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VP 16 February 2024

VP 16 February 2024 published on No Comments on VP 16 February 2024

Message from the office

This week I have re-used a message I wrote for the 4 March 2022 newsletter, as I think it is a good reminder for everyone as we embark on the challenges of settling into a new year and grade with all its expectations. One of the most important traits we can teach our girls is Accountability.

As parents, we need to teach accountability by making sure that our children know that their actions and choices have consequences and that they need to face these consequences. If we continue to blame others for our children’s poor behaviour, find excuses for our children’s poor choices or actions and cover for them or protect them from the consequences of their actions, they will never learn the cause and effect that their life choices have. And unfortunately as a result our children may grow to be entitled young teens and adults. These entitled young teens and adults never acknowledge any mistakes or wrongdoing because they have been brought up knowing that others will always get blamed or someone will always cover for them.

Ask the following of your child:

  1. Does she always blame others for her mistakes?
  2. Is it always the teacher’s or someone else’s fault?
  3. Does she expect you to solve her problems for her?
  4. Does she always find a way to get out of her chores and responsibilities around the house?
  5. Does she never listen to your threats because she knows they are hollow?
  6. Is she unable to identify her role in arguments or disagreements?
  7. Is she able to acknowledge how her actions may hurt others?
  8. Does she often use “I’ll tell my mom/dad/ granny” to sort out her problems?
  9. Do your pleas seem to fall on deaf ears?
  10. Does she relate to peers and adults at the same level?
  11. Is your child able to apologise for her wrongdoing?
  12. Is your child unable to keep her promises?

It is never too late to make sure that your child learns to face the consequences of their actions and be accountable citizens. Sometimes it’s hard as we don’t want to see them suffer, that’s why it is called tough love, but it is far better than watching your children grow into ungrateful and unaccountable teens and adults. Set an example of an accountable adult for your child to look up to.

I think this sentence taken from hit home just how important teaching accountability is:

‘An important distinction to remember is that responsibility can be shared but accountability cannot. Respect your

children enough to hold them accountable.’

  ‘Accountability breeds response-ability’ – Stephen Covey.

Worker of the Week

Congratulations to Mukundi Thondhlana who is recognised this week for her lovely writing lesson and weekend news.

Keep it up, Mukundi!

Access to campus and security

As part of VP and VGs endeavour to make our combined campuses secure and safe for our girls we have limited access to our campus. All visitors and parents must please report to our office in Beaufort Street and may not use the Huntley Street gate as an access point.



Thank you to Grade 7V for their delightful assembly on ‘Shining your own light and appreciating your uniqueness’. On Monday Grade 7C will be presenting their assembly. Parents are welcome to join us. Please only enter the hall at 10:10 with the rest of staff.


On Thursday, 22 February there will not be any extramurals for Grade 4-7 due to staff development. Grade 1-3 must please be collected at 14:00 (Huntley Street) and Grade 4-7 at 13:45. There will be Aftercare as usual.

Easter Egg donations

Please donate Easter Eggs for our annual PTA Easter Egg hamper raffle!


Music pupils are reminded about next week’s scales test. The Term 1 music assessment will be conducted the week after, from 26 February to 1 March. Keep up the good practising!


We will be hosting a farewell assembly for Mr Greyling on Monday, 26 February at 10:00. We welcome all parents and extended VP families to join us in our farewell.

Founders’ Day – 1 March 2023

We are hosting our successful Colour Run again this Founders’ Day. As part of our first PTA fundraiser for 2024 all VP girls from Gr 00-7 will take part in a fun Colour Run/Obstacle course and friends and families are most welcome to join in.

Girls must come to school dressed for assembly in their school uniform and blazer (Grade 4-7). Thereafter they will change into casual clothes that they don’t mind getting really dirty! Please refer to the order form for more details ( and return the reply slip to your daughter’s class teacher with the correct payment. Girls are welcome to go home after their event is finished or they may stay until the usual closing time at 13:00.

SGB Elections

We have been informed that our nomination period must end three days before the election and will therefore have to adjust our dates to the following:

Nominations for parent members of the SGB will open at 08:00 on Tuesday, 27 February at and close at 13:45 on Monday, 4 March. The election will take place on Thursday, 7 March between 07:15 and 16:30. If you have any questions please contact our office.

Milk Carton Plastic Lids

Mrs Olivier is asking for your assistance in collecting milk carton’s plastic lids. You can send them directly to Mrs Olivier or drop them off at the office.



It takes a village to raise a child.’

Nigeran Igbo proverb

As the Grade 7 Community Outreach committee, we are focusing on education this term. We believe that although some items might seem to be of no use to you

they might be a treasure to those less fortunate. We would like to encourage

our girls and parents to donate educational items – focusing on school shoes but including unisex school shirts, stationery and reading books. We ask you to please keep in mind that we are trying to restore dignity to those who are less fortunate than us and ask that you keep this in mind when considering the condition of items that you are donating.



Our team swimmers took part in the Albany trials yesterday at DSG. We await the results but are very proud of our girls’ performance. We are also proud of our VP staff, particularly Mrs Dewey and Mrs Coetzee who organised this very well-run event.


Congratulations to Nakweziphi Mthetho and Nalu Mfiki who both received bronze medals for long jump at the Sara Baartman athletics tournament in Gqeberha on Wednesday. We are super proud of all our athletes who took part in the event.


Marizaan Boucher has been selected to take part in the 2024 EC Synergy Cup Tennis Tournament in Cape Town on the 1st & 2nd of March. She will receive her EC colours for this achievement. Congratulations, Marizaan we wish you safe travels and much success.

Birthday wishes

We wish the following staff and girls a very happy birthday for next week: Mrs Sopangiso, Ms Songongo, Okuhle Smile, Azoma Lubelwana, Ayomide Booi and Elizabeth Egunlusi.

We hope you have a wonderful day!


Mrs Rafferty



22/02 –  NO EXTRAMURALS FOR GRADE 4-7 – Collection times: Gr 1-3 – 14:00 (Huntley Street)          Gr 4-7 – 13:45

23/02 –   Boarders’ Leave Out

·             Grade 7 Committee meetings @13:00

24/02 –  B-League Gala in Gqeberha

26/02 –  Farewell Assembly for Mr Greyling @10:00

27/02 –  Nominations open for parent members of the SGB

01/03 –  Founders’ Day celebration and Colour Run.

·            Compulsory Technology workshop for ALL Grade 7s 13:00-16:30 in the hall.

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