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VP Newsletter 24 May 2024

VP Newsletter 24 May 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 24 May 2024

Message from the office

Please NOTE that we will not have a newsletter on Friday the 31 May. The next newsletter will be on the 7 June 2024. 

I have not personally read the book “Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World” written by Kristen Welch but the title certainly grabbed my attention. A selection of the excerpts below, which I found on Facebook of all places, highlights a few points from the book which I think is a good message for all of us. 

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World” tackles the challenge of fostering an appreciative spirit in children growing up in a world that often emphasizes instant gratification and material possessions.

Here are 7 lessons from the book:

  1. The Power of “No” and Setting Boundaries: While it might feel counterintuitive, setting boundaries and saying no to children’s demands can be a powerful tool for raising grateful children. This teaches them delayed gratification, the value of hard work, and the importance of appreciating what they already have.
  1. Distinguishing Needs vs. Wants: A crucial step is helping children understand the difference between necessities (food, shelter, clothing) and desires (latest gadgets, extra treats). By guiding them to prioritise needs and appreciate the effort behind fulfilling them, you cultivate a foundation for gratitude. 
  1. Building a Gratitude Routine: The book introduces simple practices like gratitude journals or regular “gratitude moments” at the dinner table. These routines encourage children to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives, fostering an appreciative mindset that becomes second nature.
  1. Fostering a Culture of Work and Contribution: Assigning household chores and other responsibilities teaches valuable life skills and instills a sense of accomplishment. When children contribute to the household, they gain a deeper appreciation for the effort involved in maintaining a comfortable life.
  1. Breaking the Cycle of Entitlement: Often we as parents have our own anxieties about saying no or spoiling our children which can contribute to their entitled attitude. The author suggests that we parent with a focus on raising grateful individuals.
  1. The Value of Delayed Gratification: Learning to wait for things they desire can be a powerful lesson in appreciating what they eventually receive. The book suggests that we encourage children to save up for desired items or patiently wait for special occasions, teaching them the value of delayed gratification.
  1. Importance of Perspective Taking: Encouraging children to consider the work and resources behind the things they enjoy, like a delicious meal or a comfortable home, can foster gratitude. By helping them see the bigger picture, they develop an appreciation for the effort that goes into providing for them.

Worker of the Week

Congratulations to Anna Malamis who is our Worker of the Week for her excellent progress in Music.

Merit Achievers

Well done Nazley Gabriel, Kendra Chrisjan, Mbalentle Dyaloyi and Olothando Kanyiwe who have received over 250 merits this year. Keep up the hard work, girls!

Mini Maestros Music competition

Many of our young musicians participated in the SASMT’s Mini Maestros competition at Kingswood College last Friday, and we are very proud of these girls for so bravely presenting polished performances for the audience and the judge. Congratulations to Lulama Joe, who won a medal in her category!

VP’s Got Talent

Now that the exams are behind us we hope that our aspiring performers are finalising their acts for their auditions. A reminder that the closing date for entries is today. We will be hosting auditions in the afternoons of the week of 3-6 June. The girls who have entered will be notified of what afternoons they need to audition. We wish them all the best!

Tickets for our finalists show will be available from the school office. The show will be held on Thursday the 13th June @ 18:00. There will be a limited number of tickets sold so buy now to avoid disappointment. Tickets cost R25 per person.


On Monday (27/05) we look forward to Grade 3D presenting their assembly and then on Monday, 3 June it is Grade 3M’s turn! Parents are most welcome to join us. The assemblies start at 10:15 sharp!

Grade 6 Leadership Workshop

On Thursday, 30 May the Grade 6s will be participating in a leadership workshop presented by Dr Ian Knott- Craig. We hope that the girls enjoy what is on offer and that they learn valuable insights and skills. More details will follow in a letter which will be sent out to the Grade 6 parents. 

VR Education Virtual Show

Today, Friday 24, the Grade 1-7 girls were fortunate to be transported to the wonderful virtual worlds of an aquarium, a safari, the planetarium, and the human body. This was an incredible experience that we certainly won’t easily forget. It was also a fantastic way to celebrate the end of exams for our Intersen Phase girls.

Election Day

A reminder that Wednesday is Election Day and there will be no school.

Slipper Day – 31 May

If you have bought your Slipper Day sticker you may bring slippers to wear at school on Friday. If you have not purchased a sticker but would still like to wear your slippers at school you can bring a R10 donation to do so. All the money raised will go to Reach for a Dream, an organization that strives to fulfil the dreams of children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses.


Tennis:  Four of our girls will be playing tennis in the Luden Cup on Sunday, 26 May. Play well, girls!

Hockey & Netball vs DSG:  Scheduled for Saturday, 25 May has been postponed due to weather. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Hockey vs Kingswood College:  On Tuesday, 28 May the U9A&B, U10A&B, U13A&B hockey teams will be playing matches vs Kingswood at KC. Girls participating will have received a letter. Good luck, girls!

 Hockey & Netball vs Westering Primary:  On Saturday, 1 June we will be travelling to Gqeberha to compete against Westering Primary School. Girls participating will have received a letter. We await the fixtures and these will be given to the relevant girls next week. Play well, girls!

 Hockey & Netball vs Lorraine Primary:  On Saturday, 1 June our Grade 1 & 2 hockey girls will be playing at Lorraine Primary in Gqeberha. Girls participating will have received a letter. The fixtures are as follows:

U7 Hockey fixtures



VP vs Rowallan Park


VP vs Lorraine


VP vs Westering


Vp vs Sunridge


U7 netball fixtures



VP vs Cotswold


VP vs Lorraine 1


VP vs Lorraine 2


VP vs Sunridge 1


VP vs Sunridge 2


U8 netball fixtures



VP vs Rowallan Park 1


VP vs Lorraine 2


VP vs Sunridge 1


VP vs Curro 1


VP vs Sunridge 2

 Hockey vs Reddam House: On Tuesday, 4 June the U13A Hockey will be playing Reddam House at VP starting at 15:30.

 Mini-Hockey Clinic:  On Thursday, 7 June the U7& U8 hockey girls will participate in a hockey clinic at St. Andrew’s Prep. Letters will be sent out with additional information.

Birthday wishes

We wish the Mr Majiba and Ms Knott-Craig all the best for their birthdays in the next two weeks. Due to an office error some of our girls who celebrate their birthday in May were mentioned in the wrong week and others not at all – so here they all are again with the girls who celebrate in the first week of June.

Alonge Loyilani, Sairaah Govender, Lunje Manzana, Lubeluhle Peteni, Unako Sigwinta, Esihle Xulu, Lulolodwa Siko,  Alumindawo Xibiya, Milisuthando Nkayi, Inomusa Tauzen, Luna Copteros, Lunje Giyose, Zoe Green, Anopa-Nyasha Thondhlana, Ithandile Hilta, Buhle Koliti, Emihle Siwa, Angawo Zono, Okuhle Dyibishe, Ngcwele Manyati, Olibango Ngabaza, Lashante Rama, Alunamida Jakavula, Misha Potts, Abenathi Kulati, Zaydiah Adler, Rose Jordaan, Zingce Tanga, Riley-Anne Knott-Craig, Emihle Kulati, Riley-Jo Potts, Rose Chirombo, Elrie-Louise Minnaar, Alwaba Ndawuni, Leah Doyle, Lesego Mthiya, Chloe de Beer, Azizipho Ngindana, Kelly Doyle, Chanelle Musarurwa, Emily Weber, Emily Grosch, Lulo Dyantyi, Esona Mali, Ifeoma Nnadozie, Reaboka Dukashe, Asante Sankqela, Mihle Mgwebi, Sinambasa Mapipa, Indiphile Mdlalana and Iyizwile Nomkonwana. We wish you all a very special day!

Upcoming events

Sat. 25/05

Netball & Hockey vs DSG @VP has been postponed due to weather. 

Sun. 26/05

Tennis: Luden Cup

Mon. 27/05

Assembly Grade 3D @10:15

Back to normal school times

Tues. 28/05

Hockey vs Kingswood @KC

U9A&B, U10A&B, U13A&B

Wed. 29/05

National Election Day

Fri. 31/05

Slipper Day

FP end at 13:00 no extramurals

Sat. 01/06

Hockey vs Westering in Gqeberha

Grade 1&2 Hockey vs Lorraine Primary in Gqeberha

Mon. 03/06

Assembly Grade 3M @10:15

Tues. 04/06

U13s play Reddam House @VP starting 15:30


Thurs. 06/06

Mini hockey @Prep

Fri. 07/06

Grade 7 Committee meetings

Extramurals end for this term

Sat. 08/06

Hockey vs Union @VP

Back to normal times

Please note that as from next week, the Grade 4-7 (IP) school day will once again end at 13:45. We will return to our full extramural programme as from Monday, 27 May.

The last day of extramurals for the term is on Friday, 7 June, although Junior and Senior choir rehearsals will continue in the last week of term.

Grade 1-3 (FP)

Please note that the FP school times will be as follows for the following two weeks.

Mon-Wed they finish at 14:00 and Thurs & Fri they finish at 13:00


Mrs Rafferty


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