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VP Newsletter 20 March 2024

VP Newsletter 20 March 2024 published on No Comments on VP Newsletter 20 March 2024

Message from the office

We have come to the end of another extremely busy term and I have been incredibly proud of our girls across the grades. Their behaviour, team spirit, helpfulness and enthusiasm has been commendable. I would like to thank our Grade 7 girls in particular who have taken their committee roles so seriously and have played a critical role in ensuring that all our girls have a happy day at school. I would also like to thank the staff for their hard work and dedication to VP which has contributed to this successful term.

I trust that you will read through your daughter’s report closely with her this holiday. Praise her efforts where she has clearly given her best. If you have noticed from the teacher’s comment and/or from her results that your child needs a bit of guidance or intervention in one area or another, please do not delay to meet with your child’s teacher next term or endeavour to put in all the measures possible that can assist her. Remember your child’s academic success is reliant on your support at home.

We have scheduled to have Report Discussion on Tuesday, 9 April from 16:30-17:45 for Grade 4-7. Please prioritise this on your calendar to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss any concerns or simply to find out how your daughter is doing in the classroom. All teachers from Grade 4-7 will be available in the hall during this time.

 I hope that you will have a wonderful holiday with your daughter and that you are able to have some quality time together and to ensure that your daughter has a break and a good rest before the start of a new and busy term. Please also make sure that she reads at least one book this holiday.

Message from our SGB Chairperson

Mrs Thando Qeqe

It is incredible how swiftly time has passed. It is almost unbelievable that we have already concluded the first term. I am proud of everyone who has seized this opportunity and made the most of it.

Despite a busy start to the year, our teachers have continued to inspire and nurture our girls. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Rafferty, all our dedicated teachers and support staff members for their tireless efforts and commitment to providing quality education.

This term, our girls have shown remarkable perseverance and eagerness to learn, and equally so, their parents and guardians have demonstrated unwavering support and partnership in the education of their children – thank you or all those who have remained committed to paying school fees. I urge all parents and guardians to continue prioritizing the prompt payment of school fees, as your contributions play a vital role in sustaining our school’s excellence.

As we look back on the past few weeks of this academic year, let us also celebrate the successes and milestones we have achieved together. From commemorating our school’s birthday to embracing our rich heritage, academic achievements to extracurricular accomplishments. Each success is indeed a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved.

I emphasize the importance of open communication with the school. Should you encounter any challenges or concerns affecting your daughter’s well-being or academic performance, please reach out to their class teachers. Your feedback is invaluable in creating a supportive environment for all students.

Lastly, as we approach the Easter break, I encourage each of you to prioritize family and rest. Whether you are embarking on a journey or enjoying a staycation, I wish you all safe travels and a rejuvenating break.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our school community. Together, we will continue to nurture and empower our girls to reach their fullest potential.

Congratulations to the following Grade 4-7 girls who were the Top Ten academic achievers in their grades.

Grade 4

  1. Isla Orsmond
  2. Libby Everton
  3. Emihle Kulati
  4. Amyoli Loli
  5. Kaylee May
  6. Cayden Strauss
  7. Madison Conroy
  8. Misha Potts
  9. Caitlyn Bodill
  10. Tessanne Arries

Grade 5

  1. Makatendeka Chakona
  2. Haset Sintayehu
  3. Ababalwe Ngwetsheni
  4. Maham Rizvi
  5. Owekhethelo Gongqa
  6. Ella Radovic
  7. Yusrah Suleman
  8. Siphesihle Chrisjan
  9. Amari Funani
  10. Amy-Leigh Jacobs
  11. Olothando Sityata

Grade 6

  1. Nakweziphi Mthetho
  2. Eila Chirombo
  3. Imanathi Mcophele
  4. Uzosule Kanana
  5. Isabella Tladi
  6. Mila Nongubo
  7. Sibonokuhle Benge
  8. Esethu Stamper
  9. Aliyah Bezuidenhout
  10. Mila McConnachie

Grade 7

  1. Azile Hambaze
  2. Maya Christian
  3. Emilie Niesing
  4. Emily Steele
  5. Stella Mullin
  6. Daniella McLean
  7. Hlalumi Balfour
  8. Ifeoma Nnadozie
  9. Amyoli Sesani
  10. Emery Klyvie

Full/Half colours

We congratulate the girls who received full and half Colours this term:

Tennis Full Colours: Stella Mullin, Marizaan Bowker and Madison Edwards

Athletics Half Colours: Daniella McLean (re-award), Abenathi Kulati (re-award), Aleesia Jonker (re-award), Micarlin Daniels, Nakweziphi Mthetho and Unako Dlepu.

Swimming Half Colours: Daniella McLean and Madison Edwards.

Netball Half Colours: Iminathi Ndlilele

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement, girls!

Worker of the Week: Our W.O.W. is Luniko Hulushe in Grade 3 for getting full marks for every single spelling test this term. Well done, Luniko!

Indlulamthi Badges

Well done to all the recipients of Indlulamthi badges this term; Azile Hambaze, Sinembasa Mapipa, Daniella Mclean, Lelona Manyathi, Kaylee May, Uzosule Kanana, Mivuyo Santi, Grace Ruwanza, Luniko Hulushe, Chanelle Musarurwa, Isla Orsmond, Owe Gongqa, Haset Sintayehu, Bridget Akpeng, Ella Radovic, Amari Funani, Olo Sityata, Cayden Strauss, Okuhle Smaile, Misha Potts, Olothando Kanyiwe, Nakweziphi Mthetho, Amyoli Loli, Iminathi Mcophele and Olo Sityata. Well done, girls!

Bathurst Show Art Exhibition:  This year the Bathurst Agricultural Show will take place from 22-24 March. The following VP girls will have their art works exhibited at the show:

Grade 4: Misha Potts, Kendra Chrisjan, Lulo Ponoshe, Linomtha Gonyela, Caryne Grobler, Yonelisa Ngaleka, Libby Everton, and Kaylee May.

Grade 5: Chrissy Moriarty, Bridget Akpeng, Yusrah Suleman, Sithe Busakwe, Katherine Marais, and Anathi Mbundlakazi.

Grade 6: Isabella Tladi, Saairah Govender, Alibongwe Mthembu, Mila Nongubo, Kamva Mesani, and Iminathi Mgwebi.

Grade 7: Cherise Mardon, Stella Mullin, Maya Christian, Azile Hambaze, Hlalumi Balfour, Lunathi Zikishe, Emilie Niesing, Emily Steele, Abigail Green, and Luna Copteros.

If you would like to view their submissions please scroll down. 

South African Mathematics Challenge

We are very excited to announce that the following learners have made it through to the second round which will be written in May 2024.

Grade 4: Caitlyn Bodill, Libby Everton, Amyoli Loli, Isla Orsmond, Misha Potts and Cayden Strauss.

Grade 5: Makatendeka Chakona, Maham Rizvi and Haset Sintayehu.

Grade 6: Sibonokuhle Benge, Eila Chirombo, Uzosule kanana, Nakweziphi Mthetho, Esethu Stamper, Olutahndo Tube and Junaid Williams.

Grade 7: Azile Hambaze, Emery Klyve and Emilie Niesing.

Good luck for the next round, girls!

Interhouse Cross Country results

Last week our girls participated in the our Interhouse Cross Country. We congratulate all the girls for participating and trying their very best. Below are the Top Ten results per age group.


  1. Riley-Anne Knott-Craig
  2. Lara-Anne Fouché
  3. Lucy Bennet
  4. Rose Jordaan
  5. Uminathi Solani
  6. Riley-Jo Potts
  7. Maneo Ntsepo
  8. Lubeluhle Petini
  9. Lebogang Mogale
  10. Inomusa Tauzen


  1. Kaya Jones
  2. Amahle Mchunu
  3. Alunamda Jakavula
  4. Leah Flotman
  5. Okuhle Dyibishe
  6. Tehillah Dingani
  7. Leante Crafford
  8. Lukhololwam Sgam
  9. Alegra Evans
  10. Annabelle Olivier


  1. Mivuyo Santi
  2. Chanelle Musarurwa
  3. Hlumisa Piti
  4. Anna Malamis
  5. Luniko Hulushe
  6. Lunathi Makasi
  7. Taylynne Thomas
  8. Nakhane Klei
  9. Neo Molefe
  10. Lunje Peter


  1. Esona Makabe
  2. Siarra Appollis
  3. Lunje Manzana
  4. Isla Orsmond
  5. Sinesipho Mafani
  6. Leah Doyle
  7. Bridget Akpeng
  8. Bubele Mvula
  9. Lunje Tshiki
  10. Yusrah Suleman


  1. Daniella McLean
  2. Aleesia Jonker
  3. Stella Mullin
  4. Liyabona Benyane
  5. Lulo Adam
  6. Micarlin Daniels
  7. Anita Nkanyana
  8. Abenathi Kulati
  9. Zaydiah Adler
  10. Junaid Williams

Well done, girls!

Interhouse Singing: Last Friday, all girls in Grades 4-7 participated in the Interhouse Singing competition. Fern, the reigning champions, performed first and set the bar very high. All the houses presented Wamkelekile by Hot Water, and one traditional song of their choice. The girls did a spectacular job of personalising Wamkelekile, and the traditional songs were excellently arranged and performed. Arum were the victors this year, and we are very proud of all the singers, the house leaders and the teachers for making this such a wonderful event.

Highland Dancing: Libby Everton competed in the East Coast Highland Dancing Festival in East London recently. She received six silver medals and was the runner up for the Chelsea Randall Shield and the Andrew McDonell Shield. Well done, Libby!

Easter Egg Raffle winners!

On Monday we did the draw for our Easter hamper raffle. The lucky winners of hampers were Delise Moriarty, Bronwyn Tweedy, Duli Tiuba, Mthetheleli Same and Leezal Visagie. Mrs Purdon’s Grade 6 class sold the most tickets overall – 70 sheets sold!

The following girls sold the most sheets:

1st Chrissy Moriarty (11 sheets)

2nd Eila Chirombo (10 sheets)

3rd Chiku Mitochi (9 sheets)

Thank you for your support!

We are delighted to have raised R22 065

with this fundraiser. Thank you for your support!

Conquesta 2024: Should you wish for your child to participate in Conquesta 2024, entry forms are available from Mrs Sauls. Conquesta is only open to Grades 4-6. Please complete the entry form and return it to school in an envelope, marked “Conquesta” with the relevant entry fee and your child’s name and class. Closing date for entries is 12 April.

Birthday wishes

We wish the following girls a very happy birthday for next two weeks: Elethu-Ibhongo Makeleni, Nozibusiso Maseko, Azingce Gwarubana, Harper Krige, Yhwh-Rapha Matiwana, Siyasisanda Nene, Kaylee Vosloo, Amyoli Matswele, Anovuyo Nkohla, Oluthando Tube, Laraa Andriantiana, Kenzeigh Scear, Khanide Diko, Azile Hambaze, Hlumelo Piti, Kayleah Evans, Lude Hashe and Annabelle Olivier. Have a lovely day!

Message for Gr 7 parents from VGHS

Dear Grade 7 Parent/Guardian

Your daughter/ward has received an Application Book for Victoria Girls’ High School.  The closing date for applications is 22 July 14:00 at the offices of Victoria Girls’ High.  All relevant information about the process and what documents are required, appear in the book received.  Please note that entry into the school is not automatic and that the Admissions’ Criteria is applied. Applicants from VP are given first consideration. Families will receive a phone call and a follow up letter will be emailed by 13 September. To have your daughter’s name added to the 2025 class, you need to meet the deadline of 7 October 14:00 – details will be given in the email correspondence. In order to be fair on everyone applying from the broader community, a VP learner’s space will not be reserved should this deadline not be adhered to. The available space created will be made available to the next Grade 7 on the waiting list. We will not be reserving a place for your daughter if you miss the deadline.


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