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VP Newsletter 17 May 2024

VP Newsletter 17 May 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 17 May 2024

Message from the office

This week I have decided to reshare a message that was sent out in our newsletter on the 3 March last year. I think it is important for all of us to not get lax about our children’s cellphone usage, to always be vigilant about what they are doing on it, what they are being exposed to and how long they spend on it each day, particularly during exam time.

As you are well aware we do not allow our girls to have their cellphones at school or at any school event. This is largely due to both the distraction it can cause and to avoid the many disciplinary issues that arise from cellphone use.

If you as a parent have chosen to allow your child to own a phone, to have access to social media and to be able to go online, there are some serious consequences that may come with this decision if certain rules and boundaries and regular checks are not enforced. Our girls, including the Grade 7s, do not have the maturity to manage themselves or to set their own boundaries and this includes what they Google, what they may watch, what they read, what they say to others online and how much time they spend on their phones.

Are you checking on what your daughters are saying to others, what others are saying to them, what chats they are part of and what links they are viewing? This is not imposing on their privacy, this is good parenting. If you are concerned about what is happening, take your

child’s phone away or set limits as to how long they can be on their phones. Make it very clear to them that as you are the sponsor of their airtime and data, and simply as you are the parent, you will be checking in on their phones from time to time and if there is something they don’t want you to see, then they shouldn’t be doing it.

Teach your daughter what is acceptable and what is not. Teach her that if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, then you shouldn’t say it in a text. Let your children know that they can share with you if they are feeling victimised, picked on or bullied online. Empower them to report someone else being picked on, in a chat that they are on, and if they don’t they are consenting to the bullying. Teach them that it is okay to leave a group that they don’t like or feel uncomfortable with and that they don’t have to explain why. Teach them that spreading rumours and making false allegations online is a criminal offense nd that they can find themselves in serious trouble if they do so.

Additionally, it is important that you do not allow screen time just before bedtime. Studies show that children might be even more sensitive than adults to screen time before bed. Screens can stimulate a child’s mind, making it trickier for them to settle down. Plus, the blue light can disrupt their natural sleep cycle. So to ensure your daughter gets the deep, restful sleep she needs, make sure she isn’t on her phone at least an hour before bed and even then that it is not for an extended period.

I know that young children love their phones and it is the modern way to socialise but at what cost? Set boundaries and keep alert. If you’ve made the decision to give your daughter a phone, that is the responsibility that comes with it, as a parent. Check your daughter’s phone today, she is too young to be hiding things from you and she is too young to be left to make decisions that come with being online.

VP’s Got Talent Ticket sales

Tickets for our finalists show of VP’s Got Talent will be available from the school office as from Monday. The show will be held on Thursday the 13th June @ 18:00. There will be a limited number of tickets sold so buy now to avoid disappointment. Tickets cost R25 per person.


There is a nasty strain of influenza doing the rounds and this is certainly not ideal with exams in progress. We are encouraging our girls to wash their hands regularly at school. If your daughter has flu symptoms and she is well enough to come to school, if possible, please send her with a mask to avoid further spreading to others. This flu seems to have hit Makhanda hard! On that note a reminder that if your daughter is to miss any exams whether for one day or more, she will need a doctor’s note to excuse herself.  This is according to our school policy.

Merit Achievers

Well done Oyama Morule, Lunathi Zikishe, Talitha Dingani, Manahil Rizvi, Tandolwethu Ketwa, Chikhu Mitochi and Eila Chirombo who have received over 250 merits this year. Keep up the hard work, girls!

Exam times

Next week the Grade 4-7 classes will continue with their exams. The academic school day will end at 13:00 and the extramural programme will run from 13:00-14:00 (back page of newsletter).

Exam Timetable

Date Exams

20 May

Grade 4-7:

·        Maths Paper 1

·        English Language and Comprehension


21 May

Grade 4-7: Maths Paper 2

Grade 7: Life Orientation

Wednesday, 22 May Grade 4-7: Natural Sciences

Grade 7: LSPA Practical


23 May

Grade 4-7: SS History

Grade 7: LSPA theory


24 May

Grade 7:  EMS

SAC/DSG Music Festival: We are so proud of our young musicians who participated in the SAC/DSG music festival on Monday. Each performer displayed excellent stage deportment, and managed their nerves well. This was a wonderful opportunity for these girls to perform in a non-competitive arena, and to hear a range of repertoire being played on a wide array of instruments. Well done!

 Mini Maestros: We wish our musicians the best for today as they attend the Mini Maestro competition at Kingswood Music school. Play well and make us proud, girls!


Tennis: Congratulations Stella Mullin, Marizaan Boucher, Kaylee May and Daniella McLean who were the district winners at their tournament last weekend. Well done, girls!

U10 & U13 Hockey Clinic: On Saturday, 18 May Ms Knott-Craig and Mrs Andrews will be running a hockey clinic for all the U10 hockey girls and the U13A&B hockey teams. The girls involved have received letters with further information.

U8 Hockey Clinic: A selected group of U8 Hockey girls will take part in a hockey clinic at St Andrew’s Prep, Fairlawn field on Thursday, 23 May 2024. The aim of the day is to have fun on the hockey field and learn new skills. The girls will be doing some drills with various coaches. We will start at 13:15 and finish at 14:15. We will leave school at 12:45. Parents are welcome to collect their daughters from St Andrew’s Prep.

 Tennis: On Friday, 24 May the Top 8 tennis girls will play a tennis match against DSG at VP. The match will start at 13:30. Girls will receive letters. Good luck, girls!

Hockey & Netball vs DSG: On Saturday, 25 May at we will be playing hockey and netball vs DSG at VP. Please see the fixtures that follow:

Hockey Fixtures vs DSG & Prep 25th May 2024
Time   Top Field
10:00-10:45 u13A VP vs DSG u13A 10:00-10:25 VP u10A vs DSG u10A
10:45-11:20 u13C VP vs DSG u13C 10:25-11:00 DSG u11A vs DSG u11B
11:20-11:55 u13B VP vs DSG u13B 11:00-11:25 VP u10B vs DSG u10B VPu10C vs VP u10D
Netball Fixtures vs DSG & Prep

25 May 2024

Time Court A Time Court B
09:00 u11C VP vs DSG u11C 09:00 u10A VP vs DSG u10A
09:25 u11B VP vs DSG u11B 09:25 u10B VP vs DSG u10B
09:50 u11A VP vs DSG u11A 09:50 u12C VP vs DSG u12C
10:15 u12B VP vs DSG u12B 10:15 u12D VP vs DSG u12D
10:40 u12A VP vs DSG u12A 10:40 u13B VP vs DSG u13B
11:05 u13A VP vs DSG u13A

Slipper Day – 31 May

If you would like to wear slippers at school AND support a good cause, please remember to support our efforts to raise money for the Reach for a Dream Slipper Day.  Girls can purchase a sticker for R20 and will then be allowed to wear slippers at school on Friday, 31 May!  If you would like to bring slippers to school to wear for the day without buying a sticker you may do so for a R10 donation. All the proceeds will go to Reach for a Dream, an organization that strives to fulfil the dreams of children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses.

VP Whatsapp Broadcast group

Thank you to all the families who returned their consent forms for a school Whatsapp Broadcast group. These have all been added however in order for you to receive the Broadcast messages please add the school cellphone number to your contacts: 0834682706.

Birthday wishes

We wish the following staff member and girls a very happy birthday: Ms Stirk, Abenathi Kulati, Zaydiah Adler, Rose Jordaan, Zingce Tanga, Riley-Anne Knott-Craig, Emihle Kulati, Riley-Jo Potts, Rose Chirombo and  Elrie-Louise Minnaar. We hope you have a very happy day!


Mrs Rafferty


Upcoming events

Fri. 17/05 Mini Maestro Competition @Kingswood College
Sat. 18/05 U10 & U13A&B Hockey clinic

20-24 May

Gr 4-7 academic day ends at 13:00. Extramurals are from 13:00-14:00. Please see exam timetable for scheduled exams.
Thurs 23/05 U8 Hockey Clinic @SAC Prep
Sat. 25/05 Netball & Hockey vs DSG @VP
Wed. 29/05 National Election Day
Fri. 31/05 Slipper Day

Extramural Programme


NB* Please note that the FOUNDATION PHASE Sport will continue as normal.

Monday 20 May Chamber Choir- 07:15-07:45

NETBALL – U10A/B -VGHS Courts (13:00 -14:00) (Mrs Britz-Nel)

NETBALL – U11A/B – VGHS Courts (13:00-14:00) (Mrs Kruger)


Grade 4 Interventions (voluntary) 13:00-14:00

Grade 6 Maths Intervention: Mrs Goodes 13:00-14:00

Grade 7 Maths Intervention : Mrs Coetzee 13:00-14:00

Tuesday 21 May Senior Choir – 07:15-07:45

Junior Choir – 07:30-08:00

NETBALL – U13A/B – VGHS Courts (13:00-14:00) (Ms Featherstone)

NETBALL – U12A/B – VGHS Courts (13:00-14:00) (Mr Buka)

HOCKEY – U10 A/B/C/D Top field Miss Knott-Craig/Miss Du Plooy (Fergusson Field)

Strength Training – All Welcome (Gr 4-7)  (Mrs Rafferty)

TEAM TENNIS- Court C/D 13:00-13:45 Mrs Thiart

Grade 5 Eng/Maths Interventions: Ms Miskin 13:00-14:00 (Voluntary)

Wednesday 22 May Senior Choir – 07:15-07:45

Junior Choir – 07:30-08:00

HOCKEY – U13 1sts/2nds (13:00-14:00) (Mrs Andrews) VG Field

HOCKEY – U13 3rds/4ths (13:00-14:00) (Mrs Sauls/Mrs Coetzee) Fergusson Field

NETBALL – U11C/D – (13:00 – 14:00) (Mrs Kruger)

NETBALL – U10C/D – Court A/B (13:00 -14:00) (Mrs Britz-Nel)

Thursday 23 May Senior Choir – 07:15-07:45

Junior Choir – 07:30-08:00

NETBALL – U12/U13 C/D – VGHS Courts (13:00-14:00) (Ms Vongo)


Grade 4 Intervensions 13:00-14:00

Grade 5 Maths Intervention: Ms Miskin 13:00-14:00 (Voluntary)

Grade 7 Maths Intervention: Mrs Coetzee 13:00-14:00

Friday 24 May Orchestra 13:00-14:00

Chamber Choir 13:00-14:00


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