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VP Newsletter 28 February 2020

VP Newsletter 28 February 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 28 February 2020

Message from the office

At Monday’s assembly Mr Greyling presented a delightful message about our new value ‘Responsibility’ with the help of some confident Grade 7 girls.

Being responsible is an important value that our girls need to learn and one we have discussed before in past newsletters. Of course we as parents need to find the healthy balance between supporting our children and doing too much for them and also realising that as they grow we too need to slowly do less and less for them.

So I was delighted to find this perfect article that is a good guide for us as parents. I have extracted and adapted sections that I thought were relevant:
Being “responsible” means:
– being dependable so people know that they can count on you
– keeping one’s word and agreements
– meeting one’s commitments
– doing something to the best of one’s ability
– being accountable for one’s behaviour
– accepting credit when one does something right and admitting mistakes when wrong
– being a contributing member of one’s family, community and society

Who does not want this for their child? The question is how to go about teaching your children about being responsible and what the expectations are at each age. Obviously, a four year old will be expected to do a lot less than a 14 year old. However, life skills can be taught and expected of your child beginning as early as age two.

An article from the Family Education website by Lindsay Hutton called, “I Did it All by Myself! An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Your Child Life Skills” gives examples:
Ages 2 – 3:
Small chores (putting dirty clothes in the hamper) and basic grooming (brushing teeth) are a couple of tasks a child this young can do. This is also a great time to get your child to help set the table for a family meal. Small and simple expectations will show your child how to pitch in and be an active member of the family.
Ages 4 – 5:
Your child should know her full name, phone number and address by this age range. She should also know how to make an emergency call if need be. A child between the age of four and five begins to understand the basics of money, should be able to clean up after themselves and feed any pets.
Ages 6 – 7:
At this age, your child should be able to make a simple meal such as a sandwich and can help clean up after a meal by washing dishes or loading the dishwasher. She should be expected to make her bed without help and bath herself without assistance.
Ages 8 – 9:
By this age, your child should be taking pride in their personal belongings and taking good care of these items. This might include putting up a bike in the garage, the Legos or dolls away or putting up clothes and shoes in the closet. Taking out the rubbish, sweeping and cleaning up after themselves can now be assigned.
Ages 10 -14:
These are the years your child begins to gain more independence. Doing small chores such as laundry, using the oven to cook, changing bed sheets and other more involved chores can be performed without a parent’s supervision. The can also help take care of younger siblings is also expected by the time the child is 12 to 14.
Ages 14 and Up:
By the age of 14, most of the skills mentioned should be mastered. In addition, cleaning, changing a tyre, replacing the vacuum bag, going to Pick ‘n Pay and figuring out dosages on medicines should be expected. More advanced skills are learned as your child prepares for adulthood.

Remember that every child is different and every parenting style also differs so use this as a guide. If your child seems behind in some areas, don’t worry. However, it is good to always expect more than what you think your child can do and give them a chance to show you how responsible they can be. The more you empower them, the more productive and contributing adults they will hopefully turn out to be!

Founders’ Day:
This morning we celebrated our Founders. What a special assembly it was, our guest speaker was Mrs Nancy Murray who attended VP in the 1950’s. This year we will celebrate VP’s 70th birthday and the girls had fun making a “70” to commemorate this occasion.

Induction Assembly:
On Monday morning we will have the Induction of our 2020 Leadership Team as well as the announcement of the Hostel Monitors, Headgirl and Deputy Headgirl. The assembly begins at 09:40. All girls must please wear their school uniform (no sports clothes) and grade 4-7 must have blazers.

Well done to the following girls who were selected for the Albany Swimming team: Daniella Mc Lean, Charlotte Welgemoed and Ayalakha Mokoena. They will be competing at the Interdistricts gala at the DSG Aquatics Centre on Thursday, 5 March 2020. We are so proud of you girls!

Ayalakha has also been selected for the 50m Backstroke and the 50m Freestyle in the Top 8 Gala in PE this evening. All the best, Aya!

Splash & Interhouse gala:
It was a rainy but fun day for all our Gr 3-7s on Thursday for our annual Splash and Interhouse Galas. The girls supported each other and swam with so much heart. It made us enormously proud. Thanks to all the parents who supported our girls and to Ms Bruns, Ms Knott-Craig and the wonderful team of teachers who all worked hard to make the day a success.
The house results were: 1st Aloe; 2nd Fern; 3rd Disa & 4th Arum.

Individual results were:
Girls U 9 Freestyle 50m Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U 9 Breaststroke 50m Daniella McLean
Girls U 9 Backstroke 50m Daniella McLean
Girls U 9 I/M 3x25m Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U9 Victrix Ludorum Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U 10 Freestyle 25m Hannah Tarr
Girls U 10 Freestyle 50m Keenya Loutz
Girls U 10 Breaststroke 25m Rachel de la Mare
Girls U 10 Breaststroke 50m Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U 10 Backstroke 25m Amber-Jayde Marthinus
Girls U10 Backstroke 50m Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U10 Butterfly 25m Charlotte Welgemoed
Girls U10 I/M Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U10 Victrix Ludorum Rachel van der Merwe
Girls U11 Freestyle 25m Eleni Kyazze
Girls U11 Freestyle 50m Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 Breaststroke 25m Eleni Kyazze
Girls U11 Breaststroke 50m Skyla Davies
Girls U11 Backstroke 25m Chloe Rischbeter
Girls U11 Backstroke 50m Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 Butterfly 50m Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 I/M Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U11 Victrix Ludorum Ayalakha Mokoena
Girls U12 Freestyle 25m Selby Tarr
Girls U12 Freestyle 50m Olivia Weyl
Girls U12 Breaststroke 25m Selby Tarr
Girls U12 Breaststroke 50m Tatum Jacobs
Girls U12 Backstroke 25m Shiloh Loots
Girls U12 Backstroke 50m Olivia Weyl
Girls U 12 Butterfly 50m Olivia Weyl
Girls U 12 I/M Olivia Weyl
Girls U12 Victrix Ludorum Olivia Weyls
Girls Open Freestyle 25m Tazne du Plessis
Girls Open Freestyle 50m Michaela Kretzmann
Girls Open Breaststroke 25m Amy Arends
Girls Open Breaststroke 50m Mika Davies
Girls Open Backstroke 25m Jemma Butterworth
Girls Open Backstroke 50m Tara Bettridge
Girls Open Butterfly 50m Jennifer Sweetman
Girls Open I/M Mika Davies
Girls Open Victrix Ludorum Mika Davies
Most improved Swimmer: Yanga Tapi


Last week our girls competed in the Sarah Baartman Athletics meet in PE. The girls all did very well but special mention goes to Grace Mayekiso who came 2nd in the U12 Long jump and Lisa-Jane Evans who came 3rd in the U11 High jump event. Well done, girls!

Kind Club:
On Thursday the 20th of February, some of the representatives of the Kind Club visited Fikizolo Primary School to handover the shirts and toiletries that had been so kindly donated by our girls. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and girls, whom we met and we thank Mrs Kate and the Learner Support Team for facilitating a very happy afternoon. Our own girls did us very proud, they were kind and respectful to the girls whom they met.
On Monday the 24th of February, the Kind Club hosted our ‘little sister’, Aqhama and two other little girls who are in the care of Child Welfare. They had a fun filled afternoon at VP. Thank you to Mrs Mgogo’s group for planning fun activities and taking such good care of them.

School Staff Development:
On Wednesday, 11 March our teaching staff will attend a workshop in Port Elizabeth. Therefore we will close school for all the girls at 12:30 on this day. Please make arrangements for your daughter to be picked up on time. There will be no extramurals on this day and Aftercare will still be open. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but I know that the workshop will be beneficial to the teachers and in turn will benefit your girls in the long run.

On the 26 February our Top 8 Junior team girls took up the challenge and played against PJ Olivier’s senior team. The scores are as follows: Singles we lost by 9 games and the doubles matches we lost by a narrow 2 games. Our girls were quite intimidated as they played against higher grades, but non the less they tried their best.
Next week Wednesday our top 6 Juniors have a match against Shaw Park at VP. Sadly the Port Alfred match has been cancelled.

On Friday and Saturday 6 & 7 March our U13A netball team will participate in the Frans Erasmus tournament at PJ Olivier. Girls will receive a letter with further details next week.

We will be having a SGB by-election in the Glennie hall on Thursday, 19 March at 17:30. Nomination forms will be available from the office from Monday, 16 March.

Can Giraffe’s Dance?
If you have ever wondered about this then our IP Production is just for you! Ms Knott-Craig and the girls have been rehearsing like crazy to get ready for their opening performance. Next week we will be taking bookings for the following performances:
Thursday 12 March: Parents and Public at 18:00
Friday 13 March: Parents and guests at 18:00
On Thursday & Friday night the PTA will serve coffee/hot chocolate and a cupcake for R10.
For bookings and tickets: 046-6224850 or at the office.

Happy Birthday to the following girls who should have been in the newsletter last week: Angaka Magutywa, Ayalakha Mokoena, Iminqweno Gqutyana, Lunathi Mki and Halle Orsmond. Apologies girls, we hope your birthday was very special.
Next week the following teachers and girls will be celebrating: Mrs Arnold, Mr Wynne, Ms Featherstone, Anna Malamis, Liyabona Maarenene, Taylor Arries, Iminathi Kapa, Kaylee May, Elona Pantsi, Kungawo Mkabile and Mila Nongubo. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Important dates
Monday 2/03 – Induction Assembly at 09:40
Wednesday 4/03 – Tennis vs Shaw Park
Thursday 5/03 – Inter-districts gala at DSG
Makana Brick 5km Night Race
Friday 6/03 – Frans Erasmus Tournament

VP Newsletter 21 February 2020

VP Newsletter 21 February 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 21 February 2020

Message from the office
This is the last week for our focus on the value of respect and we hope that it has become a ‘buzz word’ in your home and a value that has been regularly encouraged.

It has become less prevalent that younger people show respect for their elders. Maybe I’m showing my age but in my day, if there was limited seating, the children were told to stand and an adult got the chair, the parents sat in the front seat, the children at the back, the parents made decisions about family activities and not the children. When our parents were on the phone or talking to another adult, we had to wait. We didn’t demand their instant attention. I’ve even heard of the children getting the main bedroom with the en-suite and not the parents! Or moms who cook four different meals because the children refuse to eat what was first prepared. Children learnt to accept their parents’ decisions even if they felt they were being hard done by or it was unfair because the parents, as the head of the household, have made that decision.

I’m all for having family discussions and debating and more democratic family structures than families in the past may have – that’s healthy. But do not for a second believe you are not a good parent when you give instructions and not requests. Sometimes our children need to know that some things are not debatable and non-negotiable. They also need to know that their vote or say is not equal to yours. If your child is the one who demands where to go, where to eat, what you do and what you spend your money on (and you do so even when you can’t afford to), there is an unhealthy and undesirable control and power dynamics happening in your family. Does your child sulk when they aren’t getting their own way until you give in and do it her way? Or is she initially upset but eventually comes to accept your decisions because she knows that you are the adult and that you have your reasons for sometimes saying no or not doing what she wants.

Whatever the dynamics in your home are, if your child is the one ruling the roost you will probably find that respect for elders does not come easy to your daughter. I believe respect comes far easier to children who have boundaries and are taught that adults are ultimately wiser and have the final say. Give your daughters a voice to be able to express themselves and to have some say where appropriate but they need to know that ultimately their parents and guardians are in charge. This too will develop a child who is not entitled, not demanding, not viewing the world as unfair when things don’t always go their own way, one who appreciates what others do for them and who shows respect to the adults and authority in their lives.
“Lack of boundaries invites lack of respect.” ~ Anonymous.

Production Rehearsals
Saturday, 22 February 10:30-12:30: There will be a FULL dance rehearsal. ALL dancers are required to be there. In the school hall.
Monday, 24 February 14:00-15:00: Full rehearsal. All actors, dancers and musicians to attend.
Tuesday, 25 February 14:30-15:30: Singing Rehearsal for the Giraffe, Cricket and Insects
Wednesday, 26 February – Dance Rehearsal for the Warthogs, Monkeys, Springboks & Flamingos
Thursday, 27 February 14:00-15:00: Full rehearsal. All actors, dancers and musicians to attend. As well as:
• Dance rehearsal from 15:00-16:00 for Meerkats, Lions, Zebras & Rhinos
• Mika, Skyla & Litha to rehearse from 16:00-16:30

Founders’ Day Assembly
Our Founders’ Day is on Friday, 28 February and we are commemorating our school’s 70th birthday this year! This marks 70 years of the primary school being independent from the high school. Our guest speaker will be Mrs Nancy Murray who attended VG in the 1940’s. We can’t wait to hear what school was like back then. Parents are welcome to join this special assembly at 09h00 which will start in our Garden of Remembrance and will move to the hall for the presentations. We will have tea in our staffroom (The Playbox) afterwards. Girls must be dressed in their full summer uniform (no sports clothes on this day please) and Grade 4-7 girls must wear their blazers.

Splash and Interhouse Gala (Compulsory for all Grade 3-7 girls)
Reminder that the Interhouse gala will be held at Graeme College next week on Thursday, 27 February. Girls are to be dropped off at the Graeme College pool at 08:00. Girls must be dressed in their school costume with their black shorts and house shirts. They can wear either their white takkies with white socks or their VP flip flops (no other flip flops are allowed). Please pack underwear for your daughter to change into after her swimming events. Please also pack a towel, swimming cap, hat and plenty of sunscreen. Our PTA will be running a tuckshop at the Graeme Pool. Please ensure that you pick your daughter up by 13h00 from Graeme College.
Please note that Grade 00-2 will have a normal school day on the 27th February. The Droplet gala will be postponed until the fourth term- weather permitting.
Please note that the 25m and Individual Medleys will be swum as pre-events on Tuesday, 25 February at VP. This will only involve the Team and Feeder Swimmers and will take place during the last lesson of the day (12:55-13:45)

On Wednesday, 19 February the Junior top 8 players played doubles and single matches against Kingswood College. The extremely hot conditions did not make the matches any easier. Our girls managed to win the doubles matches by a close 2 games and drew their single matches. A very proud win for our Junior team. Well done! Next week our top 6 Junior Team girls will challenge the PJ Olivier team.

Davies Sportsmanship Trophy
Well done to Skyla Davies who was awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy for displaying true sportsmanship when she accepted officials’ decision that put her in a lesser position at the KC short course gala, without any fuss, although this was later to be changed. Well done, Skyla

Albany Swimming trials
Well done to all our swimming girls who participated in the trials on Tuesday at DSG Aquatics Centre. We are still waiting for the team list and hope to have it in next week’s newsletter. The girls will participate in the Inter-district Gala on Thursday, 5 March. Thank you to our parents who helped time keep on the day!

Well done to the following girls who made it into the Makana Athletics team for various track and field events: Grace Mayekiso, Ashante Sinyanya, Haidee Thondhlana, Lisa-Jane Evans, Zazi Veto and Sisonke Magopeni. Awesome, girls! These girls are participating in the Sarah Baartman trials at the Westbourne Oval in PE today. We wish them all the best. Thank you to Ms Knott-Craig and Ms Denston for accompanying them.

Netball Course
Five of our teachers are attending a netball coaching course today and tomorrow in PE. We wish them safe travels! We are certain that their newly learnt coaching skills and knowledge will be a boost for our netball girls and the season ahead.

School Staff Development
On Wednesday, 11 March our teaching staff will attend a workshop in Port Elizabeth. Therefore we will close school for all the girls at 12:30 on this day. Please make arrangements for your daughter to be picked up on time. There will be no extramurals on this day and Aftercare will still be open. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but I know that the workshop will be beneficial to the teachers and in turn will benefit your girls in the long run.

Happy Birthday to the following teacher and girls who will be celebrating their birthdays in the coming week – Ms Bruns, Angaka Magutywa, Ayalakha Mokoena, Iminqweno Gqutyana, Lunathi Mki and Halle Orsmond. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Important dates

Wed. 26/02 – Junior tennis vs PJ @VP

Thurs. 27/02 – Splash & Interhouse Gala @Graeme College

swimming  pool.  Grade 3-7. 08:00-13:00.

Fri. 28/02 – Founders’ Day assembly 09:00-10:00

VP Newsletter 14 February 2020

VP Newsletter 14 February 2020 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 14 February 2020

Message from the office

This week, Mrs Jackson presented a heartfelt assembly about respecting animals. Mrs Jackson used the quote by Mahatma Gandhi; “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

I believe that it is important that we raise a generation of children who know that animals have as much right to be on this earth as we do and to understand the role they play in our ecosystem. Personally, having pets in my home has been a special way for my children to learn about birth and death and not to mention experiencing unconditional love of the highest level.

I have slightly adapted a few tips from which highlight ways that you as a parent can encourage your daughter to respect animals.

Set a Good Example. Children learn by observing what the adults and people around them do. One of the best ways to get your daughters to respect animals is to model behaviour that respects animals. That means not hitting, kicking or yelling at your pets.

Show Kindness to All Animals. Being kind to all animals can be a challenge. It means not killing bugs you find in the house and using humane traps to catch mice or rodents. Doing these things might be less convenient for you but it sends a message to your children that it’s important to respect all living creatures.

Take Your Children to our local SPCA. One way to teach your daughters to respect animals is to take them to a shelter to visit dogs and cats. Your family can make a habit of volunteering at our local SPCA.

Watch Animals in Nature. Part of teaching your girls to respect animals is teaching them to leave the animals alone. Spend time observing animals in a natural setting. It can be in your backyard, at a nearby game reserve or even on your drive to P.E.!

Skip Entertainment that Harms Animals. Just as you want to model good behaviour for your girls, you also want to skip any programs or toys that disrespect animals. Fireworks should also be discouraged as they cause great distress and fear for many animals.

Clean Up Litter That Can Harm Wildlife. This links nicely with our theme on respecting our Earth, another way to teach your child to respect animals is to teach them to make choices that don’t harm wildlife. Take your child to the beach or other public areas and spend the day picking up litter. Explain the risk of certain types of litter to your children. Ducks can get stuck in discarded plastic in dams or small birds can chew and swallow pieces of plastic or discarded chewing gum.

Read Books Together About Animals. A number of books for children show animals in a positive light. These books can feature animals doing something helpful, such as “Charlotte’s Web.” They can also provide information about real animals, such as books about elephants or lions in nature. Some books feature a child and an animal being friends, which can help your child develop empathy and respect for animals.

Watch TV or Movies about Animals. Watch a TV show or movie that features animals. “The March of the Penguins” is a good one for showing animals in their natural setting. “Chicken Run” uses humour to help people sympathize with animals. “Finding Nemo,” “Bambi,” and “Free Willy” are a few more movies that help children learn to love animals.

Consider Getting a Pet. If you have the space, the time and the inclination, consider bringing home a pet to help your children learn to love and respect animals. It doesn’t have to be a dog or a cat. Fish or a hamster can be great pets for families that don’t have much space. Your child will learn to care for the animal and will come to love and care for it like another member of your family.

Teach Them How to Pet Animals. Children aren’t born knowing how to pet or play with a dog or cat. You need to show your child how to pet animals. Distinguish between rough play and gentle play with the pets, so that your child understands what the right way to pet is and what isn’t. Explain to your daughter that animals like to be touched or petted in some ways but can become very upset if their tails are pulled or their fur tugged.

Have Them Ask Before Petting or Approaching a Strange Animal. Along with teaching your child how to interact with wildlife and the family pet, it’s important to teach them how to interact with other people’s pets. Since you don’t know what a strange animal is like, it’s important that your child ask before they try to pet one. Some animals are skittish around strangers or don’t like to be touched.

Animals need their space. Tell your child not to go up to a pet who is sleeping and not to bother a mama dog who is with her puppies. It is also very important that you encourage your child to conquer their fear of animals and, if you have ascertained that the pet is tame and friendly, encourage your daughter to be brave and stroke the animal. Being indiscriminately fearful of all animals will not breed a love and understanding of them.

Looking Neat! Please note that we do not mix and match our school and sports uniforms. Sports clothes should be worn with tracksuit tops and NOT jerseys and tracksuit tops should NOT be worn with school uniforms. But overall I want to thank you for how neat and presentable our girls come to school every day.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no extra murals for Gr 3-7 on Monday, 17 February as the staff will be attending SASAMS training. Gr 1 will still have Karate and Gr 2 Swimming. Please ensure that your daughter is fetched promptly after school if she does not attend aftercare.

Well done to Hlombe Mvula and Hayley de Clerq who were awarded the Personalities of the Week this week. They both displayed kindness and consideration to their fellow VP pupils. We are proud of you both!

Interhouse and Splash gala
Please note that our big pool and shallow pool are due to be repaired over the winter season. At the moment neither pool is in an ideal state and we have therefore taken the decision to have our Interhouse gala at the Graeme College pool this year. We will have both the Splash gala and the Interhouse gala on Thursday, 27 February 2020 for all girls Grade 3 -7. The Pre-primary and Grade 1 and 2 girls will have a normal school day at VP. Please make arrangements to drop your daughter off at Graeme College at 08:00 and to fetch her from Graeme at 13:00. There will be a tuckshop at the pool but please send plenty of water, sun block and even an umbrella. All parents are welcome to support! Further details will be in next week’s newsletter.

Health Department Forms.

Please note that we were informed that they have changed the HPV vaccine to be for all Grade 5 girls from now on. As most of our Grade 5 girls were vaccinated last year, they will not be vaccinated again. If there are any Grade 5’s who didn’t get the HPV vaccination last year, please notify the school if you wish for your daughter to be vaccinated for the first time. We will ensure that the form is ticked at that relevant section if you haven’t done so already. These girls must also bring their clinic cards. The Health Department will be visiting VP on this coming Tuesday, 18 February. All Grade 4 girls will therefore only be vaccinated next year in Grade 5.


Our U13A hockey girls played their first match of the season against Pembroke Primary, who came all the way from Kenya. It was a tough first game and our girls lost 4-1 but they displayed some exciting promise for the season ahead. Both teams enjoyed a swim and braai afterwards in true VP spirit. Thank you to Mrs Andrews and Ms Knott-Craig who made this happen among all the summer sports and play practices that they are already committed to. A special thanks to our U13 moms who donned their aprons and served the girls!

Junior tennis team vs DSG.

On the 11th of February our Junior Tennis team girls played their first match of the season. The girls enjoyed the short afternoon and gained experience. Our girls lost the singles matches by 7 games. They tried their best during doubles but lost by 12 games. We look forward to a rematch in the 4th Term.

Senior tennis team vs Kingswood College.

With local bragging rights on the line, our Senior Tennis girls took on old rivals Kingswood College this past Wednesday the 12th of February. This was never going to be an easy task as the girls faced a very good Kingswood side. The girls showed terrific heart and resilience against their opposition, fighting for every available point. An incredible display of tennis was shown by both sides and the standard of tennis that was played was very exciting for all the spectators, parents and coaches to watch. Despite our efforts, Kingswood walked away victorious, winning both the singles and the doubles to secure a 69 to 35 game victory. Great sportsmanship and camaraderie was shown on the tennis courts and overall it was a great display for tennis.

ECO Bricks
The Davies family are currently collecting Eco bricks which they are using to help their employee build a house. This is an amazing project which we would like to encourage our girls to be a part of. Please have a look at to see how to make these remarkable “bottle bricks” and put your household litter to good use. Bricks can be dropped off at Mrs Orsmond’s class.

Happy Birthday to Mr Keeton for last week and the following teachers and girls who will be celebrating their birthdays in the coming week – Mr Webber, Ms Putzier, Ayva Baatjes, Okuhle Smile and Gracie Chitsike. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Coming up….
Friday 14/02 – Boarders Leave Out
Saturday 15/02 – B-League Gala, PE
Sunday 16/02 – Boarders return
Monday 17/02 – NO EXTRAMURALS (staff development)
Tuesday 18/02 – Albany swimming trials
Wed. 19/02 – Tennis Jnr. A team vs KC@VP

VP Newsletter 7 February 2020

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Message from the office
In our assembly this week we spoke about self-respect. Of course this is very important for everyone but it is particularly important that girls learn to treat themselves with love. Encourage this self-love at home by making your daughter aware of what makes her unique and special and help her to identify her own strengths and talents.

Talents which are often not what are currently deemed ‘cool’ but are essential to building strong and meaningful relationships for a happy life should be encouraged and praised. Focus on characteristics of positivity, resilience, kindness, responsibility, empathy and consideration and emphasize their significance.

Never compare your child to others, and if she compares herself to others, highlight the fact that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.

Watch for her negative self-talk and make her aware that speaking unkindly about herself is just as bad as speaking unkindly of others.

The most significant thing you can do to develop your child’s sense of self-respect is to love her consistently and unconditionally and to guide and support her to learn and grow from life’s little disappointments.

Girls who have a strong sense of self-respect will less likely be influenced to do things that may make them less proud of themselves and they will stand up for themselves when they are not being treated respectfully by others.

“It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”
― Germany Kent
Respect, Love, and Value yourself. Always remember to be good to yourself by taking care of yourself. Make yourself a priority and know that it’s okay. Don’t feel guilty for loving yourself, first! You’re just as important as anybody else.”
― Stephanie Lahart

As an extension of our assembly on Self Respect our girls had to complete cards with the sentence; ‘I am…” using a positive attribute. These will be displayed on a wall. The idea is to create positive self-talk and affirmation at VP.

All school information will be relayed to the parents using the following platforms:
1. Official school newsletter which is sent out every Friday. A hard copy will be given to every pupil and emails will be sent to those parents who have supplied their email addresses.
2. D6 Communicator
3. Official notices which must be on a school letterhead and will have a document number appearing on it which will indicate that this notice has been approved through the school office and management.
4. Notices in the homework diaries

Parents are requested to communicate with the school or teachers by:
1. Phoning the school office
2. Emailing the class or relevant teacher or the office.
3. Writing in your daughter’s diary
All meetings with the teacher should be made by appointment using one of the above.

The following is not recommended by the school and is discouraged:
Group Whatsapp chats if they are used with the expectation to find out what your child has for homework etc. This takes away the responsibility of your child to listen and write down their homework. Trust your child to learn and grow this skill. If she knows you are going to text to find out what she should be doing she will never learn to listen and take note.
1. Please read your official notices as mentioned above as opposed to using these chats to find out what’s going on. This often leads to incorrect information being shared.
2. If you aren’t sure please phone the office.
3. If you have a problem or concern about issues happening in the classroom please discuss this with the relevant teacher. Placing your concerns on a chat often leads to speculation and misinformation.

Our teachers are discouraged from handing out their cell phone numbers but if you do happen to have the teachers contact, please do not use it after hours.

Integrated School Health Programme Consent forms
A department of Health form accompanies the newsletter. Please read it carefully and complete all the sections relevant to your daughter. Please note that the HPV vaccine will be administered to Grade 4 (as they are 9 years of age this year). All forms must be returned by Friday, 14 February to your child’s class teacher.

Grade 6 & 7 Social at GC
The Grade 6 & 7 Social will take place tonight at Graeme College starting at 18:00 and will end at 21:00. We would like to remind you that there are no cell phones allowed at this event and that you must collect your daughter promptly at 21:00.

Valentine’s Day Civvies Day
We will be having our Civvies Day on Friday. Girls are encouraged to wear Valentine’s themed outfits (red, pink and white). The cost will be R5 and this will go towards our sports tours in 2020.

Boerewors rolls for sale!
The U13A Hockey and Netball teams will be selling boerewors rolls on the 14th of February, to raise funds in aid of their tour to East London in March. The boerewors rolls will cost R15 and they can be ordered by completing the slip in the newsletter and sending the money to school by Tuesday, 11 February. Please support our sports teams!

On Saturday, 1 February Charlotte Welgemoed, Rachel van der Merwe, Ayalakha Moloena and Sue-Ann Swanepoel swam in the first B-League gala of the year and the first ever gala for Charlotte and Rachel. The girls swam their hearts out and made their coach very proud. Well done!

On Wednesday, 5 February the swimming team swam in the Kingswood Short Course gala. Although it was extremely hot the girls swam beautifully. Daniella McLean came 2nd in the 50m backstroke and Charlotte Welgemoed came 3rd in the 50m freestyle. Ayalakha Mokoena came 1st in the 50m butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. Congratulations!

Well done to the following girls who have been selected for the Makana Track team: Ashante Sinyanya (U10) 80m & 100m; Grace Mayekiso (U12) 150m; and Sue-Ann Swanepoel (U13) 1500m. These girls will be participating in the upcoming Grahamstown CMC PS on Saturday, 8 February at PJ Olivier. Good luck, girls!

The U11 A team will have their first match against DSG on Tuesday, 11 February. We wish them well. Practice will continue as per usual for the rest of the feeder and team players. On Wednesday, 12 February the U13 A team have a match at Kingswood. Make us proud girls! Please note that Tennis practice will continue for the feeder and the rest of the team players.

Happy Birthday
The following teachers and girls will be celebrating their birthdays in the coming week Mrs Makeba-Mgogo, Ms Miskin and Mr Greyling and the following girls: Bahle Lwana, Azuza Mbiza, Zizo Zomelele, Sinalo Gumenge, Khanya Kepe, Imanathi Mcophele, Simingaye Shoba, Sanda Stofile, Olivia Weyl, Phillipa Weyl, Vuyisa Mdunyelwa and Tenielle Morrison.

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Coming up….
Friday 07/02 – VP/GC Gr 6 & 7 Social @ GC
Tuesdsay 11/02 – GAP Top 6 tennis vs DSG@DSG
Wed. 12/02 – Tennis Senior team vs KC@KC
Thurs. 13/02 – Pembroke Primary hockey tour
Friday 14/02 – RU Mathematics Experience
Valentine’s Day civvies day
Boarders Leave Out

VP Newsletter 31 January 2020

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Message from the office:
I know that many of you share the same sentiment when you walk or drive down High Street is that the state of our town centre is so sad to see. Although the roads have potholes and some islands are rather unkempt, the saddest thing for me, is that one of the most unattractive things about our town, is one which all citizens have control over, is that of litter (and this is not only when our refuge is not collected).

Wouldn’t it be nice if the citizens of our town simply put their rubbish in the bin? Unfortunately the more litter there is, the less we ‘see’ it and the more complacent we become and we adopt an attitude that the problem is too big and our efforts won’t make a difference nor will our contribution to it be noticed.

In continuation of the introduction of the value of respect, we focussed on respect of our planet Earth in our assembly this week. We discussed respecting the animals and creatures who share this planet with us and we addressed litter. Making our children aware that littering has a profound effect on our environment is the very least we can do to develop a generation that will ‘see’ litter. Encourage your girls to pick up litter, to throw things in the bin and set the example of doing the same. Recycle as much as you can, encourage your girls to leave picnic areas, beaches and all communal areas as we would like to find them and please, horror of horrors, don’t throw your rubbish out your car window – wait till you are at a bin.

World Read Aloud Day
It is World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday, 5 February. We would love the girls to come dressed on the day as their favourite character in a book – if possible, please send a copy of the book too and we may just be introducing our girls to exciting new authors and worlds to delve into.

Congratulations to Ayalakha Mokoena who is new to VP this year. She recently heard that she qualified for the Eastern Gauteng swimming team for three events. We are very proud of you, Aya! We are looking forward to seeing what waves you will make in the Eastern Cape swimming pools!

We wish all the girls who are competing in the B-League gala all the best for tomorrow. We are certain we will see some new PBs!

Please note that the Kingswood Short Course Gala will be held on Wednesday (5 February) next week and not on Tuesday as previously stated. Girls who are involved have received letters. Have fun!!

We wish our runners strong legs and big lungs as they participate in the Makana District Trials for the track events this afternoon which is being held at PJ Olivier. Give it your best girls!
The girls involved in the field events will participate on Tuesday. We will be holding thumbs! Thank you to Ms Knott-Craig, Ms Featherstone and Ms Cummings for getting our girls ready for this competitive event!

Tennis Results:
The VP senior tennis team took on PAHS this past Wednesday on the 29th of January. It was a fantastic afternoon of tennis as each match was played in good spirit with excellent sportsmanship from both teams. The VP side put in a dominant performance winning more singles games and more double games which secured the overall win. The final score was 57 games to 26 games in favour of VP.

Grade 6 and 7 Social:
The Grade 6 & 7 Social will be held next Friday at Graeme at 18:00. Just a heads up that you may experience an over excited tween next week. Please make sure that you fetch your daughter on time. Our teachers are giving up their Friday evening to be on duty to ensure that your daughter is safe and has fun. We have had parents in the past who fetch their daughter over an hour late while our teachers stand waiting outside with them to be fetched. Often these teachers have their own children waiting at home. As no cell phones are allowed at this event, you will be required to arrange a pick up spot for your daughter and to pick her up on time. This is a wonderful opportunity for your girls to have fun and socialise with the boys in a healthy and fun setting. Please don’t spoil it for your daughter by being late in fetching her.

Dreadful Disorganised Days:

We appeal to you to help your child be better organised by going through their timetable and extramural programme the night before and ensuring that they have packed everything they need before they go to bed. Leaving everything for the hectic mornings will inevitably result in bad moods and something being left behind.

We are being inundated at the office with items and lunches being dropped off with the expectation that this should be delivered to the various girls in their classrooms in time for break or the required lesson. If your daughter did not pack her things as she should have, allow the consequences to take place, she is more than likely to learn from this and to make sure that it won’t happen again.

Happy Birthday: How could we forget them off our list? Happy birthday to our precious February ‘big’ babies who celebrated last week, Mrs Sauls and Ms Jamela! Happy Birthday to the following girls for this coming week: Katie-Leigh Arnott, Kuhle Mpama, Iviwe Jakavula, Iminathi Mgwebi, Nakhane Klei, Inam Toll, Kendra May, Christelle Ruwanza, Samke Someketa, Esethu Stamper, Eve Daniels and Mivuyo Mangqalaza.

Warm regards

Mrs M Rafferty

VP Newsletter 24 January 2020

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Message from the office:
Over this past weekend we had an overnight staff development where the VP staff discussed our plans for 2020. There are two new projects I’d like to highlight which will be implemented this year.

Firstly we have started a reading lesson in Grade 4-7 (reading is already done on a daily basis in Grade 1-3) where, for the first half an hour of each day, our girls will either be reading in silence, be reading in groups or their teacher will be reading to them.

Not only is it a noticeable trend in our school, but it was pointed out at the latest district meeting I attended, that one of the biggest hindrances to our children’s academic progress is their inability to read with comprehension and, added to this, is their inability to understand questions, their limited vocabulary and an inability to put thoughts into their own words. These were the findings from the 2019 matric papers. So as evident as it is to us, it is a nation wide dilemma. Unfortunately there only seems to be a handful of girls who, out of their own accord, sit down and read when they have a spare moment. Ask any teacher, those girls who do read at any opportunity very seldom display these areas of concern. And so this reading lesson is to create a time deliberately set aside for our girls to read. This half an hour a day may just be what they need to discover a character they get hooked on or expose them to the vocabulary and/or knowledge that they need.

The second new approach we have implemented is value-based living. Although this will be implemented from Grade 00 all the way to Grade 7, we have a special lesson set aside for the intersen phase (Grades 4-7) where we will be exploring values that we would like to nurture in our girls. We have identified six that we will be developing this year. They will be discussed at assembly, in the early morning messages, incidentally or deliberately introduced or discussed in their subjects, and in their Positive Ed lessons. We will also be adding articles and tips in the newsletter and we would love for you as parents to continue encouraging these values at home too. We will focus on each value for 6-8 weeks. The six values that we have identified as our focus this year are Respect, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Compassion and Empathy, Resilience and Citizenship.

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour. Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

Excerpt from “Why Teaching Respect To Children Is Important”
“Respect is one of the most important virtues a child can have. Teaching your child how to respect others will ensure they develop positive relationships with their family, friends and teachers throughout their life. Respect can be taught in many ways, but ultimately it’s about ensuring your children lead a happy life and treat other people kindly.
Below are some of the most important traits your child can gain from learning the virtue of respect.
Good manners
Teaching your child good manners might seem difficult, especially at a young age. However, good manners stem from respect. Saying a simple “please” and “thank you” can go a long way and, with practice, these gestures can become natural to your child. By practising manners, your child will learn that all relationships benefit from give and take.
Your child is bound to face conflict throughout their life. While they might not always agree or understand what’s being said or done, teaching them respect will ensure they do their best to address conflict in a productive way. Teaching your child respect will allow them to communicate in a way that is effective and also will encourage them to take responsibility for their own mistakes, and better tolerate the mistakes of others.
Listening is an important part of having a productive or positive conversation. Learning how to communicate effectively means knowing how to listen, and this can be taught by understanding the importance of respect. Show your child how to listen intently, not interrupt and take their turn in order to help them better engage conversationally with others. This will also help your child to better understand rules and avoid conflicts.
Teaching your children respect ensures they will get to know a person before making a snap judgement. This behaviour will help them throughout their entire life, and ensures they treat everyone with kindness. As well, for some children, diversity is a hard concept to understand. However, teaching children respect at an early age ensures they accept everyone for who they are.

For all children, learning respect takes time, but it’s never too early to start practising this essential life skill. Ultimately, teaching your children respect will help them to create more positive relationships with their family and friends.”

PTA Executive Meeting on Tuesday 28 January at 17:15
All parents who signed up to be part of the PTA, as well as those who are interested in joining, please attend this meeting in the staffroom to become part of this dynamic team!

Leadership Workshop – On Friday, 30 January the leadership team will be taking part in a fun filled day of teambuilding at the DSG Monastery just outside Grahamstown. We are certain that the girls will benefit from the outdoor programme that will teach teamwork, resilience and leadership. Girls will depart school at 08:00 and will return at approximately 16:00.

Tennis fixtures – On Wednesday, 29 January our top six senior players will be playing their first match against Port Alfred at our VP courts 14:00. Team practice will still continue as scheduled from 3pm to 4pm. The following Top Six girls will be playing the matches: Tara Bettridge, Sydney Edwards, Nicole Swart, Kendra May, Grace Mayekiso and Abbigail Rischbeter.
Best of luck to Tara Bettridge, Sydney Edwards and Nicole Swart who will be playing in the Gap Tennis meet this Sunday. Make us proud!

Sports uniform – Please note that Heinen Embroidery who are now situated at 23 Somerset Street have navy blue sports shirts available in all sizes at a cost of R120. They can also be contacted on 082 441 4708.

Medication administered at school
Please note that if your daughter needs to have medication administered at school you will have to complete a form at the office and provide a copy of the prescription. Unfortunately no “over the counter medication” may be sent to school to be administered.

Media Market Day
These take place on a Friday and each class (Grade 4-7) have an opportunity to bring in items (eg. cakes, cookies, hand-made crafts) which they sell at break time. Please support your daughter, when it is her turn, in her efforts to contribute to the sale. If possible send a little money on a Friday for her to buy an item. The funds raised will be used to purchase library books and class readers. We will track the totals to see which class manages to raise the most funds! On Friday, 31 January Gr 4s will bring items to sell.

The following children and staff member celebrate birthdays this week: Yonelisa Ngaleka, Zinathi Nondzube, Isla Orsmond, Nqobile Gxashe, Rebecca Phillip, Aventhandwa Hambaze and Ms Lang. A very happy birthday!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

VP Newsletter 17 January 2020

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Message from the office:
A very warm welcome to the start of our new year.
A special welcome to our new families who have joined us. I love the first day of school when the excited Grade 1 moms and dads arrive with their little ones in shiny uniforms. Sometimes they are smiling too and sometimes there are tears. I have no doubt that those tears will soon turn to big smiles as they get to know their teachers and make special new friends.

Many of the new applicants’ parents are eager to get their children into VP with the anticipation that this will lead to their daughters one day going to VG and obtaining a good matric. Although they didn’t get their 100% pass mark this year, they had 63 out of their 74 pupils receiving a bachelor’s pass. A high standard indeed. We are extremely proud of our big sister school!

I would like to stress however that I do believe that everyone has the right to have the opportunity to earn a matric but not that everyone has the right to get one. We need to develop a sense that hard work reaps rewards. At VP, we endeavor to teach our girls just this. We aim to develop a good work ethic and to value the opportunities they have and the education that they receive. It is imperative that this is instilled at home too and we stress the role that you can play in ensuring that your daughters have a conducive environment at home to do their homework, study for tests and to do their projects timeously and to the best of their ability. It is also essential that we teach our girls that actions do have consequences. As hard as it may be, let them learn from their mistakes- so that they don’t grow up believing everything is owed to them.

Being involved in your child’s education is crucial to your her success. On Tuesday we invite you to our PTA AGM and we encourage you to join this dynamic group of parents who fundraise for our school. Thereafter you are invited to join your child’s grade teachers who will explain what to expect for the year ahead.

If you have expertise to offer our school, (such as legal, IT, finance or the like) please consider making yourself available for our School Governing Body at our by- elections which will take place on the 18th of March. (We have two members who have left due to their daughters moving to high school). The SGB is a crucial body that is responsible for the finances and governance of the school. Members get voted on by the parents of the school. Nominations can be made closer to the time.

If you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact the office. If you have any concerns about your child, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher. We are here to work alongside you to make sure that your daughter’s schooling is as happy and optimal as it can be!

A special welcome to our new members of our staff. We are delighted to have such dynamic and enthusiastic teachers join us this year:
Grade 3: Ms Hannah Putzier
Grade 5 (maternity post for Mrs Coetzee): Mr Andrew Keeton
Grade 6: Ms Tanner Purdon
Grade 7: Mr Mark Webber
Music Department: Ms Tamsyn Hanslo

A big congratulations goes to Ms Bruns who got engaged during the holidays! Congratulations, Jess and Alex!

Communication:   If you wish to receive this newsletter electronically please send an email request to the office: It is also available on the D6 Communicator which can be downloaded onto your PC at: or on your phone as an app. Please enquire at the office if you need more information.

The VP Clothing exchange will be open on Wednesdays at 07:30 and Fridays at 13:30. Many thanks to Mrs Peinke and Mrs Tarr who will be running it this year. If you have any uniform that you would like to donate you can drop it off at the office.

VP Flip-flops
If you bought your child the VP flip-flops last year, please send them to school with your daughter and she may wear them while at school on these extremely hot days. She must however wear her school shoes to school and after school. If you would like to still buy a pair, please collect an order form from the office. They are R70 for a pair.

School times

Please note that your daughter should be at school by 07h20 in the morning. The bell will ring at 07h25 and teaching and learning begin at 07h30. If your daughter is late for school it will put her at a disadvantage and it is disruptive for her classmates who are already hard at work. The parking spaces in the school bubble are for staff. We would really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

The school times are as follows:
Gr 00&R: 08h00-12h30                        Gr 1 & 2: 07h25-13h00
Gr 3: 07h25-13h30                                Gr 4-7: 07h25-13h45.

Beaufort Street gate times

The main school gate in Beaufort Street will be locked at 16h00 from Monday to Thursday and at 14h30 on Friday. Girls who are to be picked up later than this must be collected at the Huntley Street gate. Girls should wait inside the gates and not on the pavement.


Aftercare girls are collected at the Aftercare entrance (Gr 2-7) which is accessed through the Victoria Primary Hostel gate on Hill Street or at the Pre-Primary gate in Beaufort Street (Gr 00-1). If you are uncertain about any of these venues please enquire at the office. Please ensure that your daughter has the necessary stationery to complete homework at aftercare. Please note that all returning aftercare children from 2019 still need to complete the necessary registration forms for 2020. As from Monday no girls will be allowed at Aftercare if they have not submitted 2020 forms and paid at the office or submitted proof of payment.

Next week our extra murals begin. Please go through the extra mural programme and discuss with your daughter what she would like to do. Help her get into the routine of packing the correct clothes and equipment the night before and bringing them to school. Girls will be expected to sign up for two hours of sport a week.


Walkers will be taking place this term from 14:00 to 14:30. The following grade must please join on the following days: Mondays Gr 4; Tuesday Gr 5; Wednesday Gr 6; Thursday Gr 7. Girls must be dressed in sports uniform and a hat. They must use sun screen and have a bottle of water. Please assemble at the big tree on playground.


Beginner swimming Girls are to join the Colour Group that they were in last year. Any new girls are to attend the Pink Group on Monday at 14:00 and the coaches will allocate them to a Colour Group thereafter. The lists from last year are on the notice board if any girls are unsure as to which Colour Group they were in last year.

Team swimming trials will take place on Monday from 14:30-15:30. All girls who were in the team last year must please attend. Any new girls, who are competent swimmers as well as girls who were on the Feeder Team last year and who would like to make the team this year, are welcome to attend.


We will have Tennis Trials for all beginners, intermediate and feeder groups on Monday from 15:00 – 16:30.
• To progress from beginners to intermediate tennis the girls must be able to: play a simple forehand and backhand stroke, service toss and motion, be able to donkey drop serve, to be able to anticipate the ball direction when receiving, dibble with the ball as well as hold the racquet correctly.
• To progress from intermediate to the feeder team, the girls must be able to do all of the above as well as scoring correctly, serving into the correct box, rally and be able to play a volley and smash shot.
We encourage all to attend and to keep working on their tennis skills.


This is for girls who are fit or fairly fit and would like to start enjoying running longer distances. We will build up slowly and get fitter as a group.

Junior Choir (Gr. 2-3) – Ms Hanslo
Choir auditions will take place on Tuesday at 13:30 (21 January) in the orchestra room. Last year’s choir members will not need to audition as they are already in the choir.

Senior Choir (Gr 4-7) – Mr Wynne
Auditions have been held and the choir lists have been displayed on the notice board, so each chorister should know her voice part. The first rehearsal will take place at 7:30 in the hall on Tuesday morning (21 January)

Orchestra and String Quartet – Mr Mkula
The first rehearsal will take place on Friday afternoon (24 January) from 13:50 – 15:00. Congratulations to those girls who have been selected to join.

The following children celebrated their birthdays this week: Usiphile Langa, Sinothando Matshaya, Hlomboluhle Mvula, Sama Torweni, Sabrina Nyathi, Lisa-Jane Evans, Yayama Kom, Lulo Ponoshe, Junaid Williams and Inam Zondi. A very happy birthday, girls!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

VP Newsletter 6 December 2019

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Message from the office:
Can you believe that we have come to the end of this very busy year? I am sure that you are looking forward to the much needed break and to spend quality time with your families. Thank you to the committed parents who endeavoured to get their children to school until the last day. We have had a chock-o-block calendar of end-of-year functions and these are part of the memories that your daughters will have of her primary school year. We wish you a blessed festive season and safe travels to wherever you may go and we pray that you all come back safely and well rested as we face another exciting and adventurous year at VP.

For the families of our Grade Seven girls, thank you for entrusting your daughters to our care and we wish them God’s hand of protection on their lives for their future. We will watch their progress with interest through high school.

We have a number of staff changes for next year, and as mentioned in our previous newsletter we are excited about the calibre and enthusiasm that these teachers will bring to the dynamics of the staff in 2020.

Mrs Arnold has made the difficult decision to retire at the end of term 1 of 2020. She has been struggling with her eyesight and she has decided that it is time to be at home on the farm with her husband. We will miss her expertise and leadership but she has been hard at work mentoring others to ensure a smooth transition. We will move Mrs Andrews down to Grade 1 and she and Mrs Arnold will co-teach for the first term. Mrs Andrews was Mrs Arnold’s intern in Grade 1 for 5 years and she knows the routine and structure of Grade 1 like the back of her hand. Mrs Andrews adores the little ones in her care and I know that they will feel safe and loved at school.
Mrs Orsmond will be our acting HOD for the FP Phase from Term 2 in 2020.

In Grade 3 we will have a new teacher Ms Putzier, a young and enthusiastic teacher who comes with plenty of skills and interests to contribute to our school.

We will have three Grade 6 classes next year and joining Mrs Goodes and Mrs Sauls is Ms Purdon who is a sports, particularly hockey, enthusiast! Ms Purdon has been teaching in PE and I have no doubt our girls will love her.

In Grade 7, Mrs Mabusela will become a class teacher (and she is so excited) and joining her and Mr Greyling, is Mr Webber, I just know that the girls will enjoy his enthusiasm and positive energy.

In our Music Department we are thrilled to welcome the very talented and extremely eager, Ms Hanslo. Ms Hanslo will be taking over Mrs Jones’ teaching portfolio and is more than capable of teaching her instruments, FP music classes and the Foundation Phase Choir.

We wish Mrs Coetzee well as she will be going off to have her baby early next year. She will be replaced in the first and second term by Mr Keeton. Mr Keeton has taught at VP before during his teacher training and I am sure that he will assist in making the transition seamless for the Grade 5s.

We are faced with these changes next year and with change comes some trepidation. I have no doubt that we will continue to run a tight ship and ensure that your daughters are educated and loved and that we will continue to provide a place for them to be nurtured and developed to their full potential.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

The end of year examinations tested our girls’ skills and knowledge. Please go through your daughter’s report carefully with her and work on strategies to maintain or improve her results in 2020. The following girls achieved Honours and Merit Awards for their year’s work: Honours = an aggregate of 80% +; Merit = 75 – 79% (Grade 7: 72-79%).

Merits are awarded throughout the year for good work, helpfulness and participation in various school activities. Girls with over 500 merits receive a certificate.

Grade 4
Honours: Sophie Büttner (500 merits); Joylyn Chikiwa (500 merits); Lisa-Jane Evans (500 merits); Megan Peinke (500 merits); Eleni Kyazze (500 merits); Liyabona Mbutye (500 merits); Faye Jordaan (500 merits); Zazi Veto (500 merits); Okusha Dingani (500 merits); Asavela Mtuze (500 merits); Onikayo Gude (500 merits); Amber Isaacs (500 merits).
Merit: Iminqweno Gqutyana (500 merits); Siyolise Baxana; Gracie Chitsike (500 merits); Mbali Maxhaulana (500 merits); Khloe Thompson (500 merits); Kumnandi Ncumani; Lande Gxina (500 merits); Hluma Mbiko; Viola Stoloff (500 merits).
Over 500 merits: Tenielle Morrison; Litha Tabensky; Taylor Arries.

Grade 5
Honours: Iyonke Nogqala (500 merits); Haidee Thondlana (500 merits); Olivia Weyl (500 merits); Eve Daniels (500 merits); Rachel Wilhelmi (500 merits); Shiloh du Plessis (500 merits); Ukuye Funani.
Merit: Gabi-Li Doyle (500 merits); Kiara Goliath (500 merits); Phillipa Weyl; Claire Lobb; Ammaarah Elie (500 merits); Grace Chikafa; Yakhanani Yapi; Malihle Tima; Tatum Jacobs (500 merits).
Over 500 merits: Aphiwe Bota; Zahraa Mansoor, Kwakhanya Nongubo; Kimberly Oosthuizen.

Grade 6
Honours: Bronté Agnew (500 merits); Azosule Kanana (500 merits); Chloe Maartens (500 merits); Jennifer Sweetman (500 merits); Rutendo Chakona (500 merits); Mika Davies (500 merits).
Merit: Ethandwa Mtshemla (500 merits); Tara Bettridge (500 merits); Catherine Roberts (500 merits); Othandwayo Jaji; Danika Lensley; Sydney Edwards; Esona Mnqinana; Kuhle Mpama (500 merits).
Over 500 merits: Kelly de Jongh; Mairi van Schoor.

Grade 7
Merit: Kaede Bridger (500 merits); Lorena Jass (500 merits); Phoebe Bunyan (500 merits); Mamadae Bitso; Isabella Greyling (500 merits); Danni Barrow (500 merits); Georgia-Mae Botha; Trisha Harjeven; Cheree Lisher (500 merits); Lithetha Mdaka; Jessica van Jaarsveld; Sama Khumalo (500 merits); Tessa Ngoyi (500 merits).
Over 500 merits: Iminathi Mengu; Mpho Monaheng; Zisanda Kesa; Zahida Davies; Khazimla Hempe; Sange Mafani.

The following children will be celebrating their birthdays this December: Mamadae Bitso, Somtochukwu Nnadozie, Siphesihle Fatyi, Ndaloentle Khila, Asiyolise Tshete, Agcobile Dyonashe, Zisanda, Kesa, Aqhamile Klaas, Sambese Njilo, Khazimla Hempe, Jayda Kohl, Ubenaye Mfingwana, Lindokuhle Ndwayana, Iyonke Nogqala, Lunje Hloyi, Amber-Jayde Marthinus, Sue-ann Swanepoel, Skylar Februarie, Somila James, Simehlule Klaas, Milisa Manyati, Abongile Mazitshana, Owethu Mini, Luthando Zono, Talitha Dingani, Micarlin Daniels, Sydney Edwards, Zingce Mngxuma and Kamvelihle Mesani. We hope your day is very special, girls!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Coming up….
Tuesday 14 January 2020 – 12:00 Orientation for new girls; 13:00 Hostel  opens
Wednesday 15 January 2020 – School opens for the First Term.

VP Newsletter 29 November 2019

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Message from the office:
I am so upset that I missed our Pre-primary play and prizegiving yesterday. I was called out to a last minute department meeting in Kirkwood! Apparently it was just too cute for words. Thank you for all the support of our proud parents who were there and to our dedicated teachers; Mrs Barrow, Mrs Wilhelmi and Ms Grobbelaar for the many hours they put into making it so special. I mustn’t forget to say thank you to our gorgeous little preprimary girls for the delightful performance.

Please do yourself a favour and view our new video clip which promotes our school and which gave me goosebumps and tears. You can view it on the following link   Thank you so much to Jill Japp for putting it together for us. We so appreciate the time and effort that you put into it. It is beautifully done and really gives a sense of how special our little school is.

On a sadder note we recently received news that Mr and Mrs Jones will be emigrating to New Zealand. We wish them and their little family all the best as they start a new life there. We thank them for their many years of dedication and service to our school. We will say farewell to them at an assembly on the 3 December at 11:00.

Do not fear, we have our new staff establishment ready for next year. I will put this into our final newsletter for the year and I am very excited about the calibre and enthusiasm of those who are about to become part of our wonderful VP family.

Next week Monday and Tuesday school times will continue as 07:30-12:30, on Wednesday school will finish at 10:30 and there will be no Aftercare. The arrangements for the week are as follows:

Monday 2 December
Class parties for Grades 1-7. Girls will join their friends to mark the end of the year with their teachers. Children have had instructions from their teachers as to the format of their particular party.

Tuesday 3 December
Farewell for Mr and Mrs Jones at 11:00.
In the evening the Gr 7’s will attend their Leavers’ Dinner at 18:00 and girls must be collected at 21:00 at the latest. This is a wonderful opportunity for the teachers and girls to interact and celebrate their years at VP.

Wednesday 4 December
We will have our Final Academic Assembly from 08:00-09:00. Girls who have achieved Merit or Honours and/or received over 500 merits will receive their certificate at this assembly. Letters notifying parents will be sent out next week and you are welcome to attend.
We will have our Valedictory Assembly in the hall at 09:30-10:15. All Grade Seven parents are invited to attend as we bid farewell to their daughters.
The “Tunnel” to bid our leavers farewell, will take place at 10:20.
Reports will be handed out at 10:30 and Gr 00-2 parents must please sign for their daughter’s reports in the classroom. Gr 3-7 girls will sign for their own reports. No reports will be handed out before this time, and school closes at 10:30. Please note that there is no Aftercare on Wednesday. Hostel will close at 12:30

Next week the following children will be celebrating their birthdays: Esona Makabe, Ade-Alizwa Nqokoqa, Mphoentle Moyikwa, Sange Mafani, Bubele Mvula, Tatum Jacobs, Tshegofatso Thabana and Kamva Tyateka. We hope your day is very special, girls!

Warm regards
Mrs M Rafferty

Coming up….
Monday 2/12 – Class parties
Tuesday 3/12 – Farewell for Mr & Mrs Jones 11:00;
Leavers’ Dinner 18:00
Wednesday 4/12 – Academic Assembly 08:00
Valedictory 09:30
School ends at 10:30.
No Aftercare.
Hostel closes at 12:30

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