is a preteen or teen you may have found that they have become either very fond of you or they may be finding all means possible to limit their interaction with you. Give them the time or space they need, as children at this age thrive on being with their peers and the imposed limited social interaction has been extremely challenging for some. Don’t take it personally, they do still love you, you just may not be what they need (or want) right now no matter how cool or hip you may think you are. We understand the challenges that you may have faced and we thank you for persevering and encouraging your child to keep at it.

On your daughter’s return to school she will be expected to have completed most of her work and the teachers will guide and assist your daughters if there are a few gaps and we will remain cognisant that many families have gone through changes and traumas during this time. We have endeavoured to submit work on as many platforms as possible. Please use this last week to go through the work that your daughter has received and make sure that she returns prepared and is as up to date as possible. Please send an email or note to her class teacher if your family has had some challenges during this time so that we can understand what she may have gone through and guide and assist where necessary.

We will be using the first day back to orientate your daughters on our new plans and routines (if this hasn’t been done already) and the first few days will be used to ascertain where each child is at with her school work. As you are well aware, your daughters will be coming to school on every alternate day and so the need for continued guidance and encouragement will still be required as your daughter will receive work that needs to be done on her ‘home days’. However, as most of these tasks will be explained beforehand while your daughter is at school, she should be more independent and less input will be required from you (if any). Girls from Grade 4 are now at the age where they should be taking responsibility for completing their work and asking their teacher for assistance while at school if further explanation is required.

School uniform
As from the 1st of September girls will be allowed to wear either winter or summer uniform to school. Once they return for the fourth term (2 November) only summer uniform will be allowed. Please note that at no time may girls wear a mixture of summer and winter uniform.

Please note that at this stage we do not foresee having any extra murals for the duration of 2020 and we request that girls get fetched promptly when they are finished school.

Happy birthday to the staff and girls who celebrated their birthday this week and while we were closed: Mrs Terblanche, Mr Nell, Amoré van Wyk, Unakho Henna, Lwange Madikida, Berlynn Willemse, Libby Everton, Daniela Venter, Zintle Magongo, Keenya Loutz, Lulo Leseane, Megan Peinke, Hannah Tarr, Rachel van der Merwe, Joslyn Mager, Mia-Lee Muller, Kiara Goliath, Kimberly Oosthuizen, Awethu Tshisani, Emma Beckmann, Liyabona Benyane, Gabu-Li Doyle, Yonwaba Majova, Jessica Mdyogolo, Siphesihle Chrisjan, Madison Edwards, Cherise Mardon, Linothando Mehlo, Okusha Dingani, Jaydee Jacobs, Rachel Mostert, Lithalethu Nkayi, Mihle Hlomendlini, Ovayo Mdledle, Che’nelle-Shillon Tupiri and Esona Mnqinana.

Warm regards

Mrs Michelle Rafferty

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